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Lee County - Past To Present
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World War II
Lee County Veterans NASM

Name Rank/Branch Cemetery Remarks
Hackney, Robert Brantly Navy Fort Myers Cemetery FMHS 1938;NEWS Oct 10 1942; NEWS Nov 1942;NEWS 27 Jan 1943
Hagen, Floyd Lee Jr Navy Fla, AAM3, US Navy; FMHS 1946
Hagan, John Army
Haight, Edward Langford "Ned" Army Air Corps Cambridge American Cemetery, England KIA 18 Jul 1944; Photo, NEWS Jun 7 1942;NEWS Sep 16 1942;NEWS Oct 17 1943;NEWS 21 Nov 1942
Haight, Van V Army NEWS 2 Feb 1943
Haimowitz, Marvin RAF
Hains, C Army Air Corps Bokeelia, NEWS Jun 21 1942
Hains, Hamilton Navy Bokeelia, NEWS Jun 21 1942;NEWS 24 Nov 1943
Hains, Peter Army Bokeelia, NEWS Jun 21 1942
Haith, Ruth Rosser WAC Army Temple Beth-El Cemetery NEWS May 13 1945;NEWS Jun 22 1945
Hales, Loomis E Marines NEWS May 21 1942, NEWS Jul 12 1942
Hall, Carl J Army Air Corps NEWS Nov 11 1943
Hall, Chick Army NEWS 30 Jan 1943
Hall, Francis "Doc" Navy Ft Denaud Cemetery NEWS Jul 8 1942; LaBelle;NEWS 3 Feb 1943
Hall, Frederick M Navy NEWS 20 Jan 1944
Hall, Marcus Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 12 1942
Hall, Maxwell L Army Air Corps NEWS May 22 1942;NEWS Sep 13 1944;NEWS 25 Jun 1945
Hall, Robert Postell Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 8 1942;NEWS 29 Nov 1942
Hall, Thomas J Army Air Corps T/S
Halsey, Walter Army Air Corps
Hamann, David Folsom Sr Army Air Corps Alva
Hambrick, William Carroll Jr Navy KIA 21 Nov 1943;Aviation Radioman 3rd/class
Hamilton, George Burton USCG NEWS Aug 31 1942
Hammell, D L Jr Navy NEWS Mar 24 1945; NEWS 7 Oct 1945
Hammell, Edward Lee Army Air Corps KIA Apr 20 1944; NEWS 8 Jan 1943;NEWS May 2 1944, photo;NEWS 11 Dec 1943;
Hammond, Charles E   Army Alva Cemetery
Hanchey, Homer Lee Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 29 1942; Aug 27 1944;NEWS 15 Jan 1944;NEWS 10 Dec 1943;11 Jul 1944
Hancock, Alton C Navy NEWS 22 Jun 1942;NEWS 8 Jul 1944
Hand, Gardner Navy NEWS Feb 11 1944
Hansen, Paul E Army Alva Cemetery
Hansford, Reid Navy NEWS Jun 14 1944
Hanshae, S Edlon Army NEWS 11 Jul 1944
Hanson, W Stanley Jr Navy Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Oct 6 1945, NEWS Jul 13 1942;NEWS Feb 27 1944;NEWS 23 Sep 1942
Hanton, Carl Army NEWS Mar 30 1945
Harden, Roswell R Army FMHS; MM 1cl, Philippines
Hardin, Harvey Army Chaplain; Methodist pastor at Alva
Hare, Henry Pardee Army KIA, Battle of the Bulge;PFC;Purple Heart;NEWS 17 Dec 1943
Hargis, Terry K Navy
Harley, Chester Army NEWS Oct 19 1942
Harney, Raymond E Army Air Corps KIA Sep 28 1944 over Germany;B17 Pilot;NEWS Nov 4 1944
Harper, Ivo Jr Navy NEWS 19 May 1945
Harrell, Frank Army Air Corps
Harrington, William S Army
Harris, Charles Army Lt
Harris, Jack Marines NEWS May 16, 1942; s/o M/M Perry Prevatt
Harris, Jack C Marines Culpeper VA National Cemetery NEWS Jun 14 1944
Harris, Oley Army NEWS 30 Nov 1943
Harris, Robert M Navy Fort Myers Cemetery, Garden of Memories USNR
Harris, Robert N Marines Peleliu and other Pacific engagements
Harris, Thomas W Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 25 1944
Harris, William Newton Army NEWS Jul 8 1942
Harrison, James W Army Air Corps NEWS 7 Dec 1943;News 26 Dec 1943;NEWS 20 Jul 1944
Harvell, Arthur Marines NEWS Nov 14 1943
Harvey, Louis Army Air Corps
