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(Photos left to right) St. Margaret's Episcopal Church • Guests posing in front of the Fleming House • The Pier at Fleming House • Fleming House side lawn
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Guest at HibernaiBelow is a list of our Patriots. Do you need help identifying your Patriot? Please feel free to contact our Regent Cindy Addison for assistance or you may also visit the Patriot Index Look-up Service available at the NSDAR web site.

Helpful Hint: Genealogical Workshops will be held for our Chapter throughout the year to assist our prospective members searching for their patriot and for those members searching for supplementals.

(Photo Right) Guests resting and keeping cool
under an old oak tree near Fleming House

Adams, Hopewell - NC
Allen, Benjamin - VA
Allison, Rober - PA Bartlett, Wyman - MA
Blackmore, Solomon - MA
Boykin, Frances - GA
Bradford, John - NC
Brainerd, Reuben - NY
Buck, James- CT
Bush, Conrad - NY
Cables, Zebulon - NY
Cardwell, Robert - VA
Carriger, Godfrey - NC
Caughey, John - PA
Clay, Jesse - VA
Cole, Thomas - SC
Collier, John - NC
Conyne, Peter - NY
Courtney, James - VA, PVT
Cox, John, Jr. - VA
Crum, John - VA
Daniels, William - NC
Davenport, Clayborn - VA
Davis, Arthur - SC
Dixon, Joseph - NC
Dunn, Justus - NJ
Estes, William - VA
Fitzpatrick, Benjamin - VA
Fortner, William - NC
Gaither, Benjamin - NC
Gibson, Timothy, Jr. - NH
Gist, Joseph - NC
Goolsby, Daniel -VA
Griffith, Levi - PA LT
Guest, Moses - NC
Hall, Nathan - NH
Hamblin, Job - VA, PVT
Hamilton, Barton - SC
Hart, John - NJ
Hayes, George - NC PVT
Henthorn, William, Sr. - PA
Hider, Michael - NC
Hoffert, Christian - MD PS
Hoffert, John - MD PS
Houck, Nicholas - NC
Hovey, Azel - CT
Hoyt, Jedediah - NH
Hufford, Christian - MD
Hufford, John - MD
Humphrey, Daniel - NC
Humrichouse, Peter - PA
Jackson, Hugh, Sr. - MD
Jackson, Robert - PA
Jewett, David - MA
Keenan, Elizabeth X - NC
Keenan, Owen - NC
Keller, George - VA
Kissinger, Abraham - PA
Klare, Johann Philip Valentin - PA
Kramer, Helfer- PA
Lancaster, Nathaniel - VA
Lehman, Anthony - PA
Lindsey, Thomas - NC
Long, Reuben - VA
Looney, John - VA
Manning, Benjamin Sr - NC PS
Martin, Matthew - SC
Maxwell, James - VA
Munson, Stephen - NJ
McAffee, Robert - SC
McCannon, Christopher - VA
Mcclure, Matthew - NC
McVay, Hugh - NC/SC
Newkirk, Jacob - PA
McCranie, Daniel - NC
Ohl, Adam - PA
Ong, Jacob - PA
Palmour, Solomon - GA
Patten, Robert - MA
Paulk, Micajah - GA
Pickens, Joseph William - SC
Poor, Moses - NH
Reeves, Lazarus - SC
Rester, Frederick, Jr. - GA
Rippey, John - PA
Robertson, James - SC
Rogers, John - MA
Rogers, Moses - NY
Rowe, John - SC
Rucker, Colby - NC SO
Scott, Israel - NJ
Sharp, Andrew - PA
Smithpeter, John Michael - NC & VA
Steere, Samuel - RI
Stemple, Godfrey - MD
Stewart, Robert - PA
Stump, Mathias - PA
Sweeney, Moses - VA
Tarleton, Elias - IL
Taylor, Theophilus - NC
Tibbetts, Nathaniel - MA
Townsend, John - NY
Valentine, Henry - PA
Wharton, Robert - PA
Wheeler, Silas - RI
Willard, James- MA
Wood, John - SC
Yates, John - NC

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