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Typed by: Pamela Roper

SR 77 South, across from Blocker Memorial Church  
pk-Also known as Dykes Cemetery

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ALLEN Infant b. d.

BLACK Henry B. b. 1835 d. 1912 Capt. 15th FL Cav CSA

DYKES (Five small unmarked graves) b. d.

DYKES Anna b. 07-12-1882 d. 02-03-1967 pk-named Suzanna Jane Raley; wife of James Thomas Dykes

DYKES Benjamin b. 12-08-1910 d. 07-23-1976 pk-middle name Maxwell; son of James Thomas Dykes & Suzanna Jane Raley

DYKES Bessie M. b. 11-12-1913 d. 12-14-1977 pk-3rd wife of Simon Carrol Dykes

DYKES David b. d.

DYKES Davis b. d.

DYKES Eugene b. 04-30-1914 d. 05-17-1973 pk-husband of Myrtle Marie Yohn; son of John David Dykes & Rhoda Yohn

DYKES James George Washington b. 02/28/1843 d. 07-22-1922 pk-known to be buried at Greenhead; Pvt. Co B, 18th AL Regt., CSA

DYKES Jim b. d. 07-25-1929

DYKES Jim Tom b. 07-30-1871 d. 10-27-1944 pk-named James Thomas Dykes; son of James George Washington Dykes & Isabella Naomi J. Paulk

DYKES Jimmy b. 01-1907 d. 05-13-1970

DYKES John D. b. 09-28-1873 d. 04-15-1916 pk middle name was David; son of James George Washington Dykes & Isabella Naomi J. Paulk

DYKES John David b. 1908 d. 1967 pk-born 10/8/1908; died 11/11/1967; son of John David Dykes & Rhoda Yohn

DYKES Maranda b. d. 03-24-1915 pk-middle name Virginia; maiden name Hardy; born Jan 1872; 2nd wife of James George Washington Dykes

DYKES Martin b. d.

DYKES Myrtle M. b. 03-31-1923 d. 07-19-1980 pk-middle name Marie; wife of Eugene V. Dykes; dau of Thomas Jefferson Yohn & Mary E. Parish

DYKES Ruth Wright b. 1915 d. 03-24-1989 pk-wife of Walter Thomas Dykes; dau of Henry T. Wright

DYKES Simon Carrol b. 1901 d. 1958 pk-born 9-18-1901; died 6-26-1958; son of James George Washington Dykes & Maranda Virginia Hardy

DYKES Vivian b. 11-04-1910 d. 09-05-1911 pk-dau of Shadrick Alfred Dykes & Betty Elizabeth Kelley

DYKES Walter Thomas b. 1900 d. 04-10-1988 pk-husband of Ruth Wright; son of John David Dykes & Rhoda Yohn

FACKLER (Four unmarked graves) b. d.

FACKLER Fred M. b. d. 06-15-1967 pk-born 1905; son of Leonidas H. Fackler & America A. Dykes

FACKLER b. 09-19-1891 d. 06-17-1904

GARRETTE Joseph L. b. 01-24-1910 d. 12-28-1987 U.S. Army

GILBERT Allen b. d. (Infant)

GILBERT Dorothy Ann b. 12-8-1885 d. 03-28-1973 pk-wife of William J. Gilbert; dau of James George Washington Dykes & Isabella Naomi J. Paulk

GILBERT Jerome b. 08-13-1916 d. 10-22-1921 pk-son of William J. Gilbert & Dorothy Ann Dykes

GILBERT William J. b. 03-13-1879 d. 03-20-1965 pk-husband of Dorothy Ann Dykes

GIVEN Theodore Roosevelt b. 10-03-1905 d. 04-20-1962

GIVEN William L. b. 10-25-1907 d. 06-15-1967

LONG Lula b. 02-14-1882 d. 04-22-1918 Wife of I. N. Long

LONG Nancy b. 09-26-1863 d. 11-08-1927

LONG Ralph b. 11-07-1909 d. 04-22-1918 Son of I. N. Long

MAYNARD Horace L. b. 01-15-1889 d. 04-25-1952 FL Pvt 149 Co Trans Corps WWI

MOODY Alford b. 03-24-1900 d. 11-22-1977

PARISH Annie Bell b. 1881 d. 01-17-1968

PARK M. F. b. 09-13-1891 d. 06-17-1904

PATE Jasper b. 1902 d. 1949

PAYNE Ave Dell b. 08-28-1894 d. 04-22-1913 Wife of A. L. Payne

PIPPEN Ada b. 5-10-1848 d. 12-24-1902

PITTS Bettie L. b. 02-14-1898 d. 11-17-1931

ROGERS James Thomas b. d. 11-30-1993 Age 59

TAYLOR Rhoda Y. b. 11-11-1882 d. 09-18-1974 pk-maiden name Yohn; dau of Flemming Yohn & Mary Worley

VARNUM Anna b. 1891 d. 1930

VARNUM Anna b. 1841 d. 1930 Wife of H. A. Varnum

VARNUM Hessie A. b. 10-24-1885 d. 01-09-1980 Husband of Anna

VIEIRA Jose S. b. 04-19-1894 d. 08-25-1961

WALLER Louise b. 08-18-1914 d. 11-09-1917

WALLER Louise b. 08-18-1914 d. 11-09-1917

WALSINGHAM J. S. b. 1798 d. 1886 Seminole Indian Wars, McNeil's Detachment

WEEKS James Franklin b. 01-10-1926 d. 11-19-1980

WEEKS James Swanson b. 02-1984 d. 03-03-1984

WEEKS Joseph b. 07-10-1906 d. 03-06-1988

WEEKS Lois E. b. 12-01-1925 d. 02-16-1987

WHITE Stella Ann b. 1914 d. 06-02-1952

Tombstone Verses

JOHN d. DYKES 1873-1916

Tho lost to sight, to memory dear"


Our little darling we loved so well,

But the Lord lover her best and has

taken her home to sweet peace and rest"

AVA DELL PAYNE 1894-1913

O twill be sweet to meet on that blest shore,

all sorrow passed,

all pain forever o'er."

NANCY LONG 1863-1927

In Memory of Our Mother

Remember, friends, as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you will be

Prepare for death, and follow me."

BETTIE L. PITTS 1898-1931

A precious one from us has gone

A voice we loved is still

A place is vacant"

LULA LONG 1882-1918

Wife of I. N. Long. Drowned Apr. 22, 1918.

Sleep on, dear wife.

Take thy rest.

God called thee home.

He thought it best.

It was hard indeed to part with thee,

but Christ's strong arm supported me."