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This is the outline of the presentation on the Pastfinders Web Page. We started with a look at our web page from March 15, 2001 and from May of 2002 and then toured it as it is today. Highlighted text is the slide name.

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 Sailing Ship

How They Got Here


Unless your ancestors were here to meet the first Europeans, they came in one of these to settle America.


Revolutionary War

They sought freedom from the oppressive treatment received from the British Government.


Photo taken at the annual Minuteman Muster at The Wayside Inn, Sudbury MA


 (A brief diversion)

The Wayside Inn

Originally called Howe’s Place, Howe’s Tavern or the Red Horse Inn,it was renamed after Longfellow’s The Tales of a Wayside Inn was written.


            Henry Ford bought it in 1923; it was severely burned on December 22 in 1955.


            Ford Foundation paid $700,000 to restore it.


Each September it hosts a Colonial Faire and Muster of New England Minuteman Companies and Fife and Drum Corps.


 Howe Family

Outstanding Citizens of Sudbury, MA


John, the immigrant opened the Black Horse Tavern in Marlborough on Oct 1, 1662.


            Son Samuel ran a tavern in East Sudbury.


His son David opened the Wayside Inn in 1716 followed by his son, Ezekiel then his son, Adam and his son, Lyman. Four generations.


            All were involved in town affairs.


            Dotty is descended from Samuel’s daughter and David’s sister, Martha.


Early American Cemetery

Resting place for our ancestors who left an engraved record for us to seek out and cherish


            Taken at a cemetery in Bellingham, MA

 Rural American Church

They came for religious reasons and religion was a large part of their lives. Church records today help us learn more about them.



They fought for it and passed along a tradition of freedom and liberty for which we will be forever grateful. And we thank the French for their recognition of it.


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Pastfinders was founded in 1989 by a group of people who had a common interest in defining and understanding their heritage. Their goal is to:


present programs of genealogical and historical interest to the members and the community


            encourage the research and preservation of genealogical and historical information


            educate members and others in the proper practice of research and documentation


            advocate and support the use of computers and the Internet in genealogical practices


provide genealogical and historical resources to the Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont, Florida.

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Our Computer Users' Group meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00 at the Cooper Memorial Library. We're dedicated to helping even the most novice computer user. Only today's children are born knowing how to use one; we're challenged to keep up.


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