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About Us

The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society Bylaws

The name of this organization shall be "The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society." The name, "The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society," is reserved exclusively for The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society and any websites representing The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society. Any other sites wishing to use The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society name on their site(s) must request prior authorization.

The Southwest Pioneers Florida Historical Society is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers working to create an online center for genealogical research pertaining to Lee County Florida. The purpose of this organization shall be to gather and share genealogical and historical information at no charge via the Internet. This shall be accomplished by creating a website which will include historical and genealogical research data, donated either by the website coordinator(s) and/or other contributors, who will be acknowledged for their contribution.

As a non-profit organization, the only requirement for membership in The Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society is a desire to assist in gathering and disseminating genealogical and historical information, as it pertains to this site.

Though members contribute their time and energies to this organization free of charge, it is encouraged, but not required, that a nominal “fee” of $10.00 be considered. This would be due on or about February 1st of each year and would be payable to the site Treasurer (name and address below). This small “fee” would cover miscellaneous items such as a post office box used for member correspondence and other site-related items. Any balance left at the end of the fiscal year will be designated to provide funds to replace tombstones desperately needed by our Lee County, Florida ancestors. SWFPHS will provide a “sign-up” form for the listing ancestors in need of tombstones.

Members will meet annually in Lee County, Florida on the first Saturday of November. These meetings will enable members to elect officers via ballot, establish direction, discuss goals and effect changes. Members will be notified approximately 30 days prior to meeting time, in order to plan attendance. (A second meeting may be held the first Saturday in May in Lee County should the membership deem such meeting necessary.)
Members unable to attend in person will be able to nominate members, as well as provide comments/questions/concerns, via a designated email address. On-line ballots will be provided and shall be due by 7:00 p.m. EST the day before the November annual meeting. The Majority rules in all voting matters.
Officers will include President, Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms which will be the Executive Committee. Terms of office will run from Dec 1 until November 30 each year except the first year of organization. For the first year only the officers shall be elected prior to November and they shall hold office until November 30, 2003. An officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority of the voting

Ad Hoc Committees may be established on an as-need basis by the President and will function with a sole purpose and will conduct itself according to the approved by-laws.


On-line meetings shall be held on a schedule (monthly, bi-monthly) to be determined by the membership.
All meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order. Roberts Rules shall be enforced by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

The Southwest Pioneers Florida Historical Society is an equal opportunity organization and will not tolerate discrimination in any form because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.




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