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Family History Center

Presented by Tamra Butler

April 11, 2002

The Pastfinders Genealogy Group has had a working relationship with the LDS Family History Center over the years jointly sponsoring programs and providing mutual assistance. During the two year renovation at the Church there was little contact between the groups but now that the Center is open again, Pastfinders would like to renew our fond friendship.

Pastfinders invited the Center's manager, Tamra Butler to be our guest speaker and we were not disappointed. Tamra brought handouts to explain about the History Center and gave a description of the resources of the Main Library in Salt Lake City and how nearly all of those resources are available to patrons of the local Center.

The center has four computers, one of which is on-line. Aditionally there are microfilm and fiche readers. Tamra noted that some things are availble only on fiche. Once a fiche is obtained from Salt lake City, it is kept by the center to be available to all who need access to it. Microfilm is generally returned after the 30 day loan period but if the period is extended twice, the film remains "indefinitely"..

Tamra said that the Ancestral File is slowly being replaced by the Pedigree Resource File. She said that 35 PRF disks have been released to date. (Pastfinders has the first 10).

The main web page for research at the LDS Library is . Note the Mormans, in their wisdom, also registered it as ".com" for those that think that everything has to end in .com. Enter a name that you're seeking information on and limit responses by entering the name of a parent or spouse if you know them. You can also limit responses to a locality so that you won't be searching for "Murphy" in Tibet.

The Center is open on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 and from 9 to 12 on Saturday mornings. Tamra is there on Saturday.

The Center is located just off Route 50 going west from Clermont. You can see the beautiful church steeple at the top of the hill. It's just off Green Valley Road which is on the right of Route 50 heading west. Take the first right off of Green Valley and you're at the church--take the first left off of Green Valley and you're at the golf course.

Pastfinders thanks Tamra for talking the time to visit us and help us in our quest to find our heritage.