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William R. Carlisle

As a sequel to the Book Ties That Bind, Bill has written Ties that Bind II. Here's what Bill has to say about it.

The Linden Cemetery Association, Inc. is pleased to announce our new book, Ties That Bind II, More About the Linden Cemetery and the Linden Cemetery Picnic by William R. Carlisle.  This is a companion book to our Ties That Bind, A History of Linden and the Linden Cemetery Picnic by Karen Newell Eitel with Cemetery Text by William R. Carlisle.

Ties That Bind II is a 232 page, indexed, hardbound edition featuring approximately 500 obituaries of some of those buried at Linden dating back to 1900.  There are 387 obituary photographs.  Along with more than 500 total photographs, there are chapters on the Linden Cemetery, the Linden Cemetery Picnic and the Linden Cemetery Register Addendum June 2000 to February 2004.

Ties That Bind II may be obtained by sending a donation of $25.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling (total of $28.00) to Linden Cemetery Association, Inc., P. O. Box 1234, Bushnell, FL 33513.  Make check or money order payable to Linden Cemetery Association, Inc.

Bill also authored the book, Born of Necessity, a History of the Sumter County Farmers' Market, Inc. (a.k.a. Webster Flea Market), Webster, Florida.

Those living in South Lake County may call Bill Carlisle at 352-429-4267 (home) or 352-516-1322 (cell) for more information or to arrange for home delivery.
William R. "Bill" Carlisle

Dorothy Jane Dill

Dotty's maternal grandfather whom she knew and loved left a diary of one line entries for the period from 1913 to 1918. It covers local (Brattleboro VT), national and world events, weather, and sports. Dotty prepared the diary and submitted copies to the New England Genealogical Society in Boston and to the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, VT. She also published it to the Internet and its available here.

She also received a diary from her aunt that was written by her great great grandfather that he wrote during his trip across America in 1889, only twenty years after the golden spike was driven completing the transcontinental railroad. He and his wife were part of a party of six that rode in the rail car The David Garrick through 21 states shunted from railroad to railroad but always living in the Garrick. A sister car, the Yellowstone accompianied theirs and there were 29 passengers total. You can read this fascinating trip across America here.

Dr. James Peacock

Jim has written the following three books:

Leonard Lock,ca. 1658-1711, and Descendants.  Published in the spring of 1998, 412 pages, hardback, has 42 figures (maps, documents and photos).  The report follows the descendants of the titled Leonard Lock from the Levels of Somerset County, England, to the waters of Perkiomen Creek in Old Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, to the banks of the Northwest Branch of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina and on to waters and wilds of unsettled areas throughout the Southeastern United States of America.  An appendix was added to present ancient history information on this family, found in a number of published sources in England.
Leonard Lock is available, $40, postage paid. (See below),

Kirkland Family Roots.  Published in the summer of 2002, 497 pages, softback with a hard vinyl cover and the lay-flat feature.  The report is a study of all Kirkland males from Richard Kirkland, who died in Fairfax County Virginia in 1743, through his great grandsons.  This equates to four generations.  The focus then shifts to his descendants who were among the early settlers of Henry County, Alabama.  The males and females of all lines of this family were then followed for four more generations.  This, in general, identifies the generation that followed the Civil War and their lineage to the original Richard Kirkland.
Kirkland Family Roots sold out, but is now available on CD, $35, postage paid. (See below).

Pate Pioneers on The Pee Dee River.  This was a series of typescript Narratives on various lines of the Pate Family that made their home in the Pee Dee River area of North and South Carolina in the pre-Revolutionary War era.
The Pate Narratives have been discontinued because Dr, Peacock is in the process of more research with the goal of doing a more comprehensive report on this family

Address: Dr. J. R.Peacock
1330 11th street
Clermont, FL 34711-2815

Norma Heffron

Norma has written a book about the life of her father, Norman A. Geisler.

Sandra Oliver

Sandra has written Dr. Warren D. Bush
The Discovery of a Lost Link in our Bush Family and in the History of Leesburg, Lake County, Florida


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