Haskew, Bailey B Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 14 1942;NEWS 11 Dec 1943;LaBelle;NEWS 17 Dec 1943;NEWS 24 Dec 1943
Hasley, John Peter Army NEWS Feb 11 1944;NEWS 24 Feb 1943;NEWS 28 Nov 1943
Hasley, Margaret WAC Army Nurse;Alva;NEWS 28 Nov 1943
Hasley, Walter F Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 24 1942;NEWS 28 Nov 1943;NEWS 30 Sep 1942;NEWS 14 Mar 1943
Hasselman, Larry Army Air Corps NEWS Jan 19 1943
Hasselman, Walter J Army
Hassett, Bill Navy NEWS 1 Jan 1944
Hastings, Herman Navy "Nig"; NEWS Jun 30 1942; Jul 7 1942;NEWS Aug 15 1942;FMHS;NEWS 27 Jan 1943
Hatchel, Alonzo Army
Hathay, Catl Army NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Hatton, Jay RAF NEWS 22 Nov 1942
Hauser, R F Jr Navy USS "Flaherty"
Haverfield, Joseph C Army BEWS 20 Nov 1942
Hawkins, Claude R Army KIA; European Area; Clewiston; s/o John E Hawkins
Hawkins, Joe Rhea Marines NEWS Jun 23 1945
Hawkins, John Navy NEWS Jun 19 1942
Hawkins, Ralph T Navy NEWS Jun 23 1945
Hawkins, Solomon E Marines NEWS Jun 23 1945
Hayes, Mildred WAVES, Navy NEWS 8 Jan 1944
Hays, Elbert L Army Air Corps North African and European theaters;h/o Winifred Sherouse
Healy, Maria Paulina Marines NEWS 26 Nov 1943
Hearn, Russell Army NEWS Jun 16 1945
Heath, Robert Leroy Jr Army NEWS 22 Nov 1942;NEWS Nov 28 1942;NEWS 27 Jun 1942; 30 Sep 1942
Heathly, Marian WAC Army
Hecht, Carl L Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 9 1942
Heitman, Gilmer M Jr Army NEWS Jun 11 1942; Photo NEWS Jan 6 1942;NEWS Jun 14 1944
Helston, Kenneth Army Air Corps NEWS Jul 21 1945; Purple Heart
Helveston, Bobby Army Capt US Army
Henchey, Homer L Army Air Corps Aug 20 1942; FMHS
Henderson, Billy Navy NEWS Aug 13 1944;NEWS Jul 1 1945;FMHS
Henderson, David S Army Air Corps Everglades; 15th AAF Liberator bomber group
Henderson, Frank Jr Army NEWS May 20 1942, NEWS Jul 13 1942
Henderson, Frederick Merchant Marines NEWS Oct 13 1942;NEWS 31 Jan 1943;s/s "Callis P Huntington"
Henderson, James Army Air Corps Lt; NEWS Jun 7 1945;NEWS Feb 9 1944
Henderson, James J Navy Boca Grande
Henderson, James T Jr Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 18 1942; NEWS 24 Nov 1942
Henderson, Julian Army Air Corps NEWS May 18 1942;NEWS Aug 20 1942;NEWS Dec 1 1943
Henderson, Richard P Army New Zealand, Fiji, New Guinea, Philippines
Henderson, Robert A III Army POW Germany; Aug 23 1944;NEWS Jan 3 1943;NEWS 31 Dec 1943
Henderson, William Army POW Germany, paratrooper
Hendricks, Harden Navy NEWS Feb 20 1944;NEWS Sep 10 1944;NEWS 7 Dec 1943
Hendrix, Benny Navy NEWS Jun 15 1942;NEWS 17 Dec 1943;NEWS Jan 17 1943
Hendrix, Johnny Navy NEWS Nov 7 1942
Hendry, Billy Navy NEWS Jul 21 1945;News 26 Dec 1943
Hendry, Clyde Jr Navy NEWS May 29 1942
Hendry, E A Army Purple Heart; Luxembourg
Hendry, Edgar K Army Frierson-Hendry Cemetery
Hendry, Eldridge A Army NEWS 30 Dec 1943
Hendry, Harry F Jr Army Air Corps Frierson-Hendry Cemetery NEWS 4 Dec 1943
Hendry, Hubert A Army NEWS 30 Dec 1943
Hendry, J Scottie Navy NEWS 23 Nov 1943;NEWS Dec 2 1943
Hendry, John W Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 13 1943
Hendry, Lloyd Navy NEWS Oct 9 1942;NEWS Feb 19 1944
Hendry, Louis A Army Air Corps FMHS;NEWS 30 Dec 1943
Hendry, Paul A Army KIA; PFC; Pine Island
Hendry, Raymond Army Air Corps Frierson-Hendry Cemetery NEWS Sep 3 1942;NEWS 26 Jun 1942;LaBelle
Hendry, Richard "Dick" Army NEWS Feb 27 1944
Henry, Edward Lee Merchant Marines NEWS May 7 1945
