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Subj: Peel Cemetery Washington Co Florida
Date: 04/25/2000
From: (Judy)
Hello Betty,
I would like to make an addition on the Peel Cemetery. You have a no name listing with the dates birth 4 Dec 1867 and died 11 Jun 1895. The name of that person is Everetta Register Payne. She is the wife of James Mathew Payne and the dau of Americus Jackson Register SR and Julian\Julia Ann Slay. She died in child birth. She is my great grandmother. Thank you so much for such wonderful help on the web pages.
Judy Barrett in Idaho

BRANNON N. J. b. 10-29-1828 d. 09-09-1899 Wife of John Brannon

BRANNON R. R. b. 05-04-1860 d. 09-26-1893 Son of John & N. J.

BROCK Angus b. 10-16-1879 d. 11-29-1911

BROCK Deany b. 04-22-1899 d. 10-27-1900

BROCK J. D. b. 01-28-1870 d. 04-23-1899

BROCK James b. no dates d.

BROCK Lesley b. 02-08-1894 d. 03-08-1896

BROCK Matzy b. 1884 d. 08-10-1899

BROOKS Evvie Lee b. 10-09-1917 d. 02-07-1951

BROOKS Kirby Lee b. 1919 d. 1921

BROOKS Laura P. b. 09-13-1884 d. 12-09-1951

DANIEL Boyed b. 05-11-1896 d. 08-09-1899

DANIEL Lawson Franklin b. 08-10-1856 d. 03-11-1889

DANIEL no name b. no dates d. Son of T. L. & L. H.

EVERETT Anna b. no dates d.

EVERETT Arthur b. no dates d.

EVERETT Myles W. b. no dates d.

EVERETT Roy b. no dates d.

GAINER Henry b. 05-22-1851 d. 11-15-1892

GAINER Laura L. b. 06-16-1852 d. 04-11-1937

GAINER Nancy M. b. 05-11-1840 d. 07-03-1923

GAINER Perry Wesley b. 05-03-1887 d. 07-09-1891

HARRELL Dorinelia b. 01-23-1899 d. 11-06-1911

HARRELL Emaline Elizabeth b. 04-19-1882 d. 12-03-1921

JONES Laura b. no dates d.

McDUFFIE Rosetta Daniel b. 03-04-1859 d. 02-12-1945

MOATES Andrew b. no dates d.

NELSON John b. 04-22-1812 d. 03-18-1891

NELSON Mandy b. 06-17-1899 d. 01-00-1940

NELSON Sarah b. 03-19-1860 d. 06-19-1900

PAYNE Everetta Register b. 12-04-1867 d. 06-11-1895 (see above)

PEEL Everline b. no dates d.

PEEL Infant b. d. 11-19-1904

PEEL R. M. b. no dates d. Co K 6 AL Cav CSA

SOWELL James b. no dates d.

SOWELL Melly b. no dates d.

SOWELL Nancy b. no dates d.

SOWELL T. b. no dates d.

WADKINS Martin b. 09-00-1894 d. 01-04-1896 Son of Wilson & Mary

WASHBORN W. b. 1825 d. 1900