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Listed is a Gennie Bell (Dow) is McAdams and a Lewis Dow the first two names of Lewis is correct but needs to have Mcadams added as last names, I know this information is correct, I am the G-daughter of Jonh F Pettis who is father of Gennie Bell McAdams, there is more people that needs to be add will look up the imformation and sen it to you, Betty Pettis e-mail

ATWELL Ellie b. 1881 d. 1959

ATWELL Georgia b. 1889 d. 1952

BECHMAN W. C. b. 1877 d. 1950

CARROLL Julia b. 18-Sep-1907 d. 28-Nov-1987

CARROLL Orlando b. 17-May-1947 d. 17-May-1947

CARROLL Samuel E. b. 22 Dec 1876 d. 19-Dec-1968

CEDERSTROM Irene Rooks b. 19-Oct-1903 d. 17-Mar-1996 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit last residence - Pensacola

CURLEE Mariah Grace b. 20-Jun-1994 d. 29-Jun-1994 on the tombstone "9 days old"

DOW Gennie Bell b. 04-Oct-1916 d. 09-Feb-1986

DOW Lewis b. 8 Jul 1888 d. 18-Aug-1975

EVERETT Billy Gene b. 19-Sep-1936 d. 10-Sep-1938

EVERETT Carrie Bell Ferguson b. 02-Jan-1914 d. 24-Feb-1995 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit last residence - Tallahassee

FERGUSON Ada L. b. 1899 d. 1975

FERGUSON Alex b. 1886 d. 1949

FERGUSON Donia B. b. 17 Jun 1888 d. 04-Jul-1962

FERGUSON Earnest B. b. 10-Jun-1907 d. 19-Mar-1965

FERGUSON Edna b. 13-Dec-1912 d. 12-Jun-1913

FERGUSON Effie b. 1894 d. 1920

FERGUSON Ewell b. 05-May-1924 d. 06-Oct-1942

FERGUSON Howard b. 04-Feb-1925 d. 21-Sep-1988 Cpl US Air Force WWII

FERGUSON Ibra B. b. 25-Nov-1923 d.

FERGUSON Jeff b. 1917 d.

FERGUSON John A. b. 15 Jul 1885 d. 28-Jan-1953

FERGUSON Louise b. 1927 d.

FERGUSON William b. d. 05-Feb-1908 H/o Josephine Ferguson

FINCH Elizabella b. d. Born in Scotland

FINCH Leonard b. 25 Dec 1841 d. 04-Jan-1952 111 yrs, 4 mos old

FINCH Mary Elizabeth b. 3 Jul 1842 d. 13-Nov-1937

GIROUARD Maurice b. 25-Mar-1902 d. 14-Mar-1960 RM 1 USNR WWI and WWII

HANSON Joyce Taylor b. 09-Aug-1930 d. 12-Mar-1970

HICKS Fred b. 28-Nov-1906 d. 20-Dec-1982

HICKS Jennie b. 28 Dec 1877 d. 26-Aug-1955

HICKS Lena Foster b. 24-Sep-1910 d. 25-Apr-1991

HICKS Nella b. 25-Jun-1917 d. 04-Oct-1918

HICKS Zack b. 5 Aug 1869 d. 01-Jul-1953

HUTCH Alex b. 22 Apr 1881 d. 01-Feb-1968 Horseshoer US Army WWI

HUTCH Infants 2 graves b. no names or dates d.

HUTCH Mollie b. 1889 d. 01-Jun-1989

HUTCHINS Louise b. 17-Jun-1921 d. 02-Apr-1972

McKEITHEN Eunice b. 09-Apr-1928 d. 17-Jun-1996 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit

McKEITHEN William Curtis, Sr. b. 01-Apr-1923 d. 27-Feb-1996 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit

MERCER Johnie b. 07-Jun-1947 d. 07-Jun-1947

MILLER Delie Varnum b. 11-Oct-1918 d. 23-Feb-1992 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit

NEWSOM James F. b. 18 Mar 1876 d. 01-Feb-1960

NEWSOM James Pharow b. 09-Jan-1915 d. 22-Mar-1991

NEWSOM Mable Carter b. 14-Jan-1925 d. 24-Feb-1989

NEWSOM Nancy J. b. 14 Apr 1885 d. 21-Nov-1969

OWENS Annie T. b. 16 Sep 1899 d. 03-Feb-1957

OWENS Cora Lee b. 06-Jul-1911 d. 04-Mar-1992 BD from SSDI DD from newspaper obit

OWENS George T. b. 20-Aug-1901 d. 07-Aug-1971

OWENS Harley Thomas b. 02-May-1933 d. 20-Mar-1934 Son of M/M D. H. Owens

OWENS Infant b. no dates d.

