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Pastfinders Regular Meeting

October 13, 2005

Genealogy Software

The slides shown below detail the presentation made at the meeting. Links are shown below the appropriate slide so that you can go to the sites mentioned.

Slide 2

Most people don't start to interview relatives until there's no one left to talk to. That's the reason for the ASAP. Do it while you can!

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Bill Mumford's site is here. You can see the results of Bill's review of all genealogical software that he did a few years ago. Although the data has not been kept up to date we used it to see what FamilyTreeMaker looked like in previous revisions and we also looked at PAF 5. We noted that PAF 5 in 2002 had the three generation Family View and the Pedigree View that FTM 2005 has finally embraced.
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Click here to see the structure of and how it controls much of the genealogy on the web.

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We took a quick look at the Family View and the Pedigree View.
Family View

Note the three generations but there are no details on the parents as there are in PAF.

Pedigree View

When you point to a person without clicking, his or her details are revealed. You can select what additional details to show in the box on the left; spouses and children, parents, or an index of individuals starting with the person indicated. People can be bookmarked for instant retrieval and the last 30 people you have worked on appear in the history file.

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When you enter people in the pedigree view, you enter the data in an individual edit box and you can fill in all of the person's data there or just the name so you can get a family overview and then select each individual to edit in the Family View.

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When you try to separate branches, most all of the individuals in the original file remain but are detached. That's a lot of extra baggage to carry around and sort through. They all remain in the Index. The last note refers to creating a tree that always creates a tree with the parameters of the last tree created. You then have to selkect new parameters and create the tree again. Becomes time consuming for the All-in-one tree. May be usefull if all trees have the same parameters.

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If you have 2005 I wouldn't upgrade to 2006 but unless you can find a copy of 2005 for $10 or less your best path is the full version for $29.95. Amazon is selling $2005 for $48.

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This was a little extra thown in. Some very useful Web sites. Here's a list on links.
RSSgenealogy is an aggregator of genealogy sites, providing links to hundreds of useful genealogical places on the web and indicating when anything new is posted.

Picassa is a "Must Have" if you want to know where all of your pictures and other images are. If finds all image and video files and lists folders in the left pane and thumbnails of the images in the right pane. Free from Google.

One-Step genealogy links list many genealogical record sites and tells the quickest way to get the data.

The National Weather Service has released 1700 high resolution images of areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina. They are large and will take some time to down load. Select an area from the map and submap until you get to the image of that area. The whole image is shown first but if you put your cursor on the image a box will be shown in the lower right and that will expand the image beyond belief! Scroll through it to see it all.

Google Earth is a free download from Google that can show an aerial (satellite) view of any place on earth. We looked at a view of the libray and then showed a view of Hammock Ridge Road, a dirt road that will be the basis for the new proposed road from Lakeshore Drive to Rt 27 and beyond.