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Members of Pinellas Genealogy Society (PGS) are invited to contribute family trees of their families to the PGS pedigree chart collection. The charts are stored in binders at the Genealogy Center of the Largo Public Library in Largo, Florida. Contributing members are also asked to give permission to PGS to publish these charts so that other genealogists can have the benefit of the information they contain.

PGS does not verify any information on the charts nor guarantee the accuracy of the information. Anyone using information from a pedigree chart should verify for themselves that the data is documented.

The index shows the reference number for the chart on which a name appears. The reference number is composed of a letter and a number.  The letter in the reference number is the alphabetical section of the binders in which the chart is filed, and the number refers to the sequential number of the chart (Some charts have multiple pages but the chart as a whole has a single reference number.).

Below are the pages showing the first and last names contained on the alphabetical list of member pedigrees.

(---), Abel through Baird, Jane Wilson Baker, Aaron through Blanchet, Zachariah
Blanchette, Phoebe through Carroll, Andersen Carroll, Elizabeth through Crosby, Joseph
Crow, Elvis S. through Drew, John Wesley Drew, Madeline Merica through Frank, John Milton
Franke, Albert through Greninger, Peter Grenon, Felicite through Hinman, Sarah
Hinsdale, Charles through Jones, Alan Lewis Jones, Alva C. through Knight, William
Knight, William A. through Low, Hester Eliza Lowe, Frank through McGregor, Andrew McLean
McGregor, Josephine Almazine Brown through Nettles, Margaret Susannah Nettles, Wyatt Jordan through Pepin, III, King
Pepin, King of Italy through Prusa, Mary Ptacek (Stochek), John through Sancho (Garcia), I, King
Sancho (Gonzales) through Snyder, Philip Edward Snyder, Shirley Larue through Theiss, Luise
Thibault, Dorinda Delvina through Weidemeyer, Monterey Ferdinand Weidner, Amanda through Zorn, John