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POPLAR HEAD CEMETERY, Washington County, Florida
South of SR 280, about 6 Miles West of Chipley


2.) N/A means information NOT AVAILABLE

3.) Floyd JOHNSON is listed in the newspaper Obits for POPLAR HEAD but was not in the list . There is a baby of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Johnson buried here. Can anyone identify?

We need the name of this newspaper.

Typed by: Lottie Gay Parker   e-mail

BAXTER Elmer 17-Sep-1902 11-Aug-1982 Veteran
BONNER Bonnie Fowler 22-Apr-1924    
BONNER George 4-Aug-1917 23-Nov-1987  
CHESNUT James Odis 6-Apr-1904 20-Oct-1977 Veteran
CHESNUT Stella B. 2-Jun-1912 19-Aug-1973  
CHESNUT Jerry Edward 22-Dec-1936 7-Aug-1983  
CHESNUT Buckley Duane 17-Dec-1938 29-Apr-1986  
CHESNUT Thomas Aubrey 11-Jun-1906 22-Oct-1978  
CHESNUT Rev. John Henry 5 sep 1881 22-Dec-1966  
CHESNUT Jennie 1 sep 1876 3-Oct-1955  
CHESNUT Roy 3-Oct-1908 18-Feb-1973  
CHESNUT Troy 1916    
CHESNUT Maebell 1922    
COOK H. Eugene 22-Feb-1935 10-Nov-1974  
COOK S. Duane 19-Oct-1937    
COTA Elizabeth Ann 25-May-1905 8-Nov-1978  
DAGEN Mathew Luke 3-Oct-1923 7-Aug-1985  
DANFORD James F. 16 Sep 1883 13-Aug-1954  
DANFORD Alice V. 18 Mar 1886    
DAVIDSON J. Sanford 29 Jul 1896 19-Sep-1978  
DAVIDSON Susan E. 12-May-1900 7-Jul-1987  
DAVIS Annie 13-Aug-1910 11-Oct-1941  
DAVIS Melba Ruth 11-Aug-1922 27-Apr-1961  
DAVIS Myra Laney 2-Apr-1922 6-Sep-1975 Veteran
DICKERSON Mary Lele Morrell 2 Nov 1885 8-Feb-1973  
FINCH Baby Girl 21-Oct-1971 21-Oct-1971  
GAINEY Mary Dianne 28-Feb-1949 26-Jun-1970  
GOFORTH Adna Mae 12 Jun 1897 Oct 1975 DoB and Month of Death from SSDI
GOFORTH Paul R. 1875 N/A  
GRANTHAM Lasceener B. 2-Jan-1917    
GRANTHAM Shelton Ray 17-Dec-1915    
HASTY Prim 16-Nov-1909 13-Sep-1983  
HAYES Annie 10-Aug-1915 19-Mar-1985  
HAYES Millard 16-Aug-1919    
HAYES Vann 19 Jan 1889 5-Sep-1969  
HAYES Winnie G. 18 Jan 1876 28-Dec-1968  
HAYES George Henry 28-Aug-1916 7-May-1973  
HAYES Willa Marie 2-Jan-1922    
JARMON Quillie Rea 13-Feb-1914 21-Jun-1983  
JEFFRIES James Arthur 30-Sep-1907 16-Feb-1986  
JEFFRIES Marie 6-Dec-1909 4-Mar-1977  
JOHNSON Baby Boy 13-Jul-1941 14-Jul-1941 Son of Mr & Mrs. Floyd Johnson
JOHNSON Georgiann 14 Feb 1870 28-May-1957  
JOHNSON L. W. 18 Mar 1859 4-Feb-1947  
JOHNSON Baby 11-Feb-1957 11-Feb-1957 Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Johnson
JOHNSON Lynn L. 5-Apr-1912 23-Nov-1978 Veteran
JOHNSON Levy S. 28 Mar 1893 Jun 1990 DoD from SSDI
JOHNSON Ida L. White 23 Feb 1896 22-Nov-1978  
JOHNSON Levy, Jr. 21-Dec-1921 1-May-1975  
JOHNSON Euline 3-Oct-1926 11-Oct-1996 DoD from SSDI
JOHNSON Howard R. 15-Oct-1963 16-May-1978  
JOHNSON Dessel C. 20-Nov-1920 5-Nov-1987  
JOHNSON Willard 25-Jun-1915 16-Jan-1989  
KELLY Kimberly Warren 16-Nov-1964 2-Sep-1988  
KOLBERTOWICZ Albert J. 27 Mar 1893 14-Feb-1982  
KOLBERTOWICZ Martha A. 26 Jan 1896 1-Mar-1981  
LONG Isaac Nathaniel 8 Sep 1884 10-Aug-1967  
LONG W. B. 24 Sep 1852 25-Jul-1945  
LONG Billy D. 15-May-1930 24-Apr-1968  
LONG Baby N/A N/A Grandson of Billy D. Long
LONG Nancy Jane 17 Nov 1897 11-Jun-1973  
