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Meeting of February 12, 2004

Dotty Dill presented "Who Are These People", showing old photos and discussing how to determine who the subject was from the age of the photo, the dress style, facial features and photographers' marks and of course your Family History.

You'll find her presentation

In addition, there was a demonstration of how to take the face of a known person and superimpose it over an unknown person's face and see if there's a match. This was previously done at our Computer Users' Group Meeting of 16 April 2003 and can be seen here.

For this meeting's demonstration, images were superimposed using the layer feature in Photoshop Elements and one image had it's transparancy incremented in 10% increments. Actually, the images from Photoshop Elements were saved to disk and then displayed through the Slide Show feature of a program called IrfanView. The program was created by Irfan Skiljan, a graduate of the Vienna School of Science. The program is free but Irfan's home page is no longer available. The program is available from Tucows at .