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May 2012            Mostly genealogy, with some history, and a bit of humor                 VOL. 18   NO. 5

 Ann Mohr Osisek will discuss,
 “Out of the Census: into the book stacks”using library sources. 
Ann has served as Managing Instructor for the Genealogy Programs 
at Disney Institute in Orlando, FL, taught genealogy classes for 
the Orange County, FL Adult Education Program for nineteen years,  
and has been a computer lab genealogy instructor at the Seminole 
County, FL Community College. 


Chicken Salad Wrap, with Cranberry Jello Salad OR a Tri-salad of Cranberry Jello Salad, Shredded Carrot Salad, and Pasta Salad.                        

PLUS -  Our May tradition of a Brownie and do-it-yourself Ice Cream Sundae

 Despite many claims otherwise, Answers at Genealogy Today reminds us that immigrants names were not changed at Ellis Island.  The inspectors there were working from records prepared by the immigrant him/herself or by their travel agent at the point of departure.  The immigrant may have used a “new name” on those papers or changed it after arrival, to better adapt to the new culture and to make it easier to live and work in America.
Starting with the time of arrival, and following the way the name was
presented in each subsequent Census Record, may be the best
way to determine when and what was changed.

Shirley Smith found a link that allows a search of Social Security records using the birth date -- especially helpful for women if you don't know her married surname.  The hits are displayed by first name/married name.



At the April meeting, Ed Frank, of the Nominating Committee, made the following recommendations of officers to lead the Society in 2012-2013.  The election will be held at the May meeting:

President        Jim Cox  

Vice Pres.      Frank Nauman

Secretary        Elizabeth Ward  

Treasurer        Terri Cardozo 

Director          Sally Wepfer     

Director           Ed Frank        

Director           Jack Fischer

Director           Jennette White

Director           Beth Clarke

Director           Bill Patterson 

Past  Pres.      Mary McIntyre  


The 2011-2012 season for SBGS comes to an end, as we prepare for that long-planned research trip “up North”, or “abroad”, or just a chance to stay home and further organize our research.But do not despair, we will return on September 18th with new enthusiasm, new menus, newly found information for the LINKS, and a host of new programs.Jody Masterson has lined up a great slate of speakers to start off next season.  We will hear from some of your favorites when we return in the fall: 

Sept 18: Donna Moughty
Oct  16: Sharon Tate Moody
Nov  20: Donna Murray 
Dec  18: Drew Smith 


If so, you may qualify for membership in the Order of First Families of Maine.  You must be age 18 plus and be a lineal descendant of an ancestor who was a resident of, owned land in, or was the chief proprietor of a business between 1604 and 1652 within the boundaries of present day Maine. information at:

“When your society has inhabited a small, remote island for countless generations and boasts a population of only 300,000, the odds of having sex with a relative are significant.  Luckily, Icelanders now have a handy tool to avoid family-sex.

Íslendingabók—meaning "book of Icelanders"—is an online incest-avoidance search engine. Plug in your name and that of a potential mate, and the site searches a genealogical database to see how closely you're related.”

       Thanks to Genealogy Blog for this information



Locate that elusive U. S. town 

NY Postcards and Digitized newspapers

Check DAR to see if your ancestor has been proven to be a Union Revolutionary War vet.­research.cfm 

Online Resources for German Research 

Collections of records at Brigham Young Univ.  

Barry's Blog on Genealogy: 

another grave site

Effective Wed., Feb. 15, FamilySearch raised the fee for renting Family History Library microfilm through FamilySearch Centers. The price for a short-term film loan now is $7.50 per roll (that's up from $5.50), with another $7.50 to extend the loan. An extended film loan costs $18.75. A microfiche loan costs $4.75.

The new website for The National Archives of Ireland is