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JANUARY 2012          Mostly genealogy, with some history, and a bit of humor          VOL. 18   NO. 1


Donna Murray returns to inform us about  

“The Name Game – all about surnames, nicknames and maiden names.”Donna says. “Your grandfather, by any other name, is probably still your grandfather.”  Come and learn how you, too, can play the name game with your ancestors. She is not only a genealogist, she is also a columnist.  You can enjoy her each week at


We meet for this meeting at the Royal Palm Room at Little Harbor.

 The menu will be Southern Chicken Wrap – Cheddar Tortilla Wrap filled with Grilled Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Ranch Dressing, OR  Mozzarella Cheese, Sliced Tomatoes, and Fresh Basil on Ciabatta Bread .  Cole Slaw with both.  Apple Caramel Pie for dessert.

To view the actual films: 
1. go to
2. go to "Try the updated site" 
3.  Browse by Location, such as "USA, Canada, and Mexico"  to access films by state
 (Normal searching applies after this.)
                          Thanks to Ed Frank for this info.

Lynn Betlock, Managing Editor of Daily Genealogist, suggests the following sources:

Archival Products. 134 East Grand Ave, P.O. Box 1413, Des Moines, IA 50317 (800) 526-5640 

.Archivart. 7 Caesar Place, P.O. Box 428, Moonachie, NJ 07074. (201) 804-8986.

Conservation Resources International, Inc. 8000 H. Forbes Place, Springfield, VA 22151. (800) 634-6932.


Extracted from an article by Curt B. Witcher in Genealogy Gems: 
News from the Fort Wayne Library No. 91, September 30, 2011
Those outside the family history field often muse about 
why genealogists do what they do spend time, energy 
and treasure researching their family histories. 
Perhaps some genealogists also ponder this question, 
particularly when the research isn't producing
expected results. 
There are almost as many reasons for engaging in genealogical
 research as there are individuals doing it. I believe a common 
thread among all the reasons, spoken and unspoken, is the 
quest to discover another part, another chapter, of one’s story. 
Further, I believe the quest to tell that story in           
  such a way that it gives light and meaning to both grand and 
everyday things is what drives most individuals to continue their
 family history. The power of a story should not be underestimated, 
nor should its universal appeal. Our stories are truly the ties that
 bind us together as families and communities.

Our stories--your stories and my stories--are the ties the bind our families together. And I truly believe that is why family history is important and so appealing to many millions of individuals worldwide


Ye Olde editor wanted to display his lineage but the conventional charts did not accommodate it, so he created the following layout.  It may be of help

if you wish to show “where you came from.”

                              MY MATERNAL HERITAGE


Andres Studemann   1647 - 1704

+Sophi Kopke 1658 -          

      =Catherina Studemann   1670 -

      +Hans Jurgen Pralow   1670 - 1719

            =Hans Pralow  1697 - 1774

            + Catherina Elizabeth Luthke  @1689

                   =David Harwig Pralow  1721 - 1789

                   + Gottlieb T. (Jonas) Johassen 1730 -1788

                        =Friedrich Franz Pralow  1771 - 1841

                        +Dort Lies Selle 1761 -              

                             =Elizabeth Maria Pralow 1801-

                             +Johann Joackim F. Schlafke  1800 -                    

                                   = (Henry)  HC Schlafke 1827 - 1881

                                   +Paulina Schmehl 1826 - 1905  

                                        =Albert Schlafke 1863 - 1922

                                        + Mary Haft 1865 - 1910

                                              =Uarda Mae Schlafke 1900 - 1994

                                              + Ferdinand P. Fischer 1899 - 1984

                                                    =John A. Fischer 1926-

Civilian prison records are a matter of public record and some information can be found online or obtained through correspondence, military prison records are private and less accessible. The National Archives houses many federal prison records, including |inmate case files. For state prison records, contact the Department of Corrections for your state of interest. A number of early state prison records can be found online.


In addition to the soldier's military record, perhaps the most direct path to finding information on military prisoners would be to contact Judge Advocate General for your branch of service and request a "court martial order" number for your ancestor. You can then contact the National Archives Modern Military Branch to see about ordering a copy of the court martial.

Extracted from Answers at Genealogy Today,   30/Sep/2011



In your research, you may find some unusual abbreviations. Hopefully, the following will help.

b            born                     

biog      biography

bk          book

Bro        brother

cir          about-around

cn          country

d            died

D.B       deed book

              Doomsday Book

Dau      daughter

Desc     descended

Do        ditto

sp          died without issue


d.unm      died unmarried

fam          family

gene        genealogy

ibid           the same

gr.fath     grandfather

gr-gr fath great grand father

inf            infant

Jr.             Junior

m              male         

mem        member

ms            manuscript

mms         manuscripts

ob          died


p            page

pish      parish

pp          pages

Q.V.      which see

s            son

sis         sister

Sr.         Senior

Supra   above

unm      unmarried

vol         volume

W.B.      Will Book



Learn to create a family legacy that your heirs will actually read.  In 8 weekly sessions starting February 3, SBGS member Joan Shalleck will show you how at HCC/SouthShore. Call Brian England coordinator Lifelong Learning to learn more and to register, at 813-259-6528.


that AARP has a genealogy
website?   Ignore the ads and enjoy some interesting info.  Check it out at

genealogy in German is Genealogie
genealogy in Swedish is genealogi



ISTG  SBGS has a project called Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.  Passenger ships' manifests are transcribed and posted to the ISTG website.   Volunteers then transcribe these entries on their home computers.  The results are posted to assist people in finding their lost family.

Charlotte Epps is in charge of the project for SBGS.   If you would like to have more information or volunteer, please call her at