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Typed by: Bonnie S Sadler

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Nothing whatever found at this cemetery site, and Marguerite Godfrey says there were never more than two graves there at any time.


From personal knowledge and having been to the grave site several times. Buried in that grave are two adults and possibly two children.

Henry Hamilton Wells and Prudence Catherine Reaves are my great great grandparents. The graves are enclosed behind a iron fence in the back of the log cabin down near the spring. The cabin is no longer there and the area has been planted in orange trees. Probably no way to find the graves unless you know exactly where to look.

Those buried there are:

Henry Hamilton Wells, b. 5-20-1816, d. 1-19-1895 Second son of John William Wells I and Mary Vines of North Carolina

Prudence Catherine Reaves, b.7-25-1822, d.2-14-1900, Dau of Joel and Penelope Reaves of Brunswick County, North Carolina

Sarah Caroline Wells, b.1-12-1850, d. 1853 Born in Florida

Alexander Wells, b. 3-9-1852, d. 1-11-1853 Born in Florida

I know I seen one child's grave in that cemetery, now there possibly was two children's graves because both of these children were born in Florida and would have been buried in the family grave plot. I know Marguerite Wells Godfrey, she's the same age as my mother, who was 90 when she died Thanksgiving Day 1998. Marguerite may have forgotten about who was buried in that cemetery.

Thanks again for all your work.
Louise SmithBrower
16 Oct 1999