Herndon, Paul C Jr Navy NEWS Feb 25 1944;NEWS Jul 21 1945; s/o Mr and Mrs Clifford Herndon
Herzog, Otto Jr Army NEWS 25 Nov 1943
Hess, Harry Army Air Corps
Hey, Carl S Jr Army KIA
Hibble, Francis D Jr Army Air Corps FMHS 1944; NEWS Jul 14 1942; NEWS Oct 18 1942;NEWS 21 Jan 1943;NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Hibble, James Leonard Navy KIA; NEWS 20 Jan 1944;USS Stephenson, USS Turner
Hibble, Norman Navy NEWS 20 Jan 1944
Hicjey, Glynn Army NEWS 27 Sep 1942
Hicks, Harry Navy NEWS 10 Dec 1943
Hicks, Purdy/Hubert Lamont "Skinny" Navy NEWS Oct 10 1942;NEWS 12 Jan 1944;NEWS 2 Feb 1943
Hicks, T M Marines NEWS Oct 6 1945;NEWS Mar 24 1945
Higginbotham, Ned Army Air Corps
Hill, B Dudley Air Force FL TSgt
Hill, Detreville Dillon Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery MM
Hill, James F Air Force SSgt US Air Force
Hill, James M Navy NEWS May 15 1944
Hilliard, Eli Morgan Navy Fort Myers Cemetery
Hilliard, Paul Army NEWS Oct 13 1942
Hiltbrand, Herman H Army Air Corps NEWS 25 Nov 1943
Hiltbrand, William F Marines Pineland; NEWS May 22 1942;NEWS Aug 17 1942;
Hilton, Karl News 26 Dec 1943
Hingson, Earl Navy Pineland; NEWS Aug 11 1942;NEWS Mar 22 1945
Hingson, Elbert Navy
Hingson, Eugene Army NEWS Mar 22 1945
Hingson, Herman L Army NEWS Oct 14 1942
Hingson, Woodrow Army
Hires, Herbert Navy NEWS 30 Jan 1943
Hires, Jesse Army NEWS Aug 9 1942;NEWS May 10 1945
Hisler, James "Mickey" Army Air Corps
Hix, William Navy SF 2cl
Hoard, John C Army POW Germany;NEWS May 11 1945
Hobby, Harley M USCG NEWS May 8 1945
Hochadel, Charles B Army Air Corps News Jul 21 1945;Purple Heart
Hodges, Vernon L Navy NEWS 5 Oct 1945
Hofacre, Harold Army Air Corps
Hoffman, Bert Army Air Corps NEWS 22 Nov 1943
Hoffman, Donald M Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Feb 8 1944
Hoffman, Robert E "Bobby" Navy NEWS Jul 21 1942;NEWS 24 Nov 1942;NEWS Feb 20 1944; NEWS Mar 2 1944; 25 Nov 43
Hogue, Donald Pershing "Perk" Army TECS, 392 Ord Truck Maint;NEWS Jul 8 1942
Hogue, Lewis Franklin Jr Navy FMHS 1938; NEW Jul 31 1942;NEWS 16 Dec 1943
Hoke, Charles Henry Air Force Fort Myers Cemetery
Holland, John L Air Force
Hollis, Charles Navy NEWS Feb 27 1944;NEWS 7 Jan 1944
Holloway, Lee C Army Air Corps Seventh Army (Mysterious 7th) 12th Armored Div, France;NEWS Feb 21 1944;2 Sep 1942
Holman, Benjamin Air Force Lt; Served in Egypt
Holmes, George P Army Air Corps NEWS Dec 1 1943
Holt, Resan Lamar USCG Wauchula, NEWS Aug 4 1942
Hooker, Cecil Army Lt
Hooker, Cyrus Army Australia; s/o M/M J A Hooker; NEWS Jun 13 1945
Hoon, Kenneth C Army Coral Ridge the 106th Infantry Division band ;NEWS Oct 19 1942
Hopkins, Louie Army Air Corps NEWS 22 Nov 1943
Hoppes, Carl Army NEWS 24 Jan 1943;St James City
Hord, Alfred Lloyd "Judge" Navy NEWS Aug 6 1942; NEWS Sep 5 1942; NEWS Feb 7 1944;NEWS 9 Dec 1943;NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Hord, Earl Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Aug 25 1944;NEWS 6 Jan 1944;NEWS 20 Jun 1945
Hord, John C Army POW Germany;NEWS 11 Jul 1944
Hord, Melvin A Marines NEWS 22 Jan 1943
Hord, Phillip Edward Army NEWS Aug 28 1942;NEWS Oct 17 1943;NEWS 24 Feb 1943;29 Sep 1942
Hord, William Army Air Corps NEWS Feb 17 1944;NEWS 17 Nov 1941;NEWS 10 Jan 1943
Horn, James Aaron Navy
Horne, Alexander Army NEWS Feb 19 1944 ; NEWS 9 Dec 1943;NEWS 21 Dec 1943
Horne, Charley E Army Gunnery
