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These articles have been prepared by Pasfinders members. More will be added in the future so check back often. These articles may be used for non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given to Pasfinders and the author where appropriate.

Maps and Genealogy During the middle to latter part of the 19th century, mapping companies provided city and town maps that located individual's houses. They are extremely useful if you want to find the house your ancestor lived in. The Beers Atlases are perhaps the most famous. Some are on line, some in libraries and many are in specialty map and book stores. Updated 12/5/2007

Get the most from your scanner This article delves into scanning, printing and display resolutions so you can match what you input with what you want to output. Plan ahead and make life simple. Scanning is not rocket science.
Updated 2/10/2004

DNA and Genealogy Genealogy based on surname is the normal process fraught with erroneous records or no records at all. But DNA matching should provide an ironclad clue to our forefathers or at least their ethnic makeup. Here's what's new.

Who are these people? So Aunt Fannie died and left an attic full of photographs. How can you possibly ever figure out who they are? You may never get them all sorted out but here are some clues to look for and how to apply them.

Computer Tips This section will grow as new tips are added. They are generally things that help you and your computer do genealogy better but some just generally improve your computer's performance.

Unbelievable!! Some genealogies on the Internet are just that--unbelievable. Here are some that make one wonder if the people that put them up ever read them. Found any good ones? E-mail them to the webmaster.

Free Books There's a growing collection of out-of-copyright books appearing on the Internet. Whether just to enjoy the classics or search for an ancestor, reading books on-line can add to your pleasure. Here are just a few sites representing about 10 million pages.

Virtual Cemeteries Through the Internet, we are offered several options regarding cemeteries including creating memorials to our loved ones, finding where our ancestors may be buried or perusing the tombs of noted persons.

Internet Security It's a challange to keep safe in a world full of hackers but just using common sense and caution may save you from disaster. This site offers guidance and links to other sites that should be visited if you suspect a problem.