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Welcome to Putnam County Vital Records

Early Marriages of Putnam County

These marriage records were extracted from FAMILY SEARCH.ORG's Florida Marriages 1837 - 1974 database. This by no means an official index nor is it a complete index. More records will be added as this a work in progress.

Ashley, Edward W. Wilkerson, Rebecca 1851-11-05
Baxter, William Fleming, Minerva 1853-02-03
Bodecker, George H. Bartz, Adalina C. E. I. 1855-11-01
Boyd, Robert T. Dunham, Mary E. 1851-10-16
Brackett, Charles N. Munson, Rebecca A 1852-07-17
Brooks, Spencer Hopkins, Mary H. 1853-08-24
Bryant, Louis H. Moore, Elizabeth 1852-07-05
Calhoun, Calvin Nix, Martha C. 1853-09-08
Cannon, Elisha W. Smith, Sarah 1850-05-23
Cannon, Louis M. Cusby, Mary 1850-05-24
Chenowith, John P. Howard, Mary 1853-04-23
Clemons, Henry C. Parish, Sarah 1851-05-29
Cook, Samuel L. Southwick, Fannie I. 1855-10-13
Davenport, William Peterson, Elizabeth I. 1853-10-31
Davis, George M. Baisden, Martha 1854-05-05
Denmark, William H. Smith, Nancy 1854-12-07
Ellis, William Daniel, Ann 1851-02-07
Faucett, William H. C. Marine, Isabella 1854-06-29
Geroux, Anthony Chapman, Caroline C. 1855-10-25
Gilet, George McNab, Mary 1852-04-29
Glissen, Dennis W. Green, Susan 1850-08-16
Goodwin, Frank Trinks, Ellen 1852-02-15
Gothrie, William Harvey, Lavina 1855-04-05
Greeley, Berziller B. Grinnelle, Arthura K. 1855-09-30
Green, Isaac H. Brawlen, Celia 1850-04-09
Green, James E. Grover, Kisia 1852-04-29
Green, William T. Wilkerson, Melissy Ann Alvery 1851-05-05
Haynes, Melton Vaught, Sarah F. 1849-11-19
Hewitt, Oliver Roberts, Martha 1853-12-26
Higgenbotham, David Roundtree, Nancy 1853-09-12
Higginbotham, Joseph Beck, Frances 1853-10-30
Hill, Green S. Sparkman, Martha 1854-02-20
Hoffman, Edward Seton Bronson, Gertrude Emmiline 1855-03-20
Johnson, William Ashley, Mary E. 1852-09-28
Lloyd, Isam Stewart, Elizabeth 1854-05-26
Mason, William H. Fleming, Martha 1854-0904
McLendon, Joel Gunter, Nancy 1855-08-03
Motes, Louis Tanner, Mary 1836-01-13
O'Donnell, Thomas Cogan, Susan 1852-02-23
Polk, Zachariah Johnson, Mary 1855-08-25
Powell, Benjamin W. Wall, Angeline M. 1854-04-27
Prayer, William Williams, Ann E. 1854-12-21
Redding, Wade H. Green, Caroline T. 1855-05-19
Register, J. L. D. Hernandez, Virginia 1855-01-10
Revels, Jerry Griffith, Rebecca 1854-10-12
Roundtree, Isaac Wethersbie, Emily 1855-01-01
Ryalls, James M. Leigh, Susan 1852-02-01
Ryalls, John Ryalls, Lucinda 1852-08-18
Sanders, James McCon, Christia Margaret 1855-03-10
Saunders, Jesse W. McLeane, Susan 1855-11-26
Shedd, William W. Roberts, Louisa I. 1855-06-05
Sherhouse, Henry A. Thigpen, Mary Jane 1854-11-14
Sillatony, Talliere Agiar, Urbana 1854-04-26
Soleana, Jacob G. Suwarez, Jane 1850-01-17
Sparkman, Lewis Wm. Parmer, Esther 1850-12-09
Sueders, Fredrick Nix, Frances 1854-05-09
Sweat, Allen Hilliard, Franee 1854-01-28
Thomas, James E. Green, Sarah N. 1850-12-27
Tucker, James Osteen, Mary 1854-09-07
Weeks, Silas Thigpen, Kisiah 1850-07-04
Weeks, Silas Sr. Yumans, Anny 1855-03-13
Williams, Marcellus A. Wightman, Emma 1854-06-19
Yarbrough, Thomas S. Brown, Mary I. 1854-06-16