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SR 77 south to DUMA JACK ROAD, east two miles to WAGES POND ROAD; then right 1/2 mile on the left.

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ROGERS JAMES EDKER b. 1906 d. 04-03-1952

WALSINGHAM HENRY L. b. 10-26-1879 d. 12-03-1964

WALSINGHAM ELSIE b. d. 08-11-1939

WALSINGHAM OVIDA b. 09-30-1926 d. 05-21-1937

WALSINGHAM b. 11-07-1923 d. 11-07-1923 Infant son of HENRY WALSINGHAM

WALSINGHAM LOUIS b. 04-21-1912 d. 10-20-1020 Son of E.W. WAHSINGHAM

WALSINGHAM b. 01-17-1917 d. 01-17-1917 Daughter of MR.and MRS. HENRY WALSINGHAM

WALSINGHAM b. 10-22-1943 d. 10-22-1943 Infant of MR. and MRS. HENRY WALSING HAM

WALSINGHAM MINNIE MAE b. 05-10-1917 d. 10-28-1918

WALSINGHAM b. 08-12-1914 d. 08-12-1914 Infant of MR. and MRS. E.W. WALSINGHAM

WALTERS L.M. No dates


Subj: Walsingham Cemetery or Rogers Cemetery, Washington Co FL

From: Simmons)


Dear Betty,
Yes the Walsingham Cemetery had a few grave stones when I was there perhaps fifteen years ago. The one that I think of as Walsingham Cemetery is in the "Deadening" almost in the Wages Pond. It is also referred to as the Rogers cemetery. I can't think of another that might be called Walsingham. However, there could be one. Your query didn't give much direction. You go east off Highway 77 for about five miles until you see the Wages Pond on your right, turn south by the pond for a few hundred yards and the cemetery is almost in the road on the east side of the road. I don't know what the road off 77 is called. Should be something about Wages Pond or Rogers in the name.

Henry Walsingham is buried there and had a marker. There may be as many as ten graves. Some few have legible markers, but most don't. I can't recall seeing it in the tomb index. The ladies who sweated throug the making of the census probably did not find it. James Rogers is buried there. His son, "Coochie" died recently. I didn't notice where he was buried but it should have been there. James had a brother who died with TB in twenties and is buried there. I think his name was John after his father. The father, John, is probably buried there. Henry's first wife is probably there.

Sincerely, Steve