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Death Certificates & Burial Permits Issued in the

City of St. Augustine, 1878-79




Last year at this time we came upon the burial record of Cpl Pablo Gray (The Ancient City Genealogist, Vol VII, Issue 4, p.28) which was a City of St. Augustine Permit for Burial. This looked like a great source for records but where were they? The picture printed in the article was from a pension record. I knew that the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library was the repository of city records. We have used quite a few of those records over the past five years, but I had never seen burial permits. I went to the library but didn't find them. 


Low and behold Leslie found them in July. Not just a few, but they extend through the 1920's. Hundreds and hundreds of documents that will add to the information and in some cases (such as this article) extend beyond the St. Johns Public Health Records that we have been printing. It's amazing what we can miss!


As with any type of document, they changed over the years. In this article you will view pictures of the records for 1878-79. Death records were sometimes written on scraps of paper. These will develop later to printed forms requesting particular pieces of information including information about how long the deceased lived in the state and city, occupation, father and mother's name.


One important thing to remember about a death record: it is only primary source information to when the person died, the doctor, and hopefully the cause of death. The information about how long the deceased lived in the city or the parents names is secondary. It is only as accurate as the person who knew the information (or misinformation). While it may give you a starting place, this information must be verified by other means and is not a strong proof.


The Source, A Guidebook of American Genealogy edited by Arleen Eakle and Johni Cerny, lists the following other problems with death records ..... all of which you will encounter here:


                  1.           Many record collections are incomplete.

                  2.           Legibility is a problem with the handwritten records (If you think it is difficult to read physician's handwriting today, you should try to read their writing over 100 years ago. The two years worth of records today represent statements handwritten by the physician or mayor.)

                  3.           The records may contain a variety of surname spellings.

                  4.           The records for this article are copied, which may produce additional errors.


Point 4 is especially a point worth taking. This article is a secondary source. It leads you to the real thing. YOUR records should include a copy of the original record. Not that I would possibly make any errors, but if you don't find a relative on these lists that you would expect to find you should examine the original records, maybe it just got overlooked.


This rule should be extremely important to anyone who attempts to create a genealogy from secondary sources or lists from the internet. Without the original copy and good primary information within that copy you may be up the wrong family tree.


How do you list a death record in your genealogy? In Cite Your Sources by Richard S. Lackey, 1980, p68 (buy this book when you see it) four items are needed:   1. What kind of document is it?  2. Date of the document 3. Where the document is kept. 4. What kind of form do you have?



Death Certificate for Lizzie Coleman, 2 Feb 1878, St Augustine City Papers, MC65, St Augustine Historical Society, photostat copy.


Date                                        Name                                                      Information                                             



 2 Feb                     Coleman, Lizzie                     This certifies that Lizzie Coleman col'd aged 75 years, died this day of influenza. J. H. Kimball M. D.


25 May                   Birell, Catherine                    This is to certify that Miss Catherine Birrell died on the 25th day of May of dysentry. A. Anderson MD.


27 May                   Johnson, Julia                       This is to certify that Julia Johnson died of Phthesis. J. H. Kimball M.D.


 4 June                    ..?.., Maria                              This is to certify that Maria died of asthma at the colored home in the City of St Augustine on the fourth day of June. A. Anderson MD.

                                   Note: No last name is given for Maria


 4 June                    Johnson, Ellen                      This certifies that Ellen Johnson aged one year died of infantile marasmus[?]. J. H. Kimball attending physician.


 8 June                    Sevello, Clara                        This is to certify that Clara Sevello died of phthesis pulmonalis. J. H. Kimball MD attending physician.


 7 July                     Mickler, James                      This is to certify that I was the attending phsycian to Mr James Mickler deceased and he died from cancer of the stomach. Wm. F. Shine MD


12 July                    Thomas, William Frederic   This is to certify that William Frederic Thomas aged 4 months and 3 days died of maran???

