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The Lure of the Land

We traveled north through Florida
  to Fernandina Beach
We walked the sandy shore that stretched
  as far as eyes could reach.

Passing Georgia's marshland,
  we skirted Atlanta town.
The land buckled up and soon we saw
  Tennessee mountains all around.

We sped through Kentucky,
  and Illinois too,
Then the mighty Mississippi
  and the arch came into view.

Kansas corn and wheat fields
  waved in the hot winds of the plains.
Suddenly . . . the majestic Rockies,
  towered above the flat terrain.

At last our destination . . . .
  Rocky Mountain National Park!
 We attended many ranger hikes,
  and campfires after dark.

We climbed those Rocky Mountains,
  until tundra met the sky,
and cushioned tiny alpine blooms
  until summer passed them by.

The lure of the land . . . our land . . . is in its array
of infinite wonders, as varied and endless as
ones imagination.

Elizabeth Bethune

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