Minneola             Cemetery        Memorials
A listing of people interred in the Minneola Cemetery with as much information about them as can be found through the many cited references.

Deaths in Clermont Area
1999 to 2013
Note: Some deaths in 2008 and 2009 are missing but may be found in the Obituary File at Cooper Memorial Library.

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Newsletter: It is now called Pathways for Pastfinders, edited by Jody Close and is published to members via email.

Minneola Cemetery Memorials

Our member, Sandra Oliver took on the task of trying to identify everyone interred in the Minneola Cemetery and provide as much information as she could find through multiple sources in local records and on the Internet. The results have now been posted. See the column to the left. Thank you, Sandra.

Last Regular Meeting

We saw a video entitled Paper Clips which is a documentary about the Whitehall Middle School in Tennessee that collected one paper clip for each Holocaust victim and what they did to create a Holocaust Memorial.

Next Regular Meeting

We will break for the summer and will not meet again until September. There will be weekly social meetings to exchange information held each week on a different day. Notification was presented in a Bulletin Board sent to all members.


Next Computer Users' Group Meeting

We will not meet again until September.

Last Computer Users' Group Meeting

We covered techniques for improving your search results, the genealogy program Family Tree Builder and it's affiliated web site, HyHeritage and how to search it's many records. We looked at FindaGrave and BillionGraves where you can find information on many burials. We finished by recounting some of the history behind Fractal Images and showed a website that presents many created by Dotty Dill. You can get the handout here.





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