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The Family History Picture  Album


Bob and Dotty Dill

This album is divided into eight sections; one for each grandparents' surname. Ancestors of that surname will be found in that section; descendants will be found in the surname of the grandfather. Click on the surname below to go to that surname section.

Bob's Grandparents

Dotty's Grandparents

Henry Tracy Leonard

Bow Tie Chart

Annie Nichols

James Frederick Dill

Deborah Martha Puddington

Alson Jay Dugan

Grace Almira Eels  

Charles Henry Learned

Dorothy Edwards

Descendants of Bob and Dotty Dill


              Steven Edwards Dill

Steven was born on January 23, 1955 in Aruba, Netherlands West Indies where his mother grew up. His parents are Bob and Dotty Dill and he is the great grandson of James Frederick Dill. He graduated from Wayland High School and went on to college at Florida Institute of Technology in Florida but left before graduating. He had worked part time during high school for Dow Chemical Company and then for Zayre Corporation and now works for their successor,  TJX Corporation where he has a leadership position in their computer management system. He married Laurie Nelson, the sister of his sister Terry's  husband, Steve Nelson on October 14, 1978 in Framingham, MA. They have sons Christopher and Eric. Go here to see more.

      Terry Jane Dill

Terry was born  12 March 1956 in Northampton, MA. Her parents are Bob and Dotty Dill. She is a great grand daughter of James Frederick Dill. She graduated from Wayland High School and went on to Northeastern University to get a degree in dental hygiene. She married Steven Eric Nelson on 1 May 1977 bought a house in Bellingham, MA and then moved to Natick, MA They had 2 kids, Brian, born December 31, 1980 and Heather, born May 7, 1983. She and Steve moved from Natick to Clermont, FL. Go here to see more.

       Jacquelyn Elaine Dill

Jacquelyn was born 30 Mar 1957 in Northampton, MA. Her parents are Bob and Dotty Dill. She graduated from Wayland High School. She married Gary Grindell in Sept 1978 in Westmoreland, NH. They lived in Framingham and  on a New Years Eve, they were in an automobile accident that paralyzed Gary from the waist down and forced him to use a wheel chair. They moved to Ft Meyers, FL. They were divorced a few years later, Jackie developed a liver problem and died on December 26, 1998 in Ft Meyers, FL