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Broward County

Cemetery Name County Degrees Min Sec Town
Lattitude Longitude
Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Broward 261533N 0800728W Boca Raton
Forest Lawn Memorial Park of Broward County Broward 261540N 0800730W Boca Raton
Lauderdale Memorial Gardens Broward 260735N 0801035W Fort Lauderdale North
Queen of Heaven Cemetery Broward 261229N 0801204W Fort Lauderdale North
Sunset Memorial Gardens Broward 260905N 0801118W Fort Lauderdale North
Washington Memorial Cemetery Broward 260813N 0801047W Fort Lauderdale North
Evergreen Cemetery Broward 260620N 0800756W Fort Lauderdale South
Hollywood Memorial Gardens Broward 260125N 0801238W Fort Lauderdale South
Hollywood Memorial Gardens North Broward 260225N 0801400W Fort Lauderdale South
Hollywood Memorial Park Broward 260120N 0801240W Fort Lauderdale South
Lauderdale Memorial Park Broward 260538N 0800857W Fort Lauderdale South
Sharon Gardens Memorial Park Broward 260350N 0800755W Fort Lauderdale South
Westlawn Memorial Gardens Broward 260535N 0801345W Fort Lauderdale South
Woodlawn Cemetery Broward 260217N 0800851W Fort Lauderdale South
Mount Sinai Memorial Park Broward 255400N 0801305W North Miami
Southern Memorial Park Broward 255405N 0801000W North Miami
Star of David Memorial Gardens Broward 261340N 0800600W Pompano Beach
Eternal Light Memorial Gardens Broward 261915N 0800915W West Dixie Bend

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