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AL 976.1GAN Marriage Records of Tuscaloosa County AL  Pauline Jones Gandrud 
ARK  976.7DEA Times Not Forgotten , History of Drew Co Arkansas  Rebecca Dearmound
BIO 920.03WHO Whos Who in America  1901  -  1902    
BIO  920.03WHO Whos Who in America  1916  -  1917    
CENSUS 317.GA1850 Thomas Co. GA 1850 Census  with Index  
974.6HAR Connecticut, The    Walter Hard 
CT.   Connecticut Nuttmegger     Vol.32 #3 Dec.1999 , The   Conn. Society Genealogists Inc.
ENG 942.2PED Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne' Descendants  VOL.1 M.D.R. von Redlich
ENG 942.PED Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's  Descendants Vol.III Buck and Baird 
ENG 942.WOR World Conference on Records, British Family and Local History  Part 1- Vol 1   
ENG 929.4HAS History Through Surnames  Hassall
ENG 942BUR Burkes Landed Gentry   Burke 
FAM   Ancestors of American Presidents Gary Boyd Roberts
FAM   Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England between 1623 and 1650 6th Ed Frederick Lewis Weiss
FAM   Bateman Connection,The Bradley B. Ridge
FAM 929.2BOTTOMS Bottoms Families in America and Descendants  Almira Bottoms Butler 
FAM 929.2Foster. Foster Family of Broome Co NY and Associated Families, Seward, Stillwell and Hill  John Woodard 
FAM 929.2FROST Frost   Genealogy  in Five Families Frost
FAM 929.HOL Hollingsworth, Leon S.  Genealogical Card File  
FAM 929.2HOWE HOWE Genealogies  Abraham James Edward 
FAM 929.2PARKER PARKER   The Waters Sisters 
FAM   Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's  Descendants Vol.111 J. Orton Buck
FAM 929.2Bradley Sam Bradley Chronicles  Joe E Bradley
FAM 929.2SEWEL  Sewell, Life and Times of Jessie L.  D. Lipscomb 
FAM 929.2SHEPPARD  Sheppard Family of New England Vol -2  Sheppard
FAM 929.2BATEMAN  The Bateman Connection  Bradley B. Ridge 
FAM   THE MAGNA CARTA SURTIES, 1215                              Arthur Adams, Ph.D. and
FAM 929.2WOODHAM Woodham Trails  Frank M. Richey 
FAM 929.2WOODWARD  Woodward Who Came From Boston, Some Descendants of Nathaniel Harold E. Woodward 
FAM 942.0FAR Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonist  
FAM 929.2KELLY Kelly's of Lowndes and Their Cousins  Woodrow W. Kelly 
FAM 929.2Bennyhoff Bennyhgoff Histories / Crumb, Geist ….. Bennyhoff
FAM 975.2KING The Kings Footprints  Jill King Lyles 
FAM  929.2DAV Davis,  Mass. And Maine Families in the Anscestry of Walter Goodwin   Gardner and Moses 
FAM  929.2EVANS  Edward Evans,  Descendants of the Drummer Boy    Thomas 
FAM  929.2SAV Savage Roots and Branches   
FAM  929.2Jordan Some Decendants of Samuel Jordan   Fred R. Langford 
FL 973.7097WYN Florida in the Civil War  Wynne and Taylor 
FL 975-957STO Hardee County, Its Heritage and People     Donated by Alan Fisher  Spessard Stone 
FL 975.985SPCV.1 Madison County, Florida Family History of  Haverhill
FL 975.958MOO Miami - Then and Now  Arva Moore Parks 
FL 910.453WAG Pieces of Eight  Wagner Taylor 
FL 796-72CRI Road to Daytona  Curtis Crider 
FL 975-928WEL Shipwrecks Near Wabaso Beach       Donatd by Alan Fisher  Weller and Richards
FL 975-911MIZ Vanished Town of Kings Ferry Fl  ------------
