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Polk County, Florida

Polk County FLGenWeb: Directories

Source: "National Newspaper Directory & Gazetteer," Pettingill & Co., Boston and New York, 1899


The arrangement of this work is so simple as scarcely to require an explanation or even a table of contents. However, since it differs so materially from previous editions, and from other works of a similar nature, we feel that a few words regarding the various features and their arrangement, would perhaps add to its usefulness, and carry out to a further degree our efforts to produce the most useful work of the sort published.

The figures immediately following the names of towns give the population of the city or village, except in the case of very small places where the population of the whole township is given; when this is done, the abbreviation (twp.) appears.

County seats are indicated by an asterisk (*) ijnmediately following the name of the place.

The abbreviations used for the railroads are those ordinarily used by railroad people in their folders and guides.

In every case the bank having the largest capital is the one indicated.

The best (highest price) hotel is usually given, except in the larger cities where a "commercial" or popular priced house is given.

The populations given for the towns are from the government census reports of 1890; except in such states as have since issued a census; the county populations are wholly from the government reports of 1890.

The maps will be found to contain nearly every place in the text and certainly every one of importance.

The following abbreviations are used in newspaper reports: Ind.—Independent; Dem.— Democratic; Rep.—Republican; Pop.—Populist; Non-Pol.—Non-Political; Circ.—Circulation; 8p—8 pages.


BARTOW*, 2150: Polk, 7905; 45m E of Tampa on Charlotte Harbor and Bartow Jt Bartow Junction brs. P. S. Ry. Has extensive orange groves and phosphate deposits. In a stock raising and farming community. Is commercial centre for an agricultural population. Val. $517,628. Express; Telegraph. Polk County Nat. Bank. Hotel Carpenter.

Advance—Saturday; Dem: Est. '96; 6p15x22;
Sub. $I. Kirk Henry. Circ 30O

Courier-Informant - Wednesday; Dem; Est. '81;8p16x22;
Sub. $1. Polk County Printing Co. Circ 1500

FORT MEADE, 267; Polk, 7905; 12m S of Bartow on Charlotte Harbor div. P. S. Ry. Mines Phosphate and grows oranges and tobacco. Express; Telegraph. State Bank.

Times - Friday; Est. '96; 4p16x22; Sub. $1.
Samuel W. Graham, Circ 350

LAKELAND, 552; Polk, 7905; 32m E of Tampa on three divs. Plant System, Sanford to Port Tampa, Lakeland to Punta Gorda and Lakeland to High Springs. The principal industry is the raisin gof oranges and vegetables. Express; Telegraph. Lakeland Bank. Tremont House.

Orange Leaf - Monthly; Dem; Est. '95; 4p 16x22;
Sub 25c. C. D. Clough. Circ 250

Sun - Saturday; Conserv-Dem; Est. '84; 4p 16x22;
Sub. $1, Trammell & Clough, Circ 800