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NOTE: PAF 5 has a really good Help file. You should start there for any help needed in running PAF. It has a very good explanation of creating a GEDCOM file - this tutorial is for those who don't want to learn all the bells and whistles of creating a GEDCOM but are interested in splitting off a small portion of their PAF file to send to some other genealogist.

For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to split off the "Pugh" family line starting with where the line "daughter's out" and including all her ancestors. By "daughter's out" we are simply referring to the last person who has the surname of the line we are going to select.

Before getting started on making your GEDCOM, have you set your PAF "Preferences"? If not you may want to set at least the Inport/Export Folder which is where PAF will save all files that it exports and looks for all files to import (unless you override this default file location when you do a file import or export). If nothing else, you will at least know where to find those files you create - there is nothing worse than to make a new file and then not be able to find it. For a Tutorial on how to set these "Preferences" go to our Tutorial on setting up PAF 5 Preferences.