FL 975-9570STR Watch Wachula Win, Facts Figures and Fun  1886-1930    Donated Alan Fisher  Margaret Stranger 
FL 614.4323DES West Nile Story  Dickson Despommier 
FL 917.59FLO Florida our Past Our Future - Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan  FL Archives
FL 975-985SPE Cherry Lake Farms - Madison Co. FL  Elmer Spears 
FL  975.921COR A Freemans Dream - Freemanville Florida  Collis and Dubbins 
FL  975.901MIL Archaeolgy of Pre Columbian Florida  Jerald T Milanich 
FL  975.979TOL Bonnie Melrose   Z. H. Tolles 
FL  355.37FLO Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park 2nd WW w/ Summaries   
FL  975.985EIC Every Name  Index  Madison Co. FL  Cemetery Book  2002   MCGS 
FL  929.1FED  FGS / FSGS  2003 Conference Syllabus  
FL  940.54759FLO Florida  WWII   Heritage Trail   
FL  971.1MIL Florida Indians  and the Invasion from Europe  Jerald T. Milanich 
FL  975.941VIE Florida Keys , A History  of the Pioneers   John Vielie
FL  912.BEC Florida Reference Atlas  Becker and Christenson
FL  333.9162FLO Florida Scientist Autumn   2007  Vol70-No 4  
FL  975.901BRO Florida’s First People Robin C Brown
FL  975.922GRE  Floridas Forgotten Pioneer:The Gallent Melton Haynes  Bobby Granier 
FL  975-918DEA Fort Mose, Colonial Americas Black Fortress of Freedom   Deagan  and Mahon 
FL  385-0975BRA Images  of Rail  Florida East Coast Railway   Seth Branison 
FL  975.927OSB Images of America - Cape Canaveral  Ray Osborne
FL  975.92509ROB Kissimmee 125 Yrs of its People and Progress  Jim Robison 
FL  971.HAN  Missions to the Calusa  John A Hann
FL  975.921Rya Search for Old Kings Road  William Ryan
FL  975.9Spe Spears Madison Co Book   Elmer Spears 
FL  910.453MAT Treasures of Atocha  Mathewson
FL  975.921WIL Volusia Counties West Side - Steamboas and Sandhils Ron Wiliamson
FL  975.922GRE  Woodlea: Life on he Lake of the Dancing Sunbeams    Bobby Granier 
FL Rare 975.921DAY Daytona Beach Area  Report Featuring all Volusia Co.   
FL -Rare 598.042WAL Shadow and a Song, A    Donated by  Alan Fisher  Mark J Walters  
FL Rare  582.16WES The Native Trees of Florida  West and Arnold 
FL.   Florida Court of Assistants-Year Book 1983-1986 NSWomDescAnciantHonArtilaryCo 
FLA 312.cro  1994 Cross Reference Directory Greater Daytona Bch,Inc.Volusia and Flagler Co's  City Publishing 
FLA 975.921S Two Early American Doctors  Sikes and Sammons 
FLA  975.921CAM Daytona Beach Florida, Postcard Tour  Dale Cambre
FLA  976.332McC  Fighting Gators - History  U of F  Football  McCarthy 
FLA  975.18LAP Ghosts of St. Augustine  Dave Lapham 
FLA  917.59STE Historic Homes of Florida  Stewrat and Hopp 
FLRare  975.901MIL Archaeology of Pre Columbian Florida  Jerald T Milanich 
FLRare  Biography  Bernard Romans,  Life and Works of  P. Lee Phillips 
FLRare  917.59ROM Concise Natural History  of East West Florida  Bernard Romans 
FLRare  584.15AME Drawings of Florida Orchards  Blanch Ames
FLRare  975.9SMI Florida , Land of Images  Nixon Smiley
FLRare  971.0MIL   Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe.  Jerald T. Milanich 
FLRare  975.901BRO Florida's First People   Robin C. Brown 
FLRare  970.1HAN Missions to the Calusa  John A Hann
FLRare  975.921FRA Steamboats of DeBary Merchants Line  Arthur E. Francke Jr. 
