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Bay County

Cemetery Name County Degrees Min Sec Town
Lattitude Longitude
Farmdale Cemetery Bay 300029N 0852824W Allanton
Marywood Cemetery Bay 300553N 0853750W Beacon Beach
Porter Cemetery Bay 302411N 0853203W Bennett
Kent Cemetery Bay 301415N 0852824W North of Allanton
Bay Memorial Park Bay 300952N 0854018W Panama City
Evergreen Memorial Gardens Bay 301055N 0854100W Panama City
Greenwood Cemetery Bay 301054N 0854104W Panama City
Lynn Haven Cemetery Bay 301408N 0853744W Panama City
Millville Cemetery Bay 300907N 0853737W Panama City
Oakland Cemetery Bay 301001N 0854027W Panama City
Redwood Cemetery Bay 300940N 0853817W Panama City
Evergreen Memorial Gardens Bay 301311N 0853614W Springfield

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