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                In 1989 and 1990 members of the Washington County Historical Society, assisted by some


non-members, listed all eligible inscriptions on tombstones of the cemeteries in the county.


                This book is a collection of names appearing on grave markers of thirty-four of the cemeteries,


which is as nearly correct as was possible to accomplish.


                For they're many hours of time and work sincere thanks go to the following persons who helped in


this tremendous task.


                WCHS Members                                                                 Non-Members


                Jeanne Betts                                                                                         Jahasa Blue


                Alma Butler                                                                                           Ruby Brock


                Catherine Carswell                                                                               Bryant Holley


                Joan Chance                                                                                         Rex Hunt


                Orene Chesnut                                                                                     Charlotte Sapp


                Shannon Duren                                                                                    Felton Simmons


                Marvin and Elaine Engram


                Mildred Farrior


                Leavie Minchin


                Lucy Minchin


                Margie Sangaree


                Steve Simmons


                Martha Southwick


                Phyllis Varnum



                                                                                                                Martha McKnight

                                                                                                                Activities Chairperson

                                                                                                                Washington County Historical Society











                BARFIELD                                                                            EAST SIDE BAPTIST


                BETHEL PRIMITIVE BAPTIST                                       GAP POND


                BLUE LAKE BAPTIST                                                     GREENHEAD


                BLUE POND                                                                         HARD LABOR


                BONNET POND                                                                 HARDY


                BURKE MEMORIAL                                                        HICKS


                CALVARY                                                                            KENT


                CARYVILLE                                                                          LAKEVIEW


                CLARKSTON                                                                       LEIGH


                CRAVEY                                                                                LIBERTY


                CYPRESS                                                                               LIMESTONE


                DOUBLE POND                                                                 LIVE OAK


                DUNN-RALEY                                                                   MERCER


                EBENEZER                                                                            MILLER


                EBRO                                                                                     MISSIONARY BAPTIST


                EVERETT                                                                              MOSS HILL


                FALLING WATERS                                                            NEW BETHANY ASS_Y OF GOD


                FERGUSON                                                                           NEW HOPE












                NEW ORANGE BAPTIST                                                 ST. JOSEPH


                NORTHSIDE                                                                         ST. LUKE


                OAKIE RIDGE                                                                     ST. MARY


                ORANGE HILL METHODIST                                           STRICKLAND


                ORANGE HILL BAPTIST                                                  SWINDLE

                                AT BRADFORD


                PEEL                                                                                      TILLER


                PINEY GROVE                                                                     UNITY


                PLEASANT GROVE                                                            VALLOMBROSA


                PLEASANT HILL                                                                VERNON


                POPLAR HEAD BAPTIST                                                WOCHOB-FOREST LAWN


                POTTER                                                                                WASHINGTON


                ROCK HILL                                                                           WAUSAU


                ROGERS                                                                                WEEKS


                SHEFFIELD                                                                           WELLS


                SHILOH                                                                                  WHITE OAK


                SIMMONS                                                                            WOOD


                SOUTHSIDE                                                                         WHITE DOUBLE POND CHURCH


                                                                                                                WHITE OAK METHODIST CHURCH