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Pictures submitted by Tammy Yates

Tammy Yates's Comments
The photos with captions or names are only the possible identifications.(Except for Carl Grey and Robert O'Neal I know who these two are but not really why they are with my families photos and thought others might like to see them.) The photos with just unknown are probably Yates or Booth families. The photos that are label tintype are old tintype photos that may possibly be from Robert C. Bailey. Clarence and Eva (Booth) Yates moved in and cared for Robert C. Bailey before his death. Robert C. Bailey was the father of Eliza Bailey that married James Archibald Yates(Clarence's father). The last catagory is Claude unknowns. Claude Yates was Clarence's brother. He was a singer with several groups (Florida Boys is the only one I know about for sure). The person that has these photos said they were friends of Claude's. I know that he spent most of his adult life in Chicago, IL. He returned to Vernon when he was old. He died in the last few years. From the subjects and they way they are posed I think several of these photos are of various singing groups. I also included a photos that is supposed to be of the last hanging in Vernon. I thought the web page might like this. I was told James Archibald Yates attended this event but can't find him, maybe others can identify some of their kin in this picture. I don't know the date or anything else about it. Also the picture identified as Maddox School, this is only a possible id. Thanks so much for your help and I hope these photos can be of some use.

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