Horne Donald E Navy Fort Myers Memorial Gardens NEWS Jun 12 1945; s/o M/M J E Horne;NEWS 11 Jul 1944
Horne, Ernest E Army NEWS Jun 12 1945; s/o M/M J E Horne
Horne, Francis E Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Jun 12 1945; s/o M/M J E Horne;NEWS 18 Jan 1943
Horne, George Army NEWS Sep 8 1942;8 Jul 1944
Horne, John Edmond Army NEWS Jun 12 1945; s/o M/M J E Horne;h/o Betty J Hambrick;NEWS 24 Feb 1943
Horne, John R Army Air Corps NEWS Feb 2 1944;s/o Julia Horne, Tice
Horne, Kenneth E Navy Fort Myers Memorial Gardens NEWS Jun 12 1945; s/o M/M J E Horne
Horne, Linley E Army Fort Myers Memorial Gardens s/o M/M J E Horne
Horton, Bob Army NEWS 14 Oct 1943
Horton, James A Navy NEWS 12 Mar 1943
Hosler, Loren Navy Bonita Springs Cemetery CEM
Hosse, Robert F Army Air Corps NEWS Jul 21 1945; Air Medal
Hough, John R or B Navy NEWS Feb 27 1944;NEWS 24 Oct 1942;USS "Colorado"
Hough, Roscoe Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 6 1942, NEWS Aug 8 1942
Hough, William Navy USS "Colorado"
Houghton, Lester Navy "Billy"
Houlihan, R J Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 5 1942
House, Curtis Dr Navy NEWS 21 Nov 1943
House, Daniel R Jr Navy NEWS Jun 4 1942
House, Morgan Army NEWS Jul 1 1945; FMHS
Howard, Attice Beverly Navy
Howard, Donald Navy LaBelle; NEWS Feb 20 1944;NEWS 23 Dec 1943;NEWS 5 Feb 1943
Howard, Homer Stewart Air Force Sicily-Rome American Cemetery,Nettuno Itlay KIA 12 Sep 1943; Felda FL; Purple Heart
Howard, Jess I Army NEWS Sep 3 1942
Howard, Thomas Navy NEWS Jun 19 1942
Howard, William D Navy Fort Myers Cemetery
Howard, William Thomas Army CPL US Army; NEWS Jul 8 1942
Howell, Oliver Army
Hoy, Eugene E Army Oakridge Cemetery Medical Detachment, 124th Infantry
Hoyer, Henry B Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS 28 Nov 1942;NEWS 6 Jan 1943;NEWS 7 Jan 1944;NEWS 19 Jul 1944
Hudson, Charles F Army Col US Army; NEWS Jul 6 1942
Hudson, Elmo Navy NEWS Sep 9 1944
Hudson , Talmadge L Navy NEWS 14 Jul 1944
Hudson, William "Bill" Army NEWS Mar 22 1945
Huggins, John Elmer Army Air Corps
Hugley, Ned R "Roe" Navy Fort Myers Cemetery West Virginia, MOMM2 USNR;NEWS 11 Dec 1943
Hull, Carlos R Jr Army Died, non-battle; Sgt
Hull, Oddis Lynn Marines Mariannas
Hull, Wester Navy NEWS Jun 4 1942
Hunger, William Arthur Air Force Fort Myers Cemetery
Hunter, Louis B Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 22 1942
Hunter, Nathaniel Harrison Jr Army Fort Myers Cemetery  FL 2d Lt ; NEWS Jul 22 1942
Hunter, Arthur Army Air Corps FMHS 1938;NEWS 26 Jun 1945
Hunter, Charles E Army Air Corps
Hunter, William A "Shanky" Army Air Corps NEWS May 10 1945
Huntsinger, Ned Navy NEWS Jan 9 1943;NEWS Jan 16 1943
Hutchins, Gilmer B KIA; Everglades;s/o Clara F Benton; Mediterranean Area
Hutchison, Norman Marines NEWS May 7 1945;NEWS 25 Dec 1943
Hutchison, Walter E Army NEWS May 7 1945;NEWS 27 Jan 1943
Hutson, Stuart F Army Air Corps St Augustine; NEWS Feb 20 1944
Hyde, Warren Army Fort Myers Cemetery Fla, TSgt, US Army
Ingalls, Lundy L Army POW Japan;Buckingham; NEWS Feb 1 1944;FMHS;NEWS 28 Dec 1943
Ireland, Kathryn Jane WAAC Captiva Cemetery NEWS 17 Dec 1943;NEWS 4 Feb 1943
Ison, Paul E Army Air Corps Ft Myers Beach
Jackson, Albert Marines Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Fought on Okinawa and Iwo Jima ; Pfc
Jackson, Celdon W Navy NEWS Jun 8 1945
Jackson, J F Jr Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 8 1942
