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North of SR 20 near SR 231 (Bay County Line)

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Typed by: Pamela Roper

BALL Josie Feen b. 01-22-1880 d. 01-03-1919 Wife of E. L. Gainer

BROWN Annie b. 12-21-1806 d. 01-22-1858

BROWN James b. 02-08-1800 d. 01-25-1858

GAINER B. F. b. 03-17-1867 d. 02-17-1889

GAINER Edward Lang b. 09-10-1875 d. 08-09-1960

GAINER Eugenia O. b. 1848 d. 1921

GAINER George Edward b. d. 06-09-1989 Age 82

GAINER Hazel b. 01-13-1904 d. 10-14-1905

GAINER James T. b. 01-19-1863 d. 06-10-1868 Son of W. R. & Sarah Gainer

GAINER Mary A. b. 1847 d. 1912 Wife of W. R. Gainer

GAINER Sarah A. b. 09-08-1830 d. 11-13-1918 Wife of W. A. Gainer

GAINER Sarah E. b. 03-01-1840 d. 04-29-1881 Wife of Walter R. Gainer

GAINER Thomas H. b. 1834 d. 1870 1st Lt, 6 Reg FL Inf Conf States Army

GAINER Virgil B. b. 03-09-1870 d. 06-25-1895 Son of W. R. & Sarah E. Gainer

GAINER W. A. b. 01-24-1824 d. 07-28-1912 Husband of Sarah A. Gainer

GAINER Walter R. b. 03-06-1836 d. 04-14-1920 Husband of Sarah E. Gainer

GAINER William A. b. 1786 d. 1870 2 Bn FL Inf Conf States Army

J. E. G. b. no dates d. small headstone

MARTIN James E. b. no dates d.

McQUAGGE Katy b. d. 1889

PURCELL James J. b. 11-19-1877 d. 02-09-1901 Son of J. R. & V. A. Purcell

PURCELL Jane b. 1792 d. 1837

WATTS John R. b. 1851 d. 1914 Husband of V. A. Purcell