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Below are listed some ways to participate more directly in researching. It is of course possible to simply search query boards and mail list postings but to be more productive, post to them and let other researchers find you as well.

Query Boards are generally easy to search. Older postings may have reply email addresses that are no longer valid but may at least contain useful information and sometimes you can find later postings by the same individual with a more current address.

Ancestry Query Board

Cousin Connect


Mail lists are also searchable and a link to the archives for the St Johns County mail list is included below. The "regular mode" means each message posted to the list arrives separately in your mailbox and "digest mode" means several messages may be sent combined into one message. The St Johns County list is relatively quiet and regular mode is the suggested subscription mode.

To join the St. Johns County, Florida mail list click on one of the links below and type ONLY the word subscribe (without the quotes) in the BODY of the message. for regular mode
OR (not both) for digest mode
If your email program requires a Subject, use the word Subscribe.

To search the FLSTJOHN mail list acrhives, go to:

and enter FLSTJOHN in the box labeled Name of List and click the Submit Query button. This will take you to a page with a search engine for different years for this mail list.

You can also go to:

and enter FLSTJOHN in that box labeled Name of List and click the Submit Query button. This will take you to a month by month archived listing of the mail list where you can read all the messages that have appeared on that list for the last few years.

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