Jackson, John H Navy Key West s/o Amy Underhill
Jackson, Julian Albert Navy NEWS Sep 20 1942
James, Albert Army Fort Myers Cemetery
James, Charles M Navy NEWS 7 Jan 1944
James, Elmer Navy
James, Melvin Navy
Janson, Stan G Coral Ridge 507th Fighter Group; VFW Post #8463 of Cape Coral
Jeffcoat, Joel Glover III Marines NEWS 14 Oct 1943; NEWS 24 Feb 1943;NEWS 10 Mar 1943
Jeffcoat, Monroe W Navy Reserves
Jeffcoat, Richard Army Co A 2nd Bn , AFRTC, 4th PL
Jeffcott, Monroe W "Buck" Army NEWS Aug 1 1942, Aug 7 1942
Jeffcott, Warren J "Red" Navy FMHS;NEWS Aug 1 1942, Sep 3 1942;NEWS Oct 19 1942;NEWS Jan 2 1943;NEWS 28 Sep 1942
Jefferson, Oscar S Army NEWS Oct 14 1942
Jenkins, Clarence Army NEWS Jan 5 1943;NEWS 2 Feb 1943
Jenkins, D W Army Died, non-battle;PFC
Jenkins, Robert Army NEWS Sep 15 1942
Jewell, Harry B Army Air Corps Col; POW Germany
Johns, Andrew J Jr Navy NEWS Jun 23 1942
Johns, John O Army Died, non-battle; Captain
Johns, Richard C Navy NEWS Aug 10 1944
Johnson, Andrew Navy
Johnson, Arthur R Marines D-Day, Iwo Jima
Johnson, Azmon Jaspar Navy Everglades; USS "Nashville"; NEWS Aug 10 1942
Johnson, Eric Army
Johnson, Ervin Navy NEWS Jun 13 1945
Johnson, Harry Brockway Navy
Johnson, J D Marines Guadalcanal Island ; NEWS Jul 18 1944;NEWS Mar 2 1944
Johnson, J R Army NEWS 6 Jan 1943
Johnson, Jack Army NEWS Jul 9 1942;NEWS Jan 9 1943
Johnson, James S Army NEWS Jun 22 1945
Johnson, Lawrence Army Bonita Springs Cemetery NEWS Jun 9 1942
Johnson, Leonard Army NEWS 24 Feb 1943
Johnson, Paul J Army NEWS 11 Dec 1943
Johnson, Ray Army NEWS Jun 3 1942; s/o M/M L T Johnson;NEWS Oct 9 1942;NEWS 3 Feb 1943
Johnson, Richard Army son of Mr and Mrs J R Johnson
Johnson, Roy Navy Pearl Harbor; NEWS Jun 3 1942;s/o M/M L T Johnson
Johnson, Rupert Marines NEWS Feb 21 1944
Johnson, Samuel Joseph Jr Navy Fort Myers Cemetery Photo
Johnson, "Wally" Army NEWS Sep 17 1942
Johnson, Willard E Navy
Joiner, Leslie G Navy NEWS Aug 2 1942
Joiner, Walter T Army NEWS Jun 11 1942
Jones, George R Army Alva Cemetery NEWS 23 Sep 1942
Jones, Gerald D Army Air Corps Alva Cemetery NEWS May 4 1945;NEWS 10 Jul 1944
Jones J D Army NEWS 5 Feb 1943
Jones, Jennings Bryant Jr Army Air Corps 305th bombardier group , waist gunner , B-17;Europe ;NEWS 24 Feb 1943
Jones, James/Joseph Clifton Navy s/o Mrs Ben Howard, Bokeelia;NEWS Jun 2 1942;FMHS 1941;NEWS 26 Jan 1943
Jones, Lawson Navy NEWS 1 Jan 1944;NEWS 28 Nov 1943
Jones, Richard Navy RM 3cl;USS"Dover", "the galloping ghost of the China coast";NEWS 28 Dec 1943
Jones, S D Marines NEWS 19 Jun 1945
Jones, Stanley Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 17 1942, NEWS Jul 14 1942;NEWS Aug 29 1942
Jones, W Ashby III Navy NEWS Jun 11 1944;NEWS 16 Jun 1944
Jordan, Henry G Army Air Corps 92nd Bombardment Group; FMHS 1936
Jordan, J W Army NEWS 15 Oct 1943
Joyner, John H USCG NEWS 8 Jan 1943
Joyner, Jones Army NEWS 8 Jan 1943
Joyner, Ollie Navy NEWS 8 Jan 1943
Judd, Jack Army NEWS Sep 7 1942
Judd, William Navy NEWS Sep 7 1942
Juddell, Robert Army Air Corps NEWS 20 Jan 1943
Jump, John B Army NEWS 25 Oct 1942; LaBelle
Justice, Floyd J Navy Fort Myers Cemetery LaBelle; NEWS Aug 11 1942;NEWS Feb 25 1944;NEWS 10 Jan 1944
Kagan, Abbot Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS 28 May 1942;NEWS 26 Jan 1943
Kaler, J W Navy NEWS Aug 11 1942;NEWS Nov 7 1942; Nov 26 1942
Kaminski, Joe J Army Alva Cemetery Lt