GA 975.8AUS GA. Frontier-Colonial families to the Revolutionary War period V-I Jeannette Holland Austin 
GA 975.8AUS GA. Frontier-Descendants of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina families V-III. Jeannette Holland Austin 
GA 975.8AUS GA. Frontier-Revolutionary War families to the mid-1800s  V-II Jeannette Holland Austin 
GA 975.8TRA Georgia Lodge of Research - Transactions   Vol- XIV     Donald R. McKinney 
GA 975.8HEI  Heritage of Thomas County Georgia  Heritage 
GA 975.8UNI Historic Treasures of Brooks Co. 2nd Ed- Vol. 1 UDC Chaper 112
GA 975.8WAD Waddels  Marriages   
GER 943.HAN Handy Tips to your Research in Germany   
HOW 16.929  - 35 Year Index to Helper Articles  
HOW 929.1HAN Handy Tips  on US Military Records   
HOW 929.1HAN Handy Tips on Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization Records   
HOW 929.1HAN Handy Tips to Your Genealogical Research in Southern Records   
HOW 929.1HOW  How to Prepare and Publish  Your Family History    Everton 
HOW 929.1MIN Mini Dictionary for Research in Foreign Gen Records Vol -1   Everton
HOW 929.1GOB  What To Say In Your Genealogical Letters Gobble 
HOW 929.1GOB  Whos Where In Your Genealogical Records   Gobble 
HOW 929.1SCH Guide to Naturalization  
HOW 929.1025SMI Ancestry Family Historians Address Book  Juliana Smith 
HOW  929.103EVA The New A to Zax  B J Evans 
ILL  977.3EDG Origin and Evolution  of Illinois  Counties   Jim Edgar  Sec. of State 
IR 941.5DOB Irish Imigrants in North America  David Dobson
Italy 945.CAR Italian American Family History  Sharon Carmack
KY 776.9KEN Kentucky Marriage Reecords  Ky. Hist. Soc. 
KY  975.592KAY Abstract of Land Grant Surveys 1761 - 1791 Augusta & Rockingham Co. VA  Peter Cline Kaylor  
Library  026.929WAR Your Guide to the Family History Library  LDS
MA 974.4VIT ACTON Vital Records of Mass.  1850   NEHGS
MA 369.COL Colonial Clergy, Pedigrees of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy
MA 974.4SNY Old Houses Granby Mass.  Esther Gallop Snyder 
MA 369.12PHY Order of Descendants of Physicians and Chirurgiens    Boden 
MA   Plymouth Colony Marriages to 1650  &Mary Chilton's Title To Celebrity Austin M. Fox
MA.   Bradford History"of Plimoth Plantation" from Original Manuscript Frederick Lewis Weis
MA.   Circulating Library Catalog January, 1996 VOL.1 Gegealogies VOL.II Histories&Research Aids  
MA.   Colonial Physicians and Chirurgeins Roster 1999. Order of descendants of  
MD 975.2AND Frederick Co. MD Land Records  Liber E   V-I  1748 - 1752 P Anderson 
MD 975.2AND Frederick Co. MD Land Records  Liber E   V-II 1752 - 1756 P Anderson 
MD 975.2GUT Patomac, Rivers of America   Gutheim
MD.   Reasearchers Guide to American Genealogy,The  
MIL 974.7STE Betrayals- Fort  William Henry & the Massacre   Ian Steele 
MIL 973.2BUC Bounty and Donation Land Grants in British Colonial America  Buckstruck
Mil 973.7ARMS  Civil War  Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy  V-I Time Life Books 
Mil 973.7ARMS  Civil War  Arms and Equipment of the Union   V - II  Time Life Books 
Mil 973.7ARMS  Civil War  Ilustrated Atlas of the Civil War    Vol-  III     Time Life Books 
MIL 973.7DAV  Civil War ,  Battlefields of  the   V-II         William Davis 
MIL 973.7DAV  Civil War ,  Fighting Men of the    V-III  William Davis 
MIL 973.7CAT Civil War an American Heritage Picture History , The  Catton 
MIL 973.7DAV  Civil War,  Comanders of     V-I William Davis 
MIL 369.14GEN General Society of the War of 1812 - Roster 1989   
MIL 335.348MOR Woman’s Army Corp  1945-1978  Bette J. Morden 
MIL  973.7WAR Civil War, The Ward 
MIL  974.4WRI Mass. Malitia Roots : Bibliographic Study  Capt R Wright
Mil  974.6JAC Rev War Records of Farfield Conn Jacobus 
