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Computer Links

Computer Updates: This site provides information about keeping your operating system up to date.

Modem Speed Tests: This site is designed to test dial-up modems. Try it out if you are not happy with your online speed.

Internet Security: Probably no one knows more about Internet security than Seve Gibson. His site will check your system to vulnerability from hackers. Run Shields Up and Probe My Ports to see how vulnerable you are.

Internet Traffic Report: This takes you to the home page of the Inernet Traffic Report so that you can see what traffic is like around the world. Click on a location to see more details. Numbers near 100 are best

PC Magazine: Want to learn more and stay up to date? This site has reviews, tips and tutorials but is tending more toward industrial users.

PC World: Somewhat more user oriented than PC Mag, it offers loads of tips and produces the "Top Ten" list of computers and related items.

Cable and DSL Speed Tests: If you have a high speed Inernet connection, this is the place to check it out. You can use the configuration updates to dramatically increase your online speed.

Google: When you get a Windows Error such as "msvcr40.dll causes page fault...." type in "msvcrt40.dll" into the Google search box and find how how to fix it.

CNET: This site provides product reviews that you should read before you buy. Also use it to search for lowest prices on items. Even if you don't buy online it's nice to use as a price guide in buying at a store.

This site is called "Computer Hope" and if you can't find it here it probably doesn't exist. It covers every operating system including DOS. It has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section on each subject. And there are examples and instructions on many applications such as Word, Photoshop, Excell etc.

PCPitstop will test your computer, compare it to similar computers and offer tips to improve performance. Read through the instructions before you start. This calendar site has a 100 year calandar for 1900 to 2005 and a 10,000 year calendar. There are links to many specialty calendars such as Mayan and Chinese. It also has calculators including one to calculate the number of days between dates.
Kim Komando writes for technical magazines and she has a radio program as well.  Her site has a wealth of good information and links to other sites as well.