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Last Program

Our member, Fred Wettering spend 36 years with the CIA and is now teaching American History. His presentation to Pastfinders on January 10, 2002 was a great blend of his areas of expertise: Intelligence in the Revolutionary War.

  • The first part dealt with intelligence just before the war, centering on Boston and Sam Adams, the Green Dragon Tavern cell, the Sons of Liberty, Paul Revere and the Committee of Correspondence.
  • In the second he discussed espionage and such personages as Nathan Hale, John Honeyman and Lydia Darragh and the Culper Ring.
  • The third part dealt with counterintelligence and focussed on Dr. Benjamin Church, Major John Andre and Benedict Arnold, and "355." "355" was a female patriot spy whose identity has yet to be learned.
  • Lastly, he discussed covert action touching on French covert arms supplies through 'Rodrique Hortalez et Cie", the Pollack-de Galvez arms channel, Ben Franklin's propaganda, Washington's deception moves and William Aitkin in England.

Fred's presentation was very interesting and very well received. There was a very informative question and answer period following the presentation and Fred's knowledge of history served him well answering informed questions from the floor.