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Pinellas County

Cemetery Name County Degrees Min Sec Town
Lattitude Longitude
Chapel Hill Memorial Park Pinellas 275315N 0824520W
Rousseau Pioneer Cemetery Pinellas 275710N 0824516W
Serenity Gardens Memorial Park Pinellas 275331N 0824942W
Curlew Hills Memory Gardens Pinellas 280300N 0824505W
Dunedin Cemetery Pinellas 280029N 0824538W
Dunedin Highland Memorial Park Pinellas 280010N 0824650W
Parklawn Memory Gardens Pinellas 280425N 0824530W
Cycadia Cemetery Pinellas 280847N 0824413W
Rose Hill Cemetery Pinellas 280853N 0824403W
Parklawn Cemetery Pinellas 280145N 0824454W
McMullen Cemetery Pinellas 275827N 0824432W
Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park Cemetery Pinellas 275939N 0824310W
Eternal Light Mausoleums and Gardens Pinellas 275055N 0824000W
Garden of Peace Cemetery Pinellas 275059N 0824000W
Greenwood Cemetery Pinellas 274534N 0823844W
Lincoln Cemetery Pinellas 274550N 0824237W
Memorial Park Pinellas 274900N 0824205W
Memorial Park Cemetery Pinellas 274908N 0824207W
Royal Palm Cemetery Pinellas 274601N 0824236W
Royal Palm of Saint Petersburg Pinellas 274546N 0824235W
Sunnyside Cemetery Pinellas 274912N 0823934W
Woodlawn Cemetery Pinellas 274609N 0824249W
The Garden Sanctuary Pinellas 275200N 0824905W

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