Mattie Magill Thomas, Jesse B. Thomas and son, Jesse Leo Thomas Felda, FL c.1917

Realizing your own personal history gives you a sense of origin, a sense of belonging. You know where you came from and that your personal history will be passed on to future generations. It is important to know where and whom you came from in order to understand yourself. It's important to know what your family went through to get to the point where you are. It is important to know the good as well as the bad because it is all a part of who you are.~anon.
Jesse B. and Mattie Magill Thomas with son Jesse Leo, 9 mos. Eddy, (Felda) FL c. 1918
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Fort Myers, Florida : Lee County, Florida

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Cape Coral - A Pioneering Past

by Fort Myers News-Press

History lives at Fort Myers Cemetery

by NBC-2 News

Stories that lie beneath

by Roger Williams in Fort Myers Florida Weekly

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