LONG Nelson L. 7 Jun 1890 28-Dec-1987  
MARTIN Baby N/A N/A Baby of Daniel Martin
MARTIN Elbert Duncan 10 Jan 1873 4-Dec-1971  
MARTIN Rebecca E. 10 Feb 1879 17-Mar-1965  
MARTIN James Preston 20-Dec-1907 20-Dec-1976 Veteran
MARTIN Nona Yates 13-Feb-1914 22-Nov-1995 Nona Mildred Yates Martin (Obituary)
MARTIN Harvey W. 15-Sep-1916 3-Oct-1987 Veteran
MARTIN Andrew L. 4-Jun-1900 15-Jan-1987 Veteran
MARTIN Lillie B. 16-Sep-1914    
MEARS Alma Mozelle 7 Jun 1896 13-May-1985  
MEARS John Henry 13 Aug 1893 18-Sep-1965  
MORRIS R. Bingham 9-Aug-1902 17-Jan-1963  
MORRIS Minnie B. 23-Feb-1908    
MORRIS Jay 27 Oct 1897 17-Apr-1968  
MORRIS Mittie 14-Nov-1903 20-May-1994 Mittie Marie Hinson Morris (Obituary)
NEWSOM Henry L. 13-Jan-1909 2-Jun-1980  
NEWSOM Trudy. D. 4-May-1910    
NEWSOM Griffin 6 Jan 1869 5-Dec-1958  
NEWSOM Joseph N. 1869 1962  
NEWSOM Ella W. 1878 1941  
NEWSOM Roxie W. 17-Mar-1900 Dec 1986 DoB and Month of Death from SSDI
NEWSOM Joseph J. 1896 1985  
NEWSOME Cordelia 1871 1943  
NEWSOME Mancel 1-Aug-1902 19-Apr-1972  
PARRISH Rodney 28 Jan 22-Aug-1978  
PARRISH Mildred Long 23-Apr-1937 6-Feb-1966  
PETERS Johnny Bruce 15-Aug-1950 27-Dec-1987  
PETERS James L. 12-Nov-1970 14-Nov-1970 Infant son of Mr and Mrs. Robert Peters
PETTIS Jessie A. 22 Sep 1894 7-Aug-1970  
PETTIS/CARNLEY Nora Elizabeth 14-Feb-1901 28-Feb-1993  
PITTS W. H. (BILL) 14 Jan 1884 20-Oct-1949  
PITTS A. J. 15 Jun 1891 12-Aug-1966  
PITTS Roxie Ann 31 May 1896 5-Feb-1970  
SCOTT Raymond Lee 2-Jun-1913 11-Mar-1989  
SEARCY Elton L. 19-Aug-1947 25-Apr-1969  
SEARCY Clearsy L. 20-Aug-1909 Apr 1994 Month and Year of death from SSDI
SHORES Jacqulyn 9-Aug-1941 13-Aug-1941  
SHORES Josiah 1915    
SHORES Myrtle Chesnut 15-Nov-1910 7-Jul-1969  
SMOTHERS Joe B. 28 Jul 1898 7-Aug-1961  
SMOTHERS A. Z. 2-Feb-1934 23-Jun-1953 Veteran
SMOTHERS Donna Kaye 19-Apr-1965 1-Oct-1965  
SQUIRES Alonzo Franklin 6 Dec 1897 6-Sep-1976  
SQUIRES Effie Chesnut 31-Dec-1902 21-Nov-1982  
SQUIRES Herbert R. 31-Jul-1909 21-Jun-1971 Veteran
SQUIRES Bernice M. 20-Oct-1914    
SQUIRES Viola Victoria 25-Mar-1913 15-Apr-1972  
SQUIRES George A. 20-Mar-1914    
TUTTON Joseph Harley 25-Jun-1926 19-Oct-1958 Veteran
TUTTON Baby 1951 N/A Baby of Mr. And Mrs. JH. H TUTTON
WHITE Infant 23-Jun-1965 23-Jun-1965 Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Winford WHITE
WHITE Thomas Curtis 19-Apr-1907 3-Nov-1972  
WHITE Lona Viola 27-Nov-1911 17-Jun-1991  
WHITE Eugene C. 27-Aug-1904 21-Sep-1981  
WHITE Mattie L. 3-Apr-1906 13-Jul-1969  
WHITE William W. 10 Oct 1890 24-Aug-1957  
WHITE Nishey Bell 8 Jul 1893 1-Nov-1964  
WHITEHEAD Avery L. 2 Jul 1879 1-Nov-1963  
WHITEHEAD Minnie 10 Mar 1884 2-Nov-1963  
WHITEHEAD Eldridge 23-Mar-1902 3-Oct-1977  
WHITEHEAD Effie 4-Jun-1903 7-Nov-1987  
WHITEHEAD Virgil 15-Jun-1923 4-Mar-1978  
WHITEHEAD Lois 5-Mar-1926 16-Apr-1972  
WOODHAM Infant 1944 1944 Infant son of Mr & Mrs. Robert WOODHAM
YATES Mark N/A 26-Apr-1958 Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Brown YATES
YATES James B. 26-Nov-1930 14-Oct-1970 Veteran
YATES Shannon 12-Jan-1963 5-Aug-1979  