OWENS Infants 3 graves b. no names or dates d.

OWENS Jessie Mae b. no dates d.

OWENS Jewel Hagan b. age 86 d. 19-Sep-1990 from newspaper obit

OWENS John W. b. 08-May-1906 d. 11-Feb-1966

OWENS Laura L. b. 9 Jul 1873 d. 15-Jun-1944

OWENS Leslie D. b. 17-Jan-1908 d. 26-Dec-1972

OWENS Leslie Jr. b. 03-Feb-1936 d. 04-Mar-1936 Son of M/M D. H. Owens

OWENS Lucy b. 1878 d. 1949

OWENS W. G. T. b. 21 Mar 1870 d. 08-Oct-1948

PETTIS Henrietta b. 22 Aug 1888 d. 29-Mar-1964

PETTIS Infant (2 graves) b. no dates d.

PETTIS Jasper B. b. 21-May-1922 d. 17-Aug-1926

PETTIS John Franklin b. 28 Sep 1880 d. 21-Feb-1960

PETTIS John J. b. 12-Apr-1912 d. 05-Jun-1983

PETTIS Lacy b. 19-May-1919 d. 12-Apr-1958 Fla Pfc 478 AAA Avn Bn CAC WWII

PETTIS Roy Rufus b. 05-Mar-1922 d. 04-Jul-1956 Fla Cpl US Air Force WWII

PETTIS Vonciel b. 19-Apr-1933 d. 23-Aug-1938

ROBINSON Queen Victoria b. 4 May 1886 d. 14-Mar-1976

ROBINSON Walter L. b. 26 Sep 1886 d. 05-Jan-1979

SMITH Charlett Victoria b. 04-Jan-1941 d. 05-Jan-1941

SMITH Donna Kay b. 1960 d. 1960 Dau of M/M T. D. Smith

SMITH Elnar Astoria b. 21-Apr-1935 d. 28-Apr-1935

SMITH George T. b. 17-Jun-1900 d. 09-Jun-1978

SMITH Infant b. no dates d.

SMITH Ollie b. 24-Mar-1936 d. 25-Jan-1948

SMITH Pastoria b. 1936 d.

STEADHAM Bessie Bell b. 9 Apr 1893 d. 05-Jan-1935

STEADHAM Floyd Edward b. 30 Mar 1890 d. 11-Nov-1964

TAYLOR Angus L. b. 9 Mar 1887 d. 24-Apr-1969

TAYLOR Arthur b. 1919 d. 1923

TAYLOR Diana Fay b. 23-Jul-1945 d. 30-Dec-1945

TAYLOR E. E. b. 1885 d. 1929

TAYLOR E. S. b. 1885 d. 1929

TAYLOR Emmet J. b. 1916 d. 1917

TAYLOR Etta L. b. 30 Nov 1896 d. 25-Jul-1942

TAYLOR Infant b. no dates d.

TAYLOR Leaty J. b. 01-Apr-1903 d. 11-Jul-1951

TAYLOR Lee Roy b. 1910 d. 1917

TAYLOR Ralph E. b. 1913 d. 1918

TAYLOR Rex D. b. 13-Nov-1938 d. 24-Jul-1989

TAYLOR Theresa Lynn b. 08-Jul-1963 d. 24-Jul-1981

THARP James T. b. 08-Apr-1924 d. 05-May-1977 US Army WWII

USREY Pansy T. b. 13-Feb-1902 d. 18-Aug-1978

WALSINGHAM Andrew b. 27 Feb 1870 d. 30-Sep-1943

WALSINGHAM Chester b. 20-Apr-1903 d. 30-Apr-1988

WALSINGHAM Ernest b. d.

WALSINGHAM Harvey b. 08-Mar-1901 d. 09-Jun-1945

WALSINGHAM Martha b. 29 May 1872 d. 11-Aug-1963

WALSINGHAM Mary Edna b. 07-Jul-1923 d. 05-Dec-1929

WALSINGHAM Monroe P. b. 19 Nov 1896 d. 08-Feb-1929

WOOD Laura Ann b. 23 Aug 1896 d. 23-May-1972

YOUNG Cecil b. 12-Mar-1917 d. 1919

YOUNG Fannie b. no dates d. Infant dau.

YOUNG Fannie Finch b. 21 Dec 1879 d. 20-Jul-1976

YOUNG George W. b. 16-Nov-1911 d. 13-Mar-1973

YOUNG Leander J. b. 30 Dec 1889 d. 10-Jul-1970