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At our last meeting held on Feb. 14, 2008, we heard from our member, Jan Ciafialo. She is a published author of mystery stories, writing under the name of Jan Carol Sabin. She and her sister also performed comedy on stage.
She provided five handouts dealing with Laws affecting writers, getting your story down, books for writers, different markets for writers and proofreader's marks. She discussed several of them but was most emphatic about getting your story down. Worry less about the grammar and more about telling the story. Read, reread, write and revise. When you're happy, put it in manuscript form for which you can see the Writers' Digest Guide. Only the first part of your story may be read when you submit it for publication so make it interesting. Include a cover letter. Make it brief and indicate if it's a multiple submission. Be patient. If after 6 months you haven't heard, write a nice letter and tell them you will be submitting the work to other markets.
It was a very interesting and informative presentation. Now there's no reason for everyone not to start putting his or her life history together.