Kantz, Volney Nelson "Blackie" Marines Alva Cemetery PFC; NEWS Jul 31 1942;NEWS 31 Jan 1943
Karling, Paul Army NEWS Oct 2 1942; Pine Island
Kasilavage, Enoch G Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery
Kaufmann, Harrison E Army Fort Myers Cemetery SSGT
Keel, Charles C Army Alva Cemetery KIA;Sgt; FMHS 1938; NEWS Jul 8 1942
Keen, Augustine Army PFC
Keen, Bill Navy NEWS 5 Oct 1945
Keen, Broward USCG Pine Island, NEWS Sep 9 1942
Keen, Cecil Royce Army Air Corps S/o M/M Edmond Keen, Alva; NEWS Jun 5 1942; NEWS Jul 6 1942
Keen, Lytle Navy NEWS 5 Oct 1945
Keene, Archie USCG
Keene, Augustine Navy
Keene, Ernest Army Air Corps Pine Island;NEWS Jul 27 1942;NEWS Sep 3 1942
Keene, James C Navy NEWS Jun 13 1944
Keene, Lytle Navy s/o M/M R R Keen; inshore patrol, Pt Everglades
Keene, Valerie K Army NEWS Jul 27 1942
Keene, Victor Marines NEWS Aug 17 1944
Keekley, Pharis Army Air Corps
Kehoe, Daniel F Army Air Corps NEWS Jul 5 1942;NEWS Nov 5 1942;NEWS Nov 8 1942;NEWS 23 Nov 1942; Mar 2 1944
Kelley, Arthur W Jr Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 9 1942;NEWS Aug 11 1944
Kelley, Jimmy Navy NEWS Oct 18 1942;NEWS 19 Jun 1944
Kelley, John C Army Air Corps NEWS 19 Jun 1945
Kelley, Kenneth A Navy
Kelley, Nick Army Air Corps
Kelly, Allen Leonard Marines NEWS Oct 17 1943;NEWS 13 Jan 1944;NEWS 18 Jan 1944
Kelly, Arthur W Jr Navy Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Sep 12 1944
Kelly, Charles Navy
Kelly, Daniel Douglas Jr Navy NEWS Sep 13 1944; LaBelle
Kelly, Edward Navy NEWS Oct 17 1943
Kelly, Everett Phillip Navy NEWS Oct 17 1943
Kelly, Gus Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 9 1942; NEWS Jul 18 1942, Photo NEWS Jul 18 1942; Jan 1 1943
Kelly, James "Jimmy" Navy FMHS 1938
Kelly, Lawrence Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 1 1942
Kelly, Nick Navy NEWS Nov 8 1942;NEWS Oct 17 1943;NEWS 20 Nov 1942;NEWS 10 Dec 1943;NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Kendall, Myles E Navy NEWS Aug 30 1942;NEWS Feb 25 1944
Kennedy A Army Air Corps NEWS 10 Jul 1944
Kenner, Frank T Navy wounded at Guadalcanal;m WAVE Lillian Driscoll
Kenner, W W USCG Ft Myers Bch; Captain, twin of W W Kenner
Kennon, Edward J Army Immokalee; NEWS Jun 21 1945
Kent, Eugene Army Bonita Springs Cemetery
Kepler, Joseph "Jack" Navy NEWS Aug 24 1944;NEWS Aug 1 1945;NEWS Jun 22 1945
Kessler, Robert Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 2 1942
Key, Albert B Army Bonita Springs Cemetery
Key, Anna Mae WAC Army NEWS May 21 1942
Kight, Henry O Jr "Heine" Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Aug 26 1942;FL Sgt 307 AF Air Base GP;NEWS Oct 9 1942;NEWS 20 Jun 1944
Kinchen, Howard "Heinie" Army KIA 14 Jul 1944 France; NEWS Aug 8 1944;NEWs 9 Jul 1942
King, Hugh C Army Air Corps KIA; NEWS Jun 16 1942; NEWS Sep 22 1942;NEWS 22 &23 Nov 1942;NEWS Jul 2 1945
King, Jack Navy NEWS 24 Dec 1943
King, Lewis "Junior" Army NEWS Dec 5 1943; NEWS Jan 14 1943
Kinsey, Joe Army NEWS Feb 8 1944;NEWS May 2 1945
Kinzie, Charlotte WAVE NEWS Jun 11 1944
Kirby, Henry Navy NEWS Oct 9 1942;NEWS Feb 12 1944;NEWS Nov 19 1943;NEWS 30 Nov 1943;NEWS 24 Dec 1943
Kirkland, Otha Winston Army 165th Inf
Kirkpatrick, Grady M Marines NEWS May 15 1944;NEWS Jun 22 1945
Kirkpatrick, Milton Army NEWS Sep 6 1942; NEWS May 15 1944; NEWS 23 Nov 1942
Kirkus, Austin Army LaBelle; NEWS Jul 27 1942
Kitchen, Don Navy NEWS Oct 8 1942
