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Let's face it. Your genealogy and my genealogy have errors in them, not all events are properly dated and some places may not be confirmed. But we like to think we've checked every event against all available records and against the laws of nature. Apparently, not everyone does.

If all of the people claimed to have been born in Massachusetts before the Pilgrims landed actually were born there, the Pilgrims would have been asked to leave for over-crowding. One of my favorite genealogy entries on the Internet is that of my 7th greatgrandmother, Mary Ayers who married Nathan Parker.

You can search for her on Ancestry and you'll find that there were 1193 Mary Ayers. Limiting the search to the Mary Ayers that married Nathan Parker yields 10 entries. The first three don't know anything. The next 6 all tell the same story:

Mary was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1607, was married in 1609, was Christened in 1634, died in 1676 but married again in 1677.

A search of the LDS site reveals 1 Ancestral File and 18 Pedigree Resource Files stating that Mary was born in 1607. While I didn't check out each entry, the ones I did check all agree with the previous paragraph. There are two IGI entries but they only cover her 1652 marriage to Nathan Parker.

So what is the real story with Mary Ayers? One entry got it right--the tenth of the 10 entries on Ancestry. Mary was born probably in 1634 in Wiltshire, Dorset, England and married Nathan Parker as his second wife about 1652 (their first child was born in 1653). She did not die in1676 but went on to a somewhat more famous death--she was condemned as a witch on September 17, 1692 and was hung on the 22nd.

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