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Clay County

Cemetery Name County Degrees Min Sec Town
Lattitude Longitude
Long Branch Cemetery Clay 300934N 0815754W Fiftone
Gadara Cemetery Clay 294831N 0815503W Gold Head Branch
Hickory Grove Cemetery Clay 295804N 0814143W Green Cove Springs
Holly Hill Memorial Park and Mausoleum Clay 295900N 0814205W Green Cove Springs
Jacksonville Memory Gardens Clay 295945N 0814045W Green Cove Springs
Little Ruth Cemetery Clay 295540N 0814055W Green Cove Springs
Mount Olive Cemetery Clay 295938N 0814202W Green Cove Springs
Springbank Cemetery Clay 295716N 0814414W Green Cove Springs
Federal Hill Cemetery Clay 300955N 0814932W Jacksonville Heights
Blue Pond Cemetery Clay 295121N 0820158W Keystone Heights
Keystone Heights Cemetery Clay 294734N 0820243W Keystone Heights
Lee Cemetery Clay 295125N 0820103W Keystone Heights
Beulah Cemetery Clay 295632N 0815507W Kingsley
Old Conway Cemetery Clay 295858N 0815700W Kingsley
Middleburg Methodist Cemetery Clay 300402N 0815142W Middleburg
Rideout Cemetery Clay 300503N 0814821W Middleburg
Fowler Cemetery Clay 300143N 0815402W Middleburg SW
Johns Cemetery Clay 300604N 0815343W Middleburg SW
Oak Grove Cemetery Clay 300044N 0815720W Middleburg SW
Padget Cemetery Clay 300638N 0815413W Middleburg SW
Jacksonville Memory Garden Clay 301052N 0814417W Orange Park
Magnolia Cemetery Clay 300949N 0814256W Orange Park
Penney Farms Cemetery Clay 295857N 0814702W Penney Farms
Salem Cemetery Clay 295426N 0814820W Penney Farms

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