Kitchen, Joseph M Navy Photo, NEWS Jun 20 2005;NEWS 20 Jan 2005
Kitchen, Lloyd Army NEWS Sep 12 1942
Kitchen, Merrell Army
Kitchens, C R Navy
Kitchens, Donald Shea Navy Philippines; NEWS Jun 4 1942; NEWS Jun 25 1942
Kitchens, T M Navy Philippines
Kittinger, Clarence Army Air Corps India, China;NEWS Oct 4 1942;NEWS 13 Jan 1944
Klay, Homer J Jr NEWS Jun 7 1945; Capt;NEWS 16 Jun 1944;NEWS 11 Dec 1943;NEWS 18 Dec 1943
Kleiman, Richard George Army Bonita Springs Cemetery
Klimek, Walter Alva
Knapp, Chester B Army Air Corps NEWS 14 Oct 1943
Knapp, William Army Air Corps NEWS 14 Oct 1943
Knight, George Wilder Army Air Corps NEWS Oct 4 1943;Boca Grande;NEWS Mar 24 1945;NEWS 24 Jan 1943
Knight, Harold O Jr Army Air Corps NEWS 23 Nov 1942;NEWS 20 Jun 1945
Knight, Robert Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 23 1942
Knowles, Virginia WAC Army NEWS 19 May 1945
Kolb, Robert Navy
Kolner, Joe Army Air Corps NEWS Jan 1 1943
Krauss, Richard E Navy Gunner's Mate 2cl
Krouse, Ralph James Navy Alva Cemetery
Kruger, Harvey F Navy Fort Myers Cemetery, Garden of Memories
Kummers, Emil E USCG Bonita Springs Cemetery
Kunze, Alfred Dietz Navy Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Jul 31 1942; NEWS Aug 16 1942;NEWS 26 Jun 1945
Kunzie, Gramp Army NEWS Aug 11 1944
Kurtz, Howard F Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 12 1944;NEWS Mar3 1944
Kurtz, John Henry "Jack" Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Oct 12 1942 ;NEWS 26 Sep 1942
Kurtz, Thomas Marines NEWS 14 Jan 1944
Kusilavage, Enoch G "Iggy" Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery POW Turkey; Tailgunner;h/o Tommie Lee Gerald
Labo, John Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 9 1942
Lackey, Floyd Navy NEWS 23 Nov 1942;NEWS Jun 14 1944;NEWS 24 Nov 1943
Laidlaw, Wayne O Air Force Fort Myers Cemetery Fla, T Sgt, Army Air Force
Lamb, Abe Everett Army Air Corps TSgt;Oak Leaf Cluster,5 battle stars;Italian-African Theatre
Lamb, Eugene Army NEWS 23 Nov 1942
Lamb, Howard O Navy Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Jan 4 1943;NEWS 18 Jun 1945
Lamb, Wilfred James Army Alva Cemetery
Lamp, Cecil Navy NEWS Jun 13 1942
Lampp, Alvin Hampton Army Air Corps NEWS 24 Feb 1943;NEWS 28 Dec 1943
Lampp, Ray Clifton "Slim" Army NEWS Jun 20 1942;NEWS Sep 16 1942;NEWS Mar 30 1945; Mar 10 1944;NEWS 19 Jul 1944
Landrum, Lester E Army Air Corps FMHS 1938
Landrum, Willie Marines NEWS Jun 9 1942
Lane, Joseph J USCG
Lanier, Alex Eugene Army NEWS 24 Feb 1943
Lanier, Neil C Army NEWS 29 Nov 1942
Lanier, Robert Navy Arlington National Cemetery
Lang, R C III Army
Langford, Nicholas H Army Boca Grande; NEWS Jul 1 1942
Larkin, Robert Army NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Larson, Roy E Army NEWS 5 Jan 1944
Lasek, Stanley J Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery MI, Sgt 2117 Base Unit AAF
Lattin, William Army Air Corps Fort Myers Cemetery
LaVoie, Ernest Army NEWS Sep 20 1942
LaVoie, John Army Air Corps Normandy Invasion
Lawrence, Murray Army
Lawrence, Robert P Army Alva ;Co C, Medical Bn
LeBlanc, A E Army Naples; fifth army front in Italy ;Ireland "Red Bulls"
LeBlanc, Eugene Ray "Smilie" Army KIA Apr 2 1945 Germany;NEWS May 14 1945
Lee, Charles W Marines Major; Saipan
Lee, Henry Reburn Army Alva Cemetery PFC
Lee, James B Army Alva Cemetery
Lee, Roland Marion Army Air Corps Alva Cemetery NEWS Jul 11 1942, Punta Gorda
