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Civil War

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Company H - 4th Florida Infantry

"Washington County Invincibles"

History - Commanders - Roster


The company was organized on Sept.13,1861,and the surviving members of the unit were mustered out of service on April 26,1865.


Some of the commanders of Company H - 4th Florida Infantry ("Washington Invincibles") were:

George W. Cook who lost an arm at Murfreesborough,TN, and wounded again at Franklin, was later promoted to second lieutenant and then elected captain.

Captain William F. Lane, the company's first commander,died at Lake City.

Bernard Laspeyre was then promoted to captain, but died of disease.

Joseph Summerlin was first lieutenant and was wounded at Murfreesborough and died fourteen days later.

Thomas J. Russ then became first lieutenant.

Daniel D. McLean and Joseph B. Canell were the original second lieutenants. McLean died in service and Canell resigned in 1863.

Lafayette Irvin and Wilson W. Raley were third lieutenants.

Robert S. Abbott William E.C.Hewitt David Williams Palmer
Henry Anderson Stephen Howard John Parker
Lewis Anderson William W. Howell Peter F.Parker
Clayton Beasley Hale B.Hudson William N. Parker
J.E.F.Bond James T.Hudson Stephen G. Pierce
Mark A.Bower(Bowen?) James S. Irvin Johnson Pippin
Jeremiah Burke William H.H. Johns Solomon Pippin
J.W.Carmichael S.C.Johnson W.H.F.Potter
Felix K. Carter Theophelus Kent Alfred Posey
R.F.Carter Edward Laryford Richard V. Provest
S.Chance James S. Lanier James E. Railey
James M.D.Chesnut Lewis H. Lanier John H. Roberts
J.Curlee Thomas B. Lewis James L. Russ
William Curlee John D.McCormick John J. Russ
James J. Danly Washington J. McKeithen John R.Russ
Elbert Davis G.W.Maddox William E.Singleton
Henry J. Dortch Duncan M. Martin Joel Skipper
Albert M.Dukes David Mathews Reddrick W. Skipper
Sharod Easters D.W.Hayhn Alexander Stewart
David Evans Daniel V.Melvin J.T.Tanner
Lambert Evans Grivin Melvin Andrew J. Taylor
J.Ferguson David A. Merritt David Taylor
Randal Fulford James Miller F.Taylor
Abner G. Griffin John H.Miller James Taylor
Hiram W.J.Hagans Levi N.Miller Johnathan Taylor
James L. Hagans Lewis H. Miller Robert H.J.Taylor
Isam H. Hogan Isreal R. Milton Washington Taylor(Tabor?)
Henry J. Hall Hiram Mills J.G.White
James Harris William G. Moody John M. White
Allen Harvey M.Morris S.N.Whittle
E.Hays D.Norris Hiram Willis
Ephraim L. Hewitt Calvin F. Ousborn Joseph W. Wood
Robert W. Hewitt William D. Owens

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