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Antiques Appraisal

Presented by Doug White

A-1 Auctions, Maitland

May 9, 2002

Doug and his wife, Paula, entertained the Pastfinders for the better part of an hour on Thursday, May 9, 2002 with his appraisals of the items that Pastfinders members brought for him to look at. One of the more interesting, and unusual, was a marvelous picture of a floral arrangement done by making tiny pin pricks in the paper--many, many pin pricks. Doug thought it was unusual and most had never seen anything like it before. In fact, in checking on the Internet I find only four references to pin pricked pictures.

We looked at jewelry, pottery, glassware, paintings, and an old medallion that Doug recognized as having seen the last time he visited us (the box it came in is worth more than the medallion). As usual, Doug showed his expertise in telling where and when something was made and why it was worth so much (or so little).

A-1 Auctions has a web site that you can visit to learn more. As of 20 May, 2002 it's

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And just so that Doug won't forget the medallion, I've aded a few copies of it to the background.

Pastfinders thank Doug and Paula for the time they spent with us and for the appraisals that all of our members enjoyed.