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Cemetery Research

A presentation by

Amy Larner Giroux

The presentation started with  historical burials showing some Egyptian burials and progressing through European to the American and through time from the deep past to the present. It was interesting that many European graveyards only rented space and after the rental period the body was more or less evicted and otherwise disposed of. American grave yards vary in size and beauty from the small family plot to huge Lawn Park grounds.

She pointed to death certificates, probate records, newspapers and deeds as places to find where our ancestors might be interred and to city directories, telephone books, online directories and maps as methods to find the location of a cemetery.

When you find the cemetery and then locate the stone that you are after, take the time to get all the information that you can. Check the neighboring stones, take notes and photos and be sure to read both sides of the stones. She recommends a photo of the cemetery entrance when you enter and again when you leave. Everything in between will be of that cemetery.

Amy has provided her handout that you can get here. In the presentation, each subject had a picture or additional detail that provided what you needed to know to find the proper grave.