Deaths in Clermont Area
1999 to 2013
Note: Some deaths in 2008 and 2009 are missing but may be found in the Obituary File at Cooper Memorial Library.

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Loyd Gilbert Gilley, the Clermont author of Backfields of My Memory and More Precious Memories began his presentation with how he became an author. Recently retired, he wasn’t sure what he would do with his time and his wife was urging him to find a hobby. His 13 year old grandson asked him, “Why don’t you write down all those stories you are always telling us about growing up in the Panhandle?” After beginning to write on his own, and then taking a class with Patricia Charpentier, he produced his first book. He found he enjoyed writing so much he just kept going.

He told us some of his history of growing up in the 1940’s and 50's way off the beaten path in Jackson County. They had no electricity and got their water from a bucket dropped down into a well. They were poor but he didn’t feel poor - life was good while they grew and stored their own food and hunted game in the woods. He read a few of this stories to us and answered questions from the group. This was a very enjoyable evening for all of us as we listened to Mr. Gilley’s tales of a time gone by.

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May 8, 5 PM

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Last Computer Users' Group Meeting

We warned about a new Ransomeware program called Cryptodefense, talked about the valuable resource HeritageQuest, looked at finding images on Google and Bing, computer resources on YouTube, Microsoft OneNote, now a free program and a few other items of interest.

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