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At the south end of SR 273 (south) on dirt road.

Typed by: Bonnie S Sadler

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I did notice you have John Austin Syfrett listed twice. Sidney is Sidney Lewis Syfrett John Austin's Mother and Thomas Abrahm Syfrett's wife . I think W. A. must be Sidney and Thomas A.'s son William A. John P. is most known as J. P. Syfrett is John Austin and Ida Hovey Syfrett's son as are T. A. and Otto Charles. Hettie Syfrett Grewe instead of Nettie that you have is J. A. and Ida's Daughter, I am J. P. Syfrett's daughter-in law.
Gerrie Syfrett e-mail


To Gerrie Syfrett:

I noted your posting under white oak cemeterty. I am Raymond Larry Syfrett. My father is Troy Buford Syfrett. My Grandfather is Lewis Syfrett. Lewis Syfrett is the brother of John Austin Syfrett.

I have two rather large Photographs of Thomas Abram Syfrett and his Wife Sidney. These two photographs came from Douglas Syfrett, son of Wesley Syfrett (Wesley is the brother of John Austin Syfrett).

I believe my grandmother, Minnie Syfrett, (Minnie was the wife of my granfather-Lewis Syfrett) must have given these photos to Douglas because I remember seeing these photographs in My Grandfather's house (Lewis Syfrett)

I Have these photos in my law office in Panama City , Florida if anyone is ever interested in seeing them.

Pictures now online, click here!

Raymond Larry Syfrett, e-mail

BLUE BIRDIE MYRTLE b. 01-27-1907 d. 04-18-1907 Daughter of M. BLUE and MITTIE GILBERT

BLUE MELLIE b. 03-28-1903 d. 07-31-1909 Daughter of M. BLUE and MITTIE GILBERT

CLARK EFFIE LEE b. 02-28-1925 d. 11-20-1952 Wife of WM. JOS. HENDRIX

CLARK JANE b. 08-10-1864 d. 12-12-1943

PARISH HORACE HUGH b. 11-9-1953 d. 11-20-1954 Son of A.L. and DOLLIE PARISH

PETTIS b. d. Infant of JOHN F. PETTIS

PETTIS b. d. Infant of JOHN F. PETTIS

PETTIS JASPER B. b. 05-21-1922 d. 08-17-1926

PETTIS VONCEIL b. 04-19-1933 d. 03-23-1938

WACHOB J.F. b. 02-04-1834 d. 01-05-1919 Husband of SARAH M. WACHOB

WACHOB RACHEL ANN b. 06-01-1842 d. 08-28-1930 Wife of W.A. WACHOB

WACHOB REBECCA b. 12-30-1862 d. 10-05-1912 Daughter of W.A. and RACHEL WACHOB

WACHOB SARAH M. b. 05-19-1837 d. 09-26-1919 Wife of J.F. WACHOB

WACHOB WILLIAM ALEXANDER b. 02-26-1824 d. 12-27-1908 Husband of RACHEL ANN

SYFRETT JOHN AUSTIN b. 11-21-1880 d. 1-Jun-1953 Husband of IDA HOVEY

SYFRETT SIDNEY A. b. 04-04-1841 d. 01-06-1919

SYFRETT T.A. b. 03-07-1830 d. 04-28-1914

SYFRETT W.A. b. 11-24-1868 d. 11-10-1912

SYFRETT JOHN P. b. 03-19-1917 d. 03-08-1990

SYFRETT OTTO CHARLES b. 01-23-1914 d. 02-08-1981

SYFRETT THARA b. 07-08-1897 d. 12-05-1963 Pvt 300 156 Depot Brigade World war I

SYFRETT T.A. b. 04-09-1915 d. 02-17-1980

SYFRETT EULA MAE b. 10-25-1918 d. 07-16-1984 Wife of T.A.

SYFRETT IDA H. b. 07-28-1894 d. 04-25-1971

SYFRETT JOHN A. b. 11-22-1879 d. 06-01-1953

BRUNER BABY b. 03-11-1911 d. 04-26-1911 Son of MR. and MRS. JACKSON BRUNER

DAVIS EUNICE PEARL b. 02-20-1918 d. 06-23-1921

GREWE NETTIE SYFETT b. 08-07-1927 d. 11-05-1984

JOHNS W. HENRY, SR. b. 1838 d. 1918

JOHNS NANCY S. b. 1840 d. 1913

JOHNS b. d. Infant of MR. and MRS. J.M. JOHNS

JOHNS b. d. Infant sons of MR. and MRS. J.M. JOHNS

McQUAGGE NORMAN S. b. 05-01-1904 d. 10-30-1971

McQUAGGE JANE E. b. 11-19-1863 d. 08-09-1954

McQUAGGE JOHN b. 09-02-1849 d. 09-09-1911

McQUAGGE ANNIE JANE b. 04-11-1907 d. 07-24-1930

PARISH ELIZABETH ANN b. 1965 d. 1965

RUDD O.B. b. d. Infant son of NEWTON and JENNIE RUDD

MILLIGAN CECILIA b. d. 06-02-1991 Age 54