Lee, Seth Merchant Marines Charlotte HS 1941;NEWS Mar3 1944
Leffers, Ralph Army NEWS Jul 18 1944;NEWS 30 Nov 1943;NEWS 10 Dec 1943
Lehman, E D Army Air Corps NEWs 7 Oct 1945
LeMoyne, Jack Richard "Tuffy" Navy Photo NEWS Jul 12 1942; Oct 10 1942, Oct 17 1943;Mar3 1944;NEWS Nov 18 1943;NEWS 21 Dec 1943
LeMoyne, Pat Navy FMHS 1938; NEWS Feb 6 1944;NEWS Dec 2 1943
Leo, Daniel Henry Navy FMHS 1944;NEWS Jul 3 1945;USS "Arkansas" ,NEWS Jan 12 1943
Leo, James Francis Army NEWS 20 Nov 1942;NEWS 12 Jan 1943
Leroy, Charles W "Buster" Navy Boca Grande; NEWS Sep 12 1942
Lessey, Daniel Marines NEWS Sep 10 1942, NEWS Mar 22 1945
Lessey, Marian WAC Army NEWS Sep 12 1944;NEWS Oct 6 1945
Lester, O H "Bud" Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 30 1942
Lewis, Gordon Army Air Corps NEWS Sep 13 1942
Lewis, James G Army "Bud"; Boca Grande; NEWS Sep 5 1942;NEWS 29 Nov 1942
Lewis, J P Navy Immokalee; NEWS Aug 10 1942
Lewis, Marcus H Army NEWS Aug 25 1944
Lewis, Parke Dr Navy NEWS 23 Nov 1943
Lewis, Rabe O Army Boca Grande
Lewis, Thomas D Navy NEWS 26 Nov 1943
Ley, Paul Jr "Mouse" Navy NEWS 15 Oct 1943;NEWS 19 Dec 1943;NEWS 25 Jan 1943
Leyland, Harry L Army NEWS 8 Jan 1944; NEWS 25 Sep 1942
Ligon, Lawrence "Larry" Navy NEWS Sep 13 1944
Lindermayer, Carl Navy NEWS 7 Jul 1944
Lindquist, Allyn A Army Air Corps Capt; New Guinea, New Britain, \, Australia;NEWS Jun 18 1942
Lipham, Miles Sampson Army Air Corps Engineering Officer; Rhythmaires;NEWS Jul 8 1942
Lippincott, Ivan/Ian Army NEWS Feb 1 1944;NEWS Jun 23 1945
Little, Lonnie I Army
Lloyd, Leah E WAC Army Bonita Springs Cemetery 1st Lt
Lloyd, Leslie J Army NEWS Jul 1 1945; NEWS 24 Sep 1942
Lofton, J C Army NEWS May 2 1945
Londy, Hollace Navy NEWS 15 Jan 1944
Long, Dilmos Army Alva Cemetery NEWS Jan 11 1943;11 Jan 1943
Long, Lewis Preston USCG Fort Myers Cem NEWS Jun 3 1942, NEWS Jul 16 1942, Jul 27 1942;NEWS Nov 20 1942
Lopez, Marvin USCG NEWS Aug 29 1942
Lopez, Tony USCG
Lorraine, Roger L Army Air Corps NEWS Jun 8 1945; "Red Raiders" S China coast, Formosa
Lowe, Amos Navy NEWS May 29 1942
Lowe, Aubrey Army NEWS May 29 1942;NEWS 22 Jun 1942
Lowe, Ben Franklin Marines Lee Memorial Park Gunnery Sgt; Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima; Purple Heart; Paul E Ison Marine Corps League; VFW Post 10127
Lowe, Cecil M USCG Fort Myers Cemetery, Garden of Memories NEWS Aug 31 1942;NEWS May 29 1942
Lowe, James "Jimmy" Navy Corozal, Canal Zone Punta Gorda;NEWS Nov 5 1942;Killed, non-action in Panama Canal Zone;NEWS 21 Jan 1943
Lowe, Lorma Rovert Navy NEWS Aug 17 1942
Lowe, Milton Army KIA Mar 22 1945; FMHS 1938; NEWS Apr 5 1945;NEWS 22 Jun 1942
Lowe, Rex Navy NEWS Aug 17 1942
Luckett, Joyner Percy Marines NEWS 2 Jan 1944;NEWS 24 Feb 1943
Luckey, James A Army KIA; PFC
Luckey, Jesse Army Fort Myers Cemetery NEWS Oct 4 1942
Luckey, Sherman C Marines LaBelle; NEWS Dec 2 1943
Ludlow, Frederick Army NEWS 2 Feb 1943
Ludlow, William
Luettich, Charles J Army News 26 Dec 1943;NEWS 8 Jul 1944
Lummis, Paul C Army Air Corps NEWS Aug 8 1942; NEWS Sep 7 1942
Lummis, Stanley B Army Air Corps
Lundy, Hollace A Navy NEWS Feb 15 1944;NEWS 16 Jun 1944
Lynch, Richard Army Air Corps NEWS Feb 10 1944
Lynch, Robert H Army Air Corps NEWS Jan 4 1943
Lynn, Brian C Army Air Corps NEWS Feb 19 1944 ;NEWS Aug 13 1944;NEWS Oct 13 1943;NEWS 24 Nov 1943
Lynn, Gerald Army NEWS 24 Nov 1943

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