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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 26, Number 1

Spring 2003

Contents Page
Pinellas Genealogy Society
   President’s Corner by Lesleigh L. Butts 1
   Meeting and Activity Schedule for 2003 2
   PGS Survey 4
Genealogical Miscellany
   Every Name Index of The Pinellas Genealogist, Volume 25 6
   Florida Vital Records - Pinellas Office 6
   Pinellas Pioneers Association 6
   Alexander Funeral Home, Book 5 6
   Pinellas County National Guard - Awards and Casualties 19
   World War I “War to End All Wars” - Part I 23
   Heinz Lehmann, The German Canadians - Book Review 27
   E-Mail Addresses and Home Pages 28
Queries 29

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