                                                                                                A. D. Mannoy MD


14 July                    Green, Emma                         This certifies that Emma Green aged 25 yrs died of Pulmonary Phthesis. J. H. Kimball attending physician


14 July                    Stuart, Scippy                       This certifies to the death of Scippy Stuart (colored) female - aged 5 days - cause unknown. J. H. Kimball MD

                                                                                - infant child of Jacob and Henrietta Stuart


23 July    Monroe, Mary                                      This certifies that Mary Monroe colored age 39 yrs died of Phthesis Pulmonalis. J. H. Kimball MD (wife of Henry Monroe)


24 July                    Hagan, Anna                        I hereby certify that Anna Hagan died of Phthesis Plumonarthis aged 25 years. Jno. E. Peck


26 July    Walton, Willie                                      This certifies that Willie Walton age 9 days died of lock jaw - J. H. Kimball MD


20 August             Walters, John B.                   This certifies that John B. Walters aged 9 days colored died this day of Lockjaw. J. H. Kimball MD


Date                                        Name                                                      Information                                             


28 August             Perpall, Mrs. S.                     This certifies that Mrs. S. Perpall aged 28 yrs died this day of tubercular mennigitis. J. H. Kimball MD attending physician


28 August             Waiters, Patty                       col aged 90 yrs, died this day of old age. J. H. Kimball


 3 Sept                    Capo, Mrs. May                   This is to certify that I was the attending physician to Mrs. May Capo and she died from Cancer of the stomach Wm. F. Shine MD


 2 October              Glenn, Lucy                           This certifies that Lucy Glenn (col) age about 100 yrs died Oct 2 of old age - J. H. Kimball MD


 2 October              Hagan, May                          I hereby certify that May Hagan aged 16 years died at 1 am today at the residence of her mother on Charlotte Street of Pulmonary Consumption


 2 October              Irvin, Walter                          This is to certify that Walter Irvin died from Pnomonia. W. F. Shine attending physician


 9 October              Corbett, Royce                     I hereby certify that Royce, Infant son of Amos N. and Lilly Corbett died of lock jaw aged 10 days. Jno. E. Peck MD


30 October             Allison, Mr. Eu                     This is to certify that I was the attending physician to Mr Eu Allison and he died from ..?..  Wm. L. Shine MD.


20 November         Andrie, Eliza                          This certifies that Eliza Andrie (colored) aged 45 died Nov 20 of Heart disease. J. H. Kimball M D attending physician


22 November         Growels, Willie                     This certifies that Willie Growels (col) 8 mos of aged died of marasmus.  J. H. Kimball


28 November         Capela                                    I hereby certify that an infant child of Amato Capela died this day at 3 pm of cholera infantism. W. A. Lardner MD.


10 December         Natielle, John                        This certificate .... that John Natielle died from Pnenmonia. Wm. F. Shine MD


13 December         Redick                                    I hereby certify that the infant child (male) of Josephine Redick died yesterday at the residence of its mother on Charlotte street of Lock Jaw. M. Lardriu MD




Note:  No month included on certificate; only: Sunday, 13th

13                            Natelle, Rebecca                   This is to certify that I have been come upon to give Certificate of death for the purpose of internment of Rebecca Natelle (Col) The family says she died from physical .?. age 86 years. Wm. F. Shine MD


 5 January              Bennett, Joseph, Sr              This is to certify that I was called to see Mr. Joshep Bennett Sr and found him laboring under a stroke of paralysis from which disease he ..?..  Wm. F. Shine MD


Date                                        Name                                                      Information                                             


 5 January              Genoply, George  I hereby certify that Mr. George Genoply died in this city aged 84 years 2 mos and 13 days. His death was partly from old age and partly from internal injuries resulting from a fall several weeks previous.  Jno E. Peck MD


 4 January              Scott, Mary                           This is to cerify that Mary Scott died this day at the Colored Home of Convulsions (aged 14 years)

                                                                                A. Anderson MD


16 January             Masters, Edna                      This is to certify that I was the attending Physician to Edna Masters infant child of D. and Augusta Masters and it died from Pnunmonia. Wm. F. Shine MD


