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Lee County,Forida Population Census - Township - Pine Island Bridge - Pct 26 - Race - White
Transcribed by Terry Hamilton Wollin. Proofread by THW. The following information was taken from microfilm and is meant to be used only as a guide. Always refer to the original document for verification. Please send corrections to This file is not to be copied for personal or commercial use or withour permission in writing from Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society
1. Name 2. Address 3. In or Out
4. Male 5. Female 6. Place of Birth
7. Degree of Education 8. Occupation 9. Corrections
Township - Pine Island Bridge
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Population - White
Image 570
Young, Ed E Pine Island Bridge 69 Florida 8th Grade Fisherman
Young, Rosa Nell " 60 Florida 7th Grade Housewife
Keene, J M Pine Island Bridge 55 Florida 7th Grade Fisherman
Keene, Viola M " 53 Florida 7th Grade Housewife
Keene, Emmanuel " 13 Florida 4th Grade X
Keene, Kenneth " 26 Florida 11th Grade Army
Keene, Eula May " 25 Florida 10th Grade Housewife
Keene, Mitchell " 6 Florida X X
Keene, Marjorie " 3 Florida X X
Keene, Barbara Jean " 0 Florida X X
Holloway, Fred Pine Island Bridge 33 Florida 3rd Grade Fisherman
Holloway, Lois " 32 Florida 3rd Grade Housewife
Holloway, Hiram " 13 Florida 4th Grade Student
Holloway, Jerry " 12 Florida 3rd Grade Student
Holloway, Fred Jr " 3 Florida X X
Meeks, Robert Lewis Pine Island Bridge 30 Indiana College Teacher
Meeks, Sophia Rita " 38 NY 12th Grade Housewife
Meeks, Donald A " 7 Ohio 2nd Grade Student
Meeks, Robert Lewis Jr " 5 Florida X X
Taylor, Oscar Pine Island Bridge 48 Florida ? Grade Fisherman
Taylor, Dianne " 48 Florida 3rd Grade Housewife
Howell, Colin M Pine Island Bridge 43 Florida 3rd Grade Fisherman
Howell, Frances " 32 GA 4th Grade Housewife
Howell, Margaret " 13 GA 4th Grade Student
Himes, Andrew Pine Island Bridge 59 Penn 6th Grade Fisherman
Himes, Blandie " 55 England ? Grade Housewife
Brooks, R J Pine Island Bridge 67 Illinois 8th Grade Fisherman
Tapp, Marjorie " 45 Texas 8th Grade Housewife
Hoague, Arthur Pine Island Bridge 36 NH 6th Grade Fisherman
Hoague, Susie " 35 Florida 5th Grade Housewife
Bryant, James Pine Island Bridge 28 Florida 4th Grade Fisherman
Bryant, Geneita " 31 Florida 7th Grade Housewife
Rowland, Doris " 8 Florida 2nd Grade Student
Holloway, Elau L Pine Island Bridge 30 Florida 7th Grade Fisherman
Holloway, Jennie? " 26 Florida 10th Grade Housewife
Holloway,Roy " 7 Florida 2nd Grade Student
Holloway, Vernon " 5 Florida X X
Davis, Fred Pine Island Bridge 17 Florida 4th Grade Fisherman
Bryant, Archie Pine Island Bridge 53 Florida 5th Grade Fisherman
Bryant, Ola Ida " 34 Florida 4th Grade Housewife
Bryant, Mary Louisa " 11 Florida 4th Grade Student
Bryant, Archie Jr " 9 Florida 3rd Grade Student
Little, Jas H Pine Island Bridge 34 Florida 3rd Grade Fisherman
McCarthy, Anthony Pine Island Bridge 76 Mass ? Grade Retired
Cooper, Lee S Pine Island Bridge 55 NC 4th Grade Fisherman
Adams, V R Pine Island Bridge 57 Penn 10th Grade Fisherman
Adams, Vera " 37 GA 10th Grade Housewife
Phillips, J O Pine Island Bridge 65 Indiana 7th Grade Fisherman
Phillips, Lillian " 59 Iowa 9th Grade Housewife
Image 571
Kohr, W M Pine Island Bridge 65 Indiana 8th Grade Fisherman
Hessey, Robert Pine Island Bridge 61 Tenn College Fisherman
Hessey, Lou " 53 Tenn 12th Grade Housewife
Knoll, Paul D Pine Island Bridge 47 Indiana 7th Grade Fisherman
Knoll,Edith D " 32 NJ 12th Grade Housewife
Freeman, N H Pine Island Bridge 67 Michigan 12th Grade Fisherman
Freeman, Bertha M " 60 Penn 12th Grade Housewife
Dean, Chas W Pine Island Bridge 54 Michigan 12th Grade Retired
Dean, Alice S " 50 Illinois College Housewife
Knoll, Golden Pine Island Bridge 52 Indiana 5th Grade Fisherman
Knoll, Mary " 44 Ohio 2nd Grade Housewife
Anderson, Harry Pine Island Bridge 65 Wash DC College Fisherman
Anderson, Lillian " 51 Kentucky 5th Grade Housewife
Keene, Andrew J Pine Island Bridge 69 Florida 4th Grade Laborer
Keene, Edith " 54 Florida 5th Grade Housewife
Barre, Fred Pine Island Bridge 44 Canada 12th Grade Fisherman
Barre, Thelma " 41 Germany 12th Grade Housewife
Lincoln, H H Pine Island Bridge 55 Penn 12th Grade Farmer
Lincoln, Thelma " 58 Florida 7th Grade Housewife
End Pine Island Bridge 1946
Ends census, Township - Pine Island Bridge


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