MIL  974.7MOO  Story  Road, The  Moose 
Mil  973.34GRU Forgotten Patriots - African American & American Indian Patriots in Rev War  NSDAR 
Nat Indian  970.3CHE Eastern Cherokee Blood 1906-1910  Vol-XI  Applications 38,216-42,265  Jeff Bolden 
Nat Indian  970.1WAR Political History of Cherokee Nation  1838-1907  Morris L Wardell 
NC 975.6MED History of Anson Co. NC   1750 - 1976  Medley 
NC 975.6HOO Third Creek Church  Cleveland NC  David Foard Hood
NC 975.6KEN Caswell CO. N.C. Marriage Bonds  1778-1868   Katharine Kerr Kendall 
NC 975.6WAL Davie Co.  A Breif  History   James W. Wall 
NC  975.6SUR Surry Co. NC Wills  1771 - 1827   Jo White Linn 
NJ 974.9POM Colonial N.J. , A History  John E. Pomfret
NJ 974.9HAR Exploring Little Rivers of NJ  CAWLEY 
NJ 974.9MAN History of Middletown - Oldest Settlement in N.J.  Ernest W. Mandevile
NJ 974.9GAR Valley of the Delaware  John P. Garber
NJ 974.9MIE Where the Raritan Flows  Miers 
NY 974.7FOX Designated Landmarks of Niagara Frontier  Austin M Fox 
NY 974.7WIL New York Old and New,  Its Story, Streets and Landmarks   Vol.1  
NY 974.7HIS The Mohawk  Codman Hislop
OH  977.1SPE Florida Chapter OGS  Ancestor Charts   
PA 974.8Cal  Vanango Co. PA  ,   History of     JA Caldwell 
PA 974.8CAL  Vanango Co. PA  ,   History of  -   Index   JA Caldwell
PA 974.8BAT Crawford Co PA. Our County And Its People   1899  Samuel Bates
PA 974.8MYE Venango County Soldiers  Myers
PA 974.8WEI Warrants and Surveys of the Province of PA including Three Lower Counties  1759   
SC 975.7CAL Bethal Presbyterian Churchyard, York Co. SC  T.J. Caldwell 
SC 975.7ERVIN South Carolinians in the Revolution Abstracts of Wills of Laurens Co. 1775-1855  Sarah S Ervin 
SC 975.78SAV River of the Carolinas: The Santee  Savage 
SC 975.7SER Sermons in Stone Vol-1 SC Cemetries  Three Rivers Hist Soc. 
SC 975.7SMI The Call to Arms  Danny H. Smith 
SC 975.7AND History Of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Chruch Lydia SC  1789-1989   John L Andrews Jr. 
SC  975.7WEI Colonial S.C. , A History  Robert Wier 
TN  976.8BUR Green Co Tenn. Wills   
U.S.A.   The Hereditary Register of the United States of America,1975,76,77,78,81,82  
UT.   Ancestry'S Guide to Research  
VA 975.5EVA Lunenburg Co VA.  Guardian Accounts  1791 -  1810   
VA 975.5BRU Revolutionary War Records of VA  Brumbaugh
VA 975.5PRI Places Near the Mountains  Helen R. Prillaman
VA. 975.5DAV Jamestowne Ancsestors  1607- 1699  Virginia Lee Hutchinson Davis 
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co. WI Surname Index   1989 -  1993   Vol 1  GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co. WI Surname Index    1976 - 1989   Vol 2  GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage Index  Book  4   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1901 - 1914 Index   Book  4   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1914 - 1932 Index Book  5A   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1933-1954   Index  Book 5B  GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1955 - 1968 Index  Book 5C   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1969 - 1977 Index  Book 6A   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1978 - 1987 Index  Book 6B   GCGS
WI 977.5GRA Grant Co Marriage  1988 - 1999 Index  Book 6C   GCGS
    The Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England  
    Henry III,Edward I, Edward II and Edward III of Emigrants from England,  
    Wales, to the North american Colonies before 1701 David Faris
    Case Studies in American Genealogy  
  977.1SMI Federal Land Series   VOL- 1  1788-1810   Cliffard Neal Smith 
  286.3SAN Free People in Search of Free Land Don A.  Sanford. 
    Roger Williams Family Association 2002-2003 #89