20 January             Lewis                                      This will certify that infant child of Charles Lewis died from ? nutrition. E. M. ..?..  Md


27 January             Huertas, Matilda  I hereby certify that Matilda infant daughter of John Hippolyte Huertas aged 4 months died in this city of convulsions. Jno. E. Peck MD


16 January             Colee                                      This is to certify that I saw the infant daughter of Lewis Colee and it was still born - W. F. Shine MD


22 January             Dewitt, Mrs. Pheoba            I hereby certify that Mrs. Phoeba Dewitt died in this city of Asthma and Organic Disease of the heart. Jno L. Peck MD


27 January             Triay, B. A.                            This will certify that B. A. Triay died from pulmunary congestion. E. M. Albee MD


 7 February            Nesby, George                      This certifies that George Nesby col aged 2 mos died of hydrocephalus. J. H. Kimball MD


10 February           Atkins Mrs. Florence F.      This is to certify that Mrs Florence F Atkins aged twenty three years died this day of phthesis. A. Anderson MD


 8 March                Canova                                  This will certify that the infant son of L. C. Canova died from infection ..?..


13 March               Scott, Ohio                            I hereby certify that I was summoned to visit Ohio Scott (infant daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Scott) age 14 months old and found the child dead which in my belief died from chronic diarrhea. Wm. F. Shine MD


20 March               Floyd, Mrs. Rine                  This will certify that Mrs Rine? Floyd died from senile ..?.. E. M. ..?.. MD


 2 April                   Lee, Frances                          This certifies that Frances Lee (col) aged 5 yrs. died Mar 2d of Bronchitis. J. H. Kimball MD




Date                                        Name                                                      Information                                             


10 April                  Hagan, John                          I hereby certify that John Hagan ..?.. this last night at his mothers residence on Charlotte Street of Pulmonary Consumption. W. L. Garnder MD Attending Physician.


 3 April                   Johnson, Abel                      This is to certify that Abel Johnson died at the colored Home on the night of the 3d of April of disease of the heart. A. Anderson MD


12 April                  Hunter, Elizzie Hester          This certifies that Elizzie Hester Hunter aged 4 months died of Marasmus (col). J. H. Kimball MD last attending Physician


18 April                  Papy, Velbina                        This is to certify that Velbina Papy died from Eclampsia. Wm. F. Shine MD


27 April                  Papy                                       Application having been made to me by Simon Williams for a permit to bury an infant child of Verbina Pappy decd. said child having died without a physicians attendance the city clerk will therefore issue the permit. J S Relf Mayor April 27th 1879 by Jas Sanchez


 8 May                    Triay, Earnest                       This is to certify that Earnest Traiy died from cholera infantism - E. M. Allen MD


 8 May                    Wilson, George                    I hereby certify that George infant son of Sandy Wilson died this morning at the residence of its parents on Marine Street near the Army Barracks of Lock Jaw. W. H. Lardner MD


13 May                   Thibaut, Borgia Miss          This certifies that Miss Borgia Thibaut aged 22 years died this day of Phthisis Pulmonasis. J. H. Kimball MD Attending Physician


14 May                   Cullin, Lavina                        This is to certify that Lavina Cullin died in this city this day of ..?..  A. Anderson MD


24 May                   McKinney, Eva                    J. D. Lopez, City Clerk.  You will grant a burial permit to bury Eva McKinney having no attending Physician at time of her death, and being satisfied from parties who were present at her death, that she died a natural death, I authorize the issuing of said certificate.

