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MC 17 St. Augustine City Papers

Box 1, F4 Blacks 1824-55


                       An Ordinance Relating to Free Persons of Colour

            Be it enacted by the authority of the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of St. Augustine that every free colored male above the age of 18 years and under 50 years now residing in the city of St. Augustine, or who shall hereafter reside in the City for the space of two weeks shall pay a tax of three dollars a year and every free coloured females between the aforesaid ages shall pay a tax of one dollar and fifty cents.


            Ordained that every person liable to the above tax, now residing in the city, shall on or before the 20th of August cause their names to be registered at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, and pay their tax; and on failure there of shall be fined the sum of five dollars.


            Be it further enacted that very free coloured person above the age of 18 years who shall come here to the city of St. Augustine, shall within two weeks after their arrival, submit their names and ages to be registered in the office of the clerk of the Board of Aldermen and pay the sum of ten dollars on failure there of shall be fined twenty dollars; and all the fines imposed by this ordinance shall be collected before the Mayor of the Peace.


Passed 19 July 1824

Joseph S Sanchez

approved 21 July 1824

Tho H. Penn