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Volusia County Genealogical Society, Inc

  2009   Standing Rules of  Volusia County Genealogical Society, Inc.


1.  It shall be the duty of each Executive Board once duly installed, to review the Standing Rules and make any necessary changes.


2.  Regular Meetings - The Regular Meeting of the Society shall be held at 6:00pm on the third Thursday of every month except for July and August in the Auditorium of the City Island Volusia County Library Center in Daytona Beach.  


3. Executive Board Meetings -   Board meetings will be held one hour before the Regular Meeting at 5:00pm in the Board Room of the City Island Volusia County Library Center.


4. Meeting Room - It shall be the responsibility of the President or his/her appointee to request in writing each fiscal year the meeting room reservation request for the next full year.


5.  Executive Board shall re-appoint or appoint a member of the Board to serve as the Registered agent for the Society with the State of Florida. It is best not to change this position from year to year as long as the agent remains an officer of the Society.


6. The Treasurer shall pay all fees to the State of Florida that are required as a result of the Societies Incorporation  and such fees as are required  with the annual reports to the Florida  Secretary of State.


7.  The President shall, with the approval of the executive board, appoint the following officers:

A)  a Parliamentarian,  B) an Assistant Treasurer,  C) an Editor,  D) an Assistant Editor, 

E) a Library Chairman, F)  Audit Committee; and any other such committee as needed.  (Note: The President may choose to be the editor himself)


8. The Treasurer shall pay all the Society’s legitimate expenses, not to exceed $100.00 with out the Executive Boards approval. 


9. It shall not be necessary for the President or Vice President, and these two officers only to obtain the approval of the Executive Board in advance for programs that do not exceed $200.00 in expenses; Expenses shall include speaker’s fees, travel expense, food and lodging. Registration fees shall be set for pre-registration and at the door registration by the Executive Board.


10.  It shall be at the option of the Executive Board to honor Library staff with gift memberships in recognition for their work in the area of Genealogy above and beyond their normal duties.


11.   The Society shall place memorial gifts in the Library Genealogy and History Room in memory of deceased members. Such books and materials shall be selected from a list prepared by the Library Committee, with proper recognition to the family of the deceased.    All book donation selections in the Society’s name shall be made by the Executive Board.


12.   The Society shall accept donations and bequests. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to see that proper recognition is given for such gifts.


13.  The Treasurer shall pay the rent on the Post Office Box when it is due on standing approval of the Executive Board.  Keys for such Post Office Box shall be assigned to the Treasurer and any other officer as the Executive Board shall direct. 


14.  All Society documents and all documents of office shall be turned over to the Archivist in accordance with the By-Laws.


15.  The Executive Board shall provide for the collection, storage and use of the membership’s pedigree charts and such other charts as the members may be asked to complete.


16.  The Society shall publish a Newsletter no less than quarterly, which shall list the meeting calendar, so as to be in compliance with the By-Laws on reporting of meetings.  Email and hand delivery at monthly meeting distribution shall be an acceptable substituted for USPS stamped mail.   The Executive Board shall consider articles of interest and/or compilations to publish.   These articles should be of interest to or involving the research of its membership.  


17.  All Books purchased by the Society, for donation to the Library shall be purchased only after consulting the Library Committee for recommendations.


18. As a Florida Non-Profit Corporation, funds in excess of $1000.00 shall be available for Library acquisitions.


These Standing Rules have been derived and revised from past Standing Rules of the Society, and shall expire each year. It shall be necessary for each new Executive Board to re-adopt or enact a revision for these rules.  


Approved by signatures of the Officers of the Executive Board of the Volusia County Genealogical Society,Inc.  


  Signed  Date:  __February 19, 2009 ___

 This Standing Rules reviewed and accepted with no changes by vote at VCGS Board of Directors Meeting  on Jan 15, 2009 


2009 VCGS Board Members

President                                 John Woodard  
Vice – President                      Ivey Bedell   

Treasurer                                Tom Peake

Recording Secretary               Kitty Consalvo

Corresponding Secretary        Audrey Beegle  

Parliamentarian                       Harold Gauper

Director                                 Vincent Santana

Director                                 Barbara Ochs
Director                                 David Farris 

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