                                                                                J. S. Relf Mayor   


 1 June                    Pacetti, Douglas   This certificate will go to show that I was the attending Physician to Douglas Pacetti who died from ..?.. Pneumonia. W. F. Shine MD


?? June                   Pinkham, Mrs. Ellen             This is to certify that I was the attending physicia to Mrs. Ellen Pinkham and she died of Phthesis Pulminalis L. B. Pacetti MD


21 June                   Benet, Agnes                        I hereby certify that I was the attending physician to Agnes Benet and that she died from convulsions. W. F. Shine MD


 9 July                     Kahn                                      I hereby certify that the infant daughter of Mrs Vic Kahn died this morning at 2:30 oclock by cholora infantism. W. H. Landers MD




Date                                        Name                                                      Information                                             


18 July                    Kinney                                   Mr Kinney wanted a certificate of burial to bury a child died without having a Doctor from his representation you can give him the same. J. S. Relf Mayor


 8 August              Mauran, Anne                      I hereby certify that Anne Mauran died at the "home" in this city from an ..?.. Tumor. Jno E. Peck



 9 August              Johnson, Lillie L.                  This will certify that Lillie L Johnson aged 5 years died from acute inflamation of kidneys. E. M. Allen MD


16 August             Andreu, Frances                  This will certify that Miss Frances Andreu died from tuberculur consumption. E. M. Alba MD


12 Sept                   Wetters, Walter L                This will certify that Walter L Welters died from croup. E. M. Alba MD


26 Sept                   Greeno, Oliver C                   This certifies that Oliver C Greeno aged 36 yrs deid this day of Phthisis Pulmonalis. H. H. Kimball M.D.


 8 October              Good                                      Give James Good a certificate of burial for his child stating that it died without the attendence of a doctor.

                                                                                J. S. Relf Mayor


17 October             Johnson, Albert                   This certifies that Albert Johnson died this day of Phthesis Pulmonalis. J. H. Kimball MD Attending Physician


14 October             Johnson, Daniel                   This is to certify that Daniel Johnson's remains were found dead out of the city. He is supposed to have been fowly [sic] dealt with - I examined his remains. L. B. Pacetti MD


20 October             Manucy, John                      I hereby certify that John Manucy died at his residence on St. George Street of pneumonia caused by P..?.. Ha..?..  aged 58 years. W. H. Lardner MD


26 October             Bennett, Wilber                    I hereby certify that Wilber Bennett infant son of Frances & Dora Bennett his wife died at their residence on Charlotte Street in this city, this Sunday, October 26th 1879 at half past 5 o'clock pm of Pneumonia. W. H. Gardner MD Attending physician.


25 October             Humphries, Mary S.             I hereby certify that Mrs. Mary S. Humphries died at her late residence on Bridge Street in the city at 5:30 o'clock am this 25th day of October 1879 of paralysis aged 82 years. W. H. Gardner MD Attending Physician


27 November         Thompson                             This is to certify that I was the attending physician to Mr Thompson infant child who died from consumption of lungs. Wm. L. Shine MD







Definitions from Webster's Twentieth-Century Dictionary of the English Language (1937):


eclampsia -- an acute nervous affection attended by convulsions and loss of consciousness, afflicting for the most part pregnant women and small children. [p. 533]


hydrocephalus -- an accumulation of fluid within the cavity of the cranium; dropsy of the brain [p. 821]


marasmus -- a wasting of the flesh without fever or apparent disease; ... senilis: the gradual and progressive atrophy attending old age [p. 1006]


phthesis -- disease of some part of the pulmonary apparatus, marked by cough, gradual and progressive emaciation; due to the presence in the lungs and other organs of the tuberculous bacilli [p. 1232]


pulminalis -- pulmonis = a lung; pulmonary consumption = phthesis [p. 1337]


Physicians In St. Augustine

Webbs St Augustine Business/St Augustine Directory - 1886


Alba Edwin M, 2 Plaza Pl, Cathedral (physician and druggist)

Alexander Lawrence, St George n P.O.

Anderson Andrew, physician, h King n San Sebastian river

Caruthers Horace, h Spanish c Treasury

Dunham Charles A., Charlotte n the Fort

Gibson Joseph R. Surgeon, St. Francis Barracks h Marine

Rainey John K., next P.O. h do

Shine William F. h Bridge n Sanford

Sloggett H. physician, h King n Tolamato

Smith Frank F, r P.O. b The Magnolia

Webb DeWitt, St. George n Cuna