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Kent Cemetery, Washington Co FL

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BENEFIELD Annie Lee b. 1848 d. 1955

BENEFIELD William H b. 1905 d. 1979

BENEFIELD Tommy b. 1913 d. 1984

BENEFIELD Onnie Bea b. 1908 d. 1989

CHANCE James C b. 09-Jan-1923 d. 11-Mar-1986 h/o Mary Chance

CHANCE Mary M b. 12-Feb-1929 d.

FILLINGIM Buster Brown b. 22-Dec-1910 d. 02-Feb-1935

FILLINGIM Jarvis R b. 6-Mar-1884 d. 07-Jan-1976

FILLINGIM Maggie b. 20-Jul-1980 d. 29-Mar-1983

HARRIS James W b. 29-Jul-1954 d. 20-Sep-1954

KENT Tally b. 4-Mar-1887 d. 08-May-1971 w/o Zoe B Kent

KENT Zoe B b. 8-Aug-1894 d. 02-Nov-1977

KENT Auby b. 30-Jul-1912 d. 28-Nov-1933 d/o Tally & Zoe Kent

KENT John b. 4-Jan-1896 d. 15-Jan-1965

KENT Maude S b. 13-Jun-1889 d. 05-Apr-1964 w/o John Kent

KENT Lewis b. 28-Nov-1878 d. 10-Mar-1946 h/o Neater Kent

KENT Neater b. 15-Feb-1888 d. 12-Nov-1983

KENT <infant> b. 26-Sep-1922 d. 07-May-1924

KENT <infant> b. 1904 d.

KENT Thad T b. 23-Nov-1929 d. 15-Jul-1983 h/o Callie Kent, Pfc US Army

KENT Callie b. 07-May-1925 d. 12-Jan-1990

KENT Ralph b. 08-Jun-1923 d. no date infant

KENT Allie b. 21-Feb-1918 d. 08-Aug-1927

KENT <infant> b. 1932 d. is/o Thomas & Comella Kent

KENT Thomas D b. 27-Oct-1892 d. 12-Jul-1939 h/o Comella Kent

KENT Comella b. 24-Sep-1898 d. 13-Mar-1968

KENT Abbie SOWELL b. 6-Oct-1884 d. 06-Jan-1929 w/o Willie Kent

KENT Doshie WHITEHEAD b. 12-Oct-1894 d. 03-Apr-1955

KENT Ruth b. 27-Dec-1927 d. infant

KENT Haze LEWIS b. 15-Nov-1905 d. 05-Jan-1918

KENT Susan Frances b. 15-Aug-1884 d. 16-Oct-1914 w/o Walter Kent

KENT Walter b. 4-Feb-1884 d. 25-Feb-1980

KENT B b. 1857 d. 11-Sep-1929

KENT Mary Z b. 18-Jan-1862 d. 01-Apr-1901

KENT Whit H b. 12-Jul-1883 d. 08-Mar-1959

KENT Susie b. 2-Jul-1885 d. 20-Nov-1986

KENT Josie Gann b. 1899 d. 1986

KENT Wess Fairbanks b. 17-Oct-1906 d. 22-Dec-1984 Pvt US Army W W II

KENT W S b. 18-May-1861 d. 04-May-1931 (Wes)

KENT Emma E b. 1-Jan-1871 d. 07-Mar-1945 w/o W S Kent

KENT Luter b. 30-Nov-1902 d. 20-Jul-1903

KENT James M b. 6-Mar-1899 d. 6-Mar-1899

KENT G C b. 26-Jan-1887 d. 08-May-1914 s/o John & Jennie Kent

KENT Mary Jane b. 12-Oct-1869 d. 28-Oct-1928 w/o John Kent

KENT John b. 15-Jan-1857 d. 28-May-1929

KENT Susie b. d. 1883 Her grave was the first in the Kent Cemetery. Headstone was erected by grandchildren and great grandchildren

KENT Elizabeth b. 1853 d. 1918

KENT Alex b. 1847 d. 1927

KENT Lucious b. no dates d.