JOHNSON Floyd 22-Dec-1908 29-Sep-1989 Age 80 at time of death D/o Birth from SSDI
CRAWFORD Olin, Sr. 25-Jul-1918 10-Apr-1990 Age 71 at time of death D/o Birth from SSDI
CHANDLER Eleanor A.   23-Aug-1990 Age 57 at time of death
CHESNUT Roy Tyler   29-Nov-1990 Age 13 at time of death
GORDON Cleo M. 13-Sep-1904 19-Feb-1991 Age 86 at time of death D/o Birth from SSDI
LEIGH LaFay   20-Feb-1991 Age 69 at time of death
CHESTNUT Wanda W. 23-Mar-1913 30-Oct-1992 Age 79 at time of death D/o Birth from SSDI
SCOTT Thomas Cheston   25-Dec-1992 Age 90 at time of death
EWING Karyn Lee   8-May-1993 Age 14 at time of death
FOREHAND Janice Faye Hayes   7-Nov-1993 Age 43 at time of death
WORTHING Claudia Jean   27-Jan-1994 Age 51 at time of death
SLACK Brooks   5-Apr-1994 Age 55 at time of death
CLARK Infant   16-Aug-1964  
WELLS Chester Marion 2-Apr-1910 31-Aug-1994 Age 84 at time of death D/o Birth from SSDI
NEWSOM Phala Chestnut   12-Jun-1995 Age 58 at time of death
BRANNON Robert Thomas   13-Dec-1995 Age 69 at time of death
DUGEN Mary Helen   14-Oct-1995 Age 68 at time of death
HAYES Justin Timothy   2-Mar-1996 Age 14 at time of death

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