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Hard Labor Cemetery, Washington Co FL

Approximately two (2) miles South of SR 273A
Typed by: Lottie  Gay Parker

Subj: Hard Labor Cemetery,Washington Co.FL
Date: 03/22/2000 From: & Judy Brantley)
Would you please make the following changes to the information on the webpage. This is my family and I have done a great deal of research.

Please correct: my mother's name it is NOT Lottie. It is Lettie B. Hicks BELL birth 28 Jan 1924 death 13 Dec 1994.
BELL Andrew Louis BIRTH 26 Nov 1804 DEATH 4 Aug 1875
BELL Elizabeth An BIRTH DEATH 25 Aug 1891
They are in the old part of the cemetery and this information was on the original tombstones years ago when I first looked at them. The stones have since been broken and being made of limestone are now unreadable. A new stone has been placed for Andrew Louis Bell but not yet for his wife Elizabeth An.

Do you add any remarks or just put those that are on the stones? If you do you may add that:
BELL Dorcus Daughter of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
BELL Fannie Daughter of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
BELL H. M. Son of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
BELL Nancy Daughter of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
GRANT Susan J. Daughter of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
WHITE Marcilla Daughter of A.L. and Elizabeth An Bell
BELL Frank Same as L. F. Bell and son of H.M. and Laura A.E.Bell
BELL Rev. Oscar Son of H.M. and Laura A.E.Bell
BELL Priscilla Elizabeth Daughter of H.M. and Laura A.E.Bell
Vinson Alice Daughter of H.M. and Laura A.E.Bell
BELL Oscar Cleveland Son of Rev. Oscar and Annie R.Bell
Thank you for your help.
Judy Brantley

ATKINSON Lillie 15 Feb 1877 14-Nov-1934  
BELL Andrew L. Mar 28 1870 9-May-1946 Husband of Mary M. BELL
BELL Dorcus 1851 17-Apr-1934  
BELL Eliza 19 Sep 1883 27-Oct-1946 Wife of L. F. BELL
BELL Fannie 17 Aug 1846 6-Jan-1919  
BELL Frank 1879 1955  
BELL H. M. 29 Aug 1855 3-Aug-1925  
BELL Horace H. 11-Nov-1911 6-Feb-1941  
BELL Laura A. E. 25 Mar 1860 30-Nov-1923  
BELL Nancy 10 Mar 1844 11-Dec-1922  
BELL Priscilla Elizabeth 22 Dec 1890 6-Aug-1941  
BELL Wilmer C. 21-Apr-1923 30-Nov-1976  
BELL Mary M. 7 Aug 1877 5-Dec-1960  
BELL Rev. Oscar 28 Sep 1894 18-Dec-1962  
BELL Annie R. 12-Feb-1901 29-Dec-1964  
BELL Oscar Cleveland 5-Sep-1922 18-Mar-1989 MM3 US Navy World War II
BELL Lettie B. Hicks 28-Jan-1924 13-Dec-1994 LISTED AS 70 YEARS OF AGE AT DATE OF DEATH
BOWEN Infant 27-May-1907 27-May-1907 Infant of H. L. and Nora BOWEN
BOWEN Infant 13-May-1913 13-May-1913 Infant of H. L. and Nora BOWEN
BOWEN Infant 9-Feb-1916 9-Feb-1916 Infant of M. F. and Sarah BOWEN
BOWEN Alice 27 Dec 1875 20 Aug 1876 Dau of M. A. and H. C. BOWEN
BOWEN Fannie 21 Mar 1878 6-Jan-1904 Wife of Mark Franklin BOWEN
BOWEN George N. 14 Apr 1881 18 Jul 1882 Son of M. A. and H. C. BOWEN
BOWEN Hannah C. 1 Apr 1845 13-Dec-1932 Wife of Mark Anthony BOWEN
BOWEN Howell D. 16 Feb 1872 12-Jan-1933  
BOWEN James W. 13-Nov-1933 7-Jun-1942  
BOWEN Jennie F. 14 Jan 1878 2-Apr-1900 Wife of Howell BOWEN
BOWEN Mark Anthony 16 Aug 1835 6-Nov-1907  
BOWEN Mark Franklin 2 Jul 1870 6-Dec-1932 Husband of Fannie BOWEN
BOWEN Nellie Ruth 15-Jan-1904 29-Nov-1904 Dau of Jas Thos and Lena BOWEN
BOWEN Roy 19 Aug 1897 21-Jan-1900 Son of J. W. and Ida BOWEN
BOWEN Zula May 13-Oct-1905 13-Jul-1906 Dau of Jas Thos and Lena BOWEN
BROCK Infant N/A N/A Infant Son of Bethel and Stella BROCK
BROCK Infant 21-May-1923 N/A Infant Dau of Mr. And Mrs. J. C. BROCK
BROCK Carlton 7 Oct 1893 1-Mar-1932  
BROCK Clarence K. 27-Feb-1903 12-May-1948  
BROCK Cleta 15-Aug-1901 24-Apr-1904 Child of D. G. and Annie BROCK
BROCK Cleveland 5 May 1892 18 Mar 1894  
BROCK Clyde 1-Apr-1903 1-May-1904  
BROCK Dempsey Green 27 Apr 1873 25-Oct-1953  
BROCK Elder Thomas 19 Dec 1823 23-Mar-1908  
BROCK Ernest T. 18 Jul 1885 27-Jul-1914  
BROCK Gus 18 Dec 1893 22 Dec 1893  
BROCK Hattie 2 Mar 1889 12 May 1889  
BROCK J. C. 30-Mar-1903 18-Mar-1954  
BROCK James Cay 1895 15-Sep-1956  
BROCK Jane Clementine 16 Jan 1851 11-Sep-1932  
BROCK Jessie 1-May-1900 11-Sep-1936  
BROCK Joseph S. 29 Sep 1872 26-Nov-1909  
BROCK Levi 5-Apr-1900 8-Aug-1900  
BROCK Levi A. 11 Mar 1871 15-Oct-1942  
BROCK Mary 18 Mar 1868 3-Apr-28  
BROCK Mary E. 1848 10 Dec 1894  
BROCK Myanna 9 Oct 1837 3-Sep-15  
BROCK Neville Burgess 19-Sep-05 28-May-07  
BROCK T. Ernest 18 Jul 1885 27-Jul-14  
BROCK Theodore 13-Jun-05 4-Oct-05  
BROCK William 19 Jul 1890 1 Sep 1890  
BROCK Willie C. 2 Nov 1896 7-Jan-1943  
BROCK Ruby C. 4 Sep 1874 14-Oct-1971  
BROCK Pearl S. 23 Aug 1897 14-Nov-1970  
BROCK Johnnie E. 3 Aug 1885 25-Aug-1975  
BROCK Joseph L. 24-Mar-1900 7-Jul-1976  
BROCK L. B. 14-Oct-1901 21-Sep-1985  
BROCK Mallie Jane 16 May 1876 3-Feb-1966  
BROCK Thomas K. 6-Oct-1903 Oct-1969 Date of Birth and Month of Death from SSDI
BROCK Eunice M. 27-May-1907 Feb-1978 Date of Birth and Month of Death from SSDI
BROCK Marie 22-May-1904 29-Sep-1986  
BROCK Dr. Conway C. 17-Jul-1911 27-Jan-1994 Date of Birth from SSDI
CANNON William Walker 1890 1958  
CARTER Elois 18-Jan-1930 2-Jun-1931 Child of Mr. And Mrs. Lonnie CARTER
CARTER J. 16 Nov 1880 30-Jan-1909  
CARTER Nancy D. 19 Jun 1880 2-Mar-1970  
CHESTNUT Infant 18-Aug-1927 18-Aug-1927  
CHESTNUT Elizabeth 2 Jan 1861 5 Oct 1892 Wife of James M. CHESTNUT
CHESTNUT James M. 9 Mar 1860 10-Jan-1929  
CHESTNUT James W. 19 May 1881 5 Sep 1883  
CHESTNUT Rhoda 29 Mar 1864 1-Jan-1946  
CHESTNUT Voncile Louise 1929 6-Nov-1955  
CHESTNUT Joseph N. 25 Aug 1887 13-Oct-1965  
CHESTNUT Luegeanie 31 Mar 1893 13-Mar-1978  
CHESTNUT Thomas Earl 1-Aug-1930 18-Jun-1996 Date of Birth from SSDI
COLLINS Charley T. 12 May 1883 2 Nov 1887  
DAVIS Jane 13 Apr 1860 14-Nov-1926 Wife of Samuel DAVIS
DAVIS Joseph 1 Jul 1887 15-Jan-1925  
DAVIS Kelly 1-Jan-1936 5-Jan-1936  
DAVIS Robert S. 14 Apr 1897 27-Jun-1936  
DAVIS Samuel N/A N/A Veteran Co D, 1 FLA CAV
DAVIS Luvenia Kelley 10 Oct 1896 20-Jan-1974  
DORCH Elsie Sapp 18-Sep-1909 20-Aug-1962  
DORCH Nathan 3-May-1901 5-Mar-1975  
DOUGLAS Jessie Bell 11-Feb-1923 24-Jul-1931  
DUNCAN Henry 24 Dec 1884 27-Sep-1904  
DUNCAN Joe 10 May 1882 8-Mar-1903  
EDWARDS Roxie McCullough 16 Oct 1894 12-Nov-1969  
EVERETT Carmel Brock 18-Nov-1909 31-Aug-1974  
EVERETT Whit Edward 5-Mar-1928 10-Feb-1985  
FAULK Charles A. 2 Mar 1871 2-Apr-1962  
FAULK Rebecca W. 31 Jul 1882 6-Nov-1976  
FINCH Elizabeth 17 Jul 1895 8-Aug-1973  
FINCH Nettie Ruth 1924 1968  
FOSTER William J. N/A N/A Veteran Co H, ALA INF CSA
FOSTER James W. 12-Mar-1914 27-Feb-1988  
FOSTER Vera Sweet 7-Apr-1913 7-Jun-1984  
GILMORE Christopher C. 10 Feb 1879 10-Oct-1924 Husband of Minnie C. GILMORE
GILMORE Minnie C. 9 Sep 1876 27-May-1950  
GRANT Ann Eliza 24 Feb 1840 19-Jan-1919  
GRANT Calvin P. 29 May 1838 11-Jun-1910  
GRANT Susan J. 10 Jun 1840 7-Feb-1905 Wife of Calvin P. GRANT
GRANTHAM Aveline 8 Dec 1872 19-May-1971  
GRANTHAM William Elder 10 Aug 1874 22-Dec-1959  
GRIFFIN Infant 7-Aug-1952 7-Aug-1952 Infant of Mr. And Mrs. Buford Griffin
GRIFFIN Callie Marie 17-Nov-1919 4-Jan-1987  
GRIFFITH Willie R. 3 Aug 1879 15-Dec-1949  
HADDOCK Infant 22-Nov-1930 22-Nov-1930 Infant Son of Mr. And Mrs. John HADDOCK
HADDOCK Infant 9-Nov-1916 9-Nov-1916 Infant Dau of Mr. And Mrs. John HADDOCK
HADDOCK Infant 14-Oct-1928 14-Oct-1928 Infant Dau of Mr. And Mrs. John HADDOCK
HADDOCK Davis Wright 27 Jan 1843 4 May 1898  
HADDOCK Ethel 6 Dec 1899 27-Dec-1917  
HADDOCK Eva 4-Jan-1911 17-Jul-1912 Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. M. H. HADDOCK
HADDOCK George T. 19 Jul 1896 5 Sep 1898  
HADDOCK Harriet Ellen Feb 1876 25-Jun-1954  
HADDOCK Homer M. 26 May 1886 17-May-1928  
HADDOCK J. W. 8-Oct-1925 27 jan 929  
HADDOCK James W. 24 Jan 1869 7-May-1914  
HADDOCK John Daniel 30 Jun 1894 13-Jul-1934  
HADDOCK Leslie 6-Feb-1903 7-Sep-1904  
HADDOCK Mary Elizabeth 20 Feb 1845 5-Nov-1918 Wife of W. D. HADDOCK
HADDOCK Ola Mae 25-Jan-1928 4-Aug-1942  
HADDOCK Perry 28-Nov-1924 29-Sep-1933  
HADDOCK Samantha 30-Sep-1906 7-Jan-1943  
HADDOCK Addie O. M. 14 Sep 1892 13-Mar-1975  
HAND M. J. 25 Jul 1859 15-Nov-1902  
HARDIN Cecil 27-Nov-1916 18-Mar-1918  
HARDIN Dicie E. 8 Aug 1886 19-Jun-1943  
HARRELL Andrew E. 16-Oct-1900 25-May-1984  
HARRELL Mary E. 14-Nov-1914 27-Feb-1988  
HARRIS James William 12 Aug 1897 19-Nov-1965  
HAYES Annie Jane 22 Nov 1877 1923 Wife of J. L. HAYES
HICKS Synthe N/A N/A  
HOWARD Joseph James 19 Oct 1894 29-Oct-1963  
HOWARD Lillie Belle 11-Aug-1902 15-Feb-1959  
HOWARD Jessie D. 10-Jun-1931 10-Aug-1994 Date of Birth from SSDI
HUTCHINS Earl 23-Sep-1916 9-Apr-1917  
HUTCHINS Talmadge D. 20 Jan 1898 2-Nov-1957  
HUTCHINS Lizzie Grantham 20 Nov 1887 2-Jul-1979  
HUTCHINS Paul 28-Oct-1922 31-Jan-1959 FLA Pvt 483 MP Escort Guard CO. WWII
JOHNS E. Jefferson 30 Oct 1859 18-Aug-1947  
JOHNS Lovie P. 9 Jan 1881 28-Dec-1952  
JOHNS Curtis Lafayette 13 Oct 1892 20-Jul-1987  
JOHNS Lois Etta 10 May 1889 26-Jun-1971  
JOHNSON Cumi Brock 4 Mar 1896 24-Feb-1979  
JONES B. M. 13 Jan 1879 28-Nov-1918  
JONES Z. B. 26 Apr 1861 13-Oct-1907  
JONES Zula M. 12 Aug 1884 12-Jun-1904 Dau of S. Wand and M. E. JONES
JONES Robert Wesley 9 May 1898 22-May-1978 GM 1 US Coast Guard WWI
KEEN Charles H. "Chuck) 4-Feb-1920 13-Dec-1982  
LEE Wilma Partin 14-Mar-1911 15-Feb-1996 Date of Birth from SSDI
LONG Sarah E. 1896 1954  
MAINER J. R. 27-Oct-1907 7-Jan-1954 Date of Birth from SSDI
MARTIN Infant 15-Feb-1944 15-Feb-1944 Parents: Mr. And Mrs. R. M. MARTIN
MARTIN Infant 28-May-1932 29-May-1932 Infant Son of Mr. And Mrs. R. M. MARTIN
MARTIN Infant 9-Feb-1934 9-Feb-1934 Infant Dau of Mr. And Mrs. R. M. MARTIN
MARTIN Infant N/A N/A Infant of Mr. And Mrs. R. M. MARTIN
MARTIN Abbie 14 Nov 1873 6-Sep-1940 Wife of Wm. W. MARTIN
MARTIN Daniel M. 2 Jul 1861 30-Dec-1947  
MARTIN Ellen 27 Oct 1841 7-Nov-1928 Wife of J. R. MARTIN
MARTIN Evelyn Margaret 19-Dec-1914 30-May-1916  
MARTIN J. R. 27 Aug 1839 26-Oct-1920  
MARTIN James W. 7-Mar-1901 6-Sep-1945  
MARTIN John Leslie 29-Nov-1903 11-Apr-1906  
MARTIN Ruth Yvonne 11-Aug-1927 27-Apr-1930  
MARTIN William W. 10 Feb 1868 5-Oct-1935  
McCOLLOUGH F. A. 11 Oct 1877 28-Jul-1945  
McFATTER Lula Lim 6-Sep-1902 7-Oct-1902  
McQUEEN Oscar Leo 18 Jun 1898 19-Aug-1962  
McQUEEN Blondell 10-Oct-1904 11-Feb-1970  
MELVIN J. G. 22 Nov 1870 6-Aug-1909  
MELVIN Susan Ida 12 Sep 1872 1-Sep-1946  
MERRIMAN Mary 31 Mar 1840 20-Nov-1914  
MILLER Ed 1856 22-Jan-1932  
MILLER Eva 6-Feb-1906 18-Sep-1916 Dau of Ed and Rachel MILLER
MILLER Rachel 1865 3-Jan-1910 Wife of Ed MILLER
MILLER Callie 1910 1959  
MILLER Alexander Cleveland 10 Nov 1889 20-Aug-1963  
MILLER Minnie Allen 12 May 1894 8-Jul-1984  
MILLER Hugh Clarence 3-Mar-1924 Jun-1979 PFC US Army WW II (DOB & Month of Death from SSDI)
MITCHELL Minda Carter 30 Aug 1863 26-Nov-1937  
NEWSOM Lizy 13 Sep 1879 12-Jul-1920  
NEWSOM Roy 15-Sep-1907 2-Jan-1934  
NOBLES Riley B. 4 Aug 1884 1-Oct-1966  
NOLES Infant 31-Mar-1916 31-Mar-1916 Infant dau of J. R. and Alice NOLES
NOLES Alice J. White 17 Sep 1884 10-Feb-1949  
NOLES Clarence M. 26-Dec-1916 11-May-1917 Son of P. L. and W. M. NOLES
NOLES Henry T. 11-Oct-1902 3-Feb-1912  
NOLES J. M. 27 Sep 1861 8-Feb-1945  
NOLES Jennie E. 1-Jun-1912 10-Oct-1923 Dau of J. T. and D. A. NOLES
NOLES John M. 30 Oct 1855 2-Jun-1936  
NOLES Leroy 27-Jun-1908 12-Nov-1918  
NOLES Preston H. 6-Sep-1915 19-Nov-1918  
NOLES Peter Louis 11 Nov 1886 18-Mar-1972  
NOLES Willie Whittington 26 Oct 1896 27-Sep-1972  
NOLES Jessie T. 16 Apr 1884 2-May-1961  
OWENS William Thomas 12 May 1886 6 May 1896  
PARK Cloe 11 Oct 1850 28 Sep 1885  
PARTIN Russell M. 8 Feb 1898 3-Apr-1971  
PATE Jewel D. 3-Jun-1925 29-Nov-1974 AB US Ai Force
PENNINGTON Betty Harrell 23-Dec-1936 21-Apr-1994 Date of Birth from SSDI
PIPPIN Ann Jane 23 Oct 1838 4-Feb-1900  
REGISTER Frank 25 Apr 1860 5-May-1928  
RICHARDS Mildred N. 3-Jul-1905 24-Apr-1961  
RICHARDSON Crystal Michelle Kolmetz N/A 24-Jun-1996 LISTED AS 19 YEARS OF AGE AT DATE OF DEATH
ROBERTS Eva M. 27-Feb-1907 3-Dec-1908  
ROBERTS James J. 5 Dec 1879 7-Sep-1900  
ROBERTS Sarah 3 Feb 1868 15-Jan-1917  
ROBERTS Sarah E. 29-Jun-1950 6-Mar-1905 CHECK OUT DATES
ROBERTS Thaden M. 9 Aug 1852 28-Aug-1933  
ROBERTS William S. 3 Dec 1880 1-Mar-1949  
ROBINSON Glen 9-Aug-1925 21-Jul-1944 VET Fla Pfc 19 Marines 3rd Marine Div.-WWII
ROBINSON Linda Mae 18-Feb-1947 18-Feb-1947  
ROBINSON Martha A. 12 Jul 1854 4-Feb-1928 Wife of S. W. ROBINSON
ROBINSON S. W. 7 Oct 1844 4-Jun-1913  
ROBINSON Albert T. 16 Jan 1889 22-Aug-1971  
ROBINSON Emma M. 16 Nov 1895 31-Mar-1979  
ROBLES Richard Anthony 21-Nov-1910 29-Apr-1993 Date of Birth from SSDI
SAPP David Vinson 7 Oct 1863 15-Aug-1914  
SAPP Etta 9 Jun 1896 9-Jun-1951  
SAPP Grover 6-Apr-1912 29-Jun-1924  
SAPP J. D. 23 Mar 1852 3-Aug-1934  
SAPP John R. 11-Apr-1900 19-Jul-1912  
SAPP Lambert 9-Jan-1908 9-Jan-1954  
SAPP Lee 2 Nov 1882 20-Feb-1927  
SAPP Lida Matilda 25 Mar 1865 22-Aug-1944  
SAPP Lilar J. 12 Jul 1883 15-May-1909  
SAPP W. T. 1906 1956  
SAPP John W. 30 Jun 1896 7-Jul-1966  
SAPP Pauline 1934 1969  
SAPP Lambert M. 27-Mar-1907 9-Jan-1954  
SAPP Allie Mae 4-Sep-1908 29-Oct-1962  
SAPP Mack 13 Jul 1899 5-Oct-1989 Date of Birth from SSDI
SAPP William Walker "Will" 23 Jan 1885 26-Apr-1960  
SCHLARB Howard J. 16-Jul-1916 17-Jan-1983  
SELLERS Infant 29-Nov-1905 29-Nov-1905 Infant of G. S. and M. A. SELLERS
SELLERS Jane 14 May 1848 10-Oct-1935  
SELLERS Mandy 18 Dec 1854 15-Oct-1926  
SELLERS Mary 13 Aug 1857 9-Oct-1946  
SELLERS Synthie 18 Jun 1846 27-Sep-1911  
SENTERFITT Loyce Virgel 3-Sep-1914 11-Apr-1980  
SHORES Clarcie 21-Jan-1921 12-May-1921  
SHORES Isaac 6-May-1912 18-Mar-1932  
SHORES John Ira 23-Apr-1914 15-Apr-1983  
SHORES William H. 1876 1958  
SHORES Mary E. 26 Feb 1886 6-Dec-1974  
SIMMONS Infant Nov-1904 Nov-1904 Infant of H. T. and R. J. SIMMONS
SIMMONS Rebecca Jane 9 Nov 1873 20-Nov-1946  
SIMMONS Mary Esther Taylor      
  Gainey Hogan 11 May 1894 26-Apr-1977  
SPENSER Charlsie Whittington 4-Nov-1915 29-Jun-1942  
STAPP William Floyd, Jr. 18-Jan-1931 8-Nov-1986 BMSN US NAVY Korea
STREET Bryant 4 Sep 1857 5 Mar 1897  
STREET G. I. 24 Dec 1889 1-Apr-1950  
STREET Millie 12 Jul 1860 4-Nov-1930  
STREET Ralph Moody Dec-1955 25-Jun-1956  
STREET Reuben J. 14 Jul 1891 20-Dec-1975  
STREET Mary F. 14 Feb 1897 5-Apr-1976  
STREET Mary Alice 23 Sep 1894 18-Nov-1969  
STREET Margaret 19-Jan-1960 15-Dec-1961  
SYFRETT Lucell N/A N/A  
SYFRETT Robert Lee 4 Nov 1889 7-Oct-1980  
SYFRETT Georgia 8 Dec 1893 31-Jul-1959  
TAYLOR Infant N/A N/A Infant of Mr. And Mrs. Willie TAYLOR
TAYLOR Infant N/A 16-Dec-1953 Infant of Mr. And Mrs. Teak TAYLOR
TAYLOR Andrew 14-Feb-1901 13-Oct-1937  
TAYLOR Edma Mae 10-Jan-1929 20-Jul-1942  
TAYLOR Elizabeth 28 Aug 1868 20-Apr-1920 Wife of Willis TAYLOR
TAYLOR Jackson Jul 1846 12 Feb 1899  
TAYLOR Martha Jane 15 Jan 1845 8-Oct-1928 Wife of H. P. TAYLOR
TAYLOR Willis 16 May 1865 17-Jun-1947  
TAYLOR Zelpha 28 Dec 1835 20-Apr-1907  
TAYLOR Clinton 18 Jul 1889 20-Mar-1967  
TAYLOR Maggie 30 May 1893 3-Feb-1986  
TAYLOR James 14 Feb 1899 19-Jun-1970  
TAYLOR Dollie 2-Apr-1905 16-Nov-1969  
TAYLOR Ada 26-Dec-1903 21-Jan-1988  
TAYLOR Francis H. 13-May-1927 1-Jul-1985  
TAYLOR Andrew Paul 14-Sep-21 31-Mar-1993 Date of Birth from SSDI
THOMAS Grace 19-Sep-1915 27-Dec-1916 Infant of Noah E. and Sarah Thomas
TUCKER Virginia N/A N/A Wife of R. A. TUCKER
TURNER Mary I. 4 Jul 1834 29-Sep-1911  
TURNER Sarah 21 Jul 1858 14-Jan-1919  
VINSON Alice B. 13 Nov 1896 28-Oct-1955  
VINSON Lois 29-Oct-1927 4-Jan-1928  
WALLER Alice T. 9-Feb-1913 26-Mar-1945  
WALLER Burton A. 25 Sep 1885 23-Feb-1930  
WALLER Charles B. 26 Sep 1852 2-Mar-1929  
WALLER George S. 5 Sep 1887 23-Sep-1954 VET Fla Cook 1725 Casual Co. WWII
WALLER Jacob B. 24 Dec 1834 Oct-1905 VET Civil War Veteran
WALLER Nancy A. 4 Jul 1853 16-Jul-1918  
WALLER Samuel H. 30 May 1875 N/A  
WHITE   31 Mar 1871 17 Aug 1887 Son of J. H. and Eliza WHITE
WHITE Dora A. C. 13 Mar 1888 19-Feb-1919 Wife of J. T. NOLES
WHITE Eliza 24 Nov 1869 17-Sep-1903  
WHITE Eliza 29 Nov 1844 14-Apr-1920 Wife of J. H. WHITE
WHITE Fannie 1868 1931  
WHITE Irving M. 12 Jul 1873 10-Jan-1910  
WHITE James M. 23 Jul 1853 25-Nov-1925  
WHITE John H. 28 Nov 1849 16-Jan-1932  
WHITE Joseph 17 Aug 1823 13-Feb-1910  
WHITE Marcilla 6 Mar 1855 16-May-1914  
WHITE Marcilla 1853 10-May-1914  
WHITE Thomas W. 1858 1942  
WHITTINGTON Dock B. 11 Nov 1891 18-Dec-1905 Son of J. C. and M. C. WHITTINGTON
WHITTINGTON Irene 24 Jun 1896 30-Sep-1933 Wife of W. W. CANNON
WHITTINGTON John C. 9 Dec 1853 27-Apr-1909 Husband of Mary C. WHITTINGTON
WHITTINGTON Mary C. 21 Dec 1857 30-Oct-1950  
WHITTINGTON Rosie Lee 25-Oct-1902 25-Sep-1919  
WHITTINGTON Roy Chesley 14-Feb-1913 13-Sep-1925 Son of B. F. and M. B. WHITTINGTON

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