KENT Elizabeth L b. 23-Mar-1858 d. 14-Sep-1889

KENT Frank b. d. 15-Jul-1891

KENT <infant> b. no dates d. d/o Kirby & Callie Kent

KEEL James William b. 1890 d. 1982

LAND Margorie Mae b. 1933 d. 1935

LAND Coriene & Gene b. 1928 d. 1928

LAND Jimmie b. 1927 d. 1928

LAND Brady b. 12-Apr-1923 d. 28-Sep-1924

LAND <infant> b. 1917 d. 1917 son

LAND Lorene b. 11-Oct-1916 d. 09-Sep-1917 d/o Mr & Mrs C Land

LAND Minnie Lee b. 23-Sep-1874 d. 15-Jul-1964

LOCKE <infant> b. no dates d.

McCLAIN James M b. 8-Oct-1850 d. 06-Jan-1930

McCLAIN Mary E b. 17-Jan-1854 d. 18-Jan-1901

MELVIN George Westly b. 09-Aug-1904 d. 03-Jul-1969

MELVIN Katie Thelma b. 1916 d. 1917

MELVIN George Dewey b. 1900 d. 1901

MORRIS Annie Rebecca b. 1847 d. 1920

MORRIS Jeffson b. 04-Jan-1912 d. 11-May-1919

PETTIS William C b. 2-Sep-1878 d. 19-Jan-1928 h/o Laura F Pettis

PETTIS Laura F b. 27-Jun-1880 d.

PETTIS <infant> b. 29-Oct-1914 d. s/o W C Pettis

PETTIS Annie May b. 06-Aug-1913 d. 09-Aug-1913 d/o W C & L F Pettis

PETTIS Gravy Ree b. 12-May-1910 d. 11-Sep-1910 d/o W C & L F Pettis

PETTIS Monroe Jasper b. 8-Apr-1850 d. 25-Mar-1924

PETTIS Mary Elizabeth b. 8-Dec-1851 d. 28-Oct-1928

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

PETTIS Minnie Lee b. 30-Sep-1888 d. 15-May-1927 w/o Perry C Pettis

PETTIS Perry C b. 12-Apr-1886 d. 22-Oct-1970 Rev

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

PETTIS Myrtle Mae b. 25-Mar-1918 d. Nov. 1923

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

PETTIS <infant> b. no dates d.

RICHARSON Rilla Rebecca KENT b. 25-Jun-1912 d. 04-Aug-1984

RILEY William Douglas b. 04-Apr-1908 d. 16-Nov-1983

SULLIVAN Audy b. no dates d.

SULLIVAN Clyde b. no dates d.

SULLIVAN Floa b. 16-Aug-1900 d. 06-Nov-1928

SULLIVAN Frank b. 17-Dec-1879 d. 10-Feb-1948

SULLIVAN J D b. 1846 d. 01-Jan-1931

SULLIVAN Mary b. 7-Oct-1853 d. 04-Jan-1936

TOOLE Lula KENT b. 04-Aug-1916 d. 03-Jun-1988

VICKERY Gertu Levader b. 9-Sep-1887 d. 24-Sep-1907

WADKINS Mary DUNCAN b. 16-May-1886 d. 09-Sep-1926

WALTERS J W b. 12-Oct-1858 d. 12-Nov-1905

WALTERS Rachel b. 1-Nov-1857 d. 28-Sep-1918

WALTERS Troy b. 08-Nov-1915 d. 23-Jul-1932

WALTERS Lonnie b. 1-Feb-1885 d. 15-Jun-1948

WALTERS Hattie b. 27-Nov-1892 d. 02-Jun-1971

WATKINS Talbert b. 1864 d. 10-Oct-1919

WATKINS Jane b. 1865 d. 07-Jan-1923

WATKINS Thomas H b. 1879 d. 08-May-1964

WATKINS Laura F b. 5-Sep-1898 d. 27-Sep-1920

WATKINS <infant> b. no dates d.

WILLIAMS <infant> b. 02-Dec-1929 d.

b. d.

From Obit. b. d.

KENT Ralph b. d. 20-Apr-1993 age 68

MELVIN Roxie Ann b. d